“The iPhone X is the newest flagship phone from Apple. It comes with twin optically stabilized 12MP rear cameras, a 7MP front-facing camera with ‘TrueDepth’ technology, artificial background blur and specialized lighting effects, DNG Raw file capture, and of course is otherwise a highly capable and extremely speedy mobile device,” Carey Rose writes for Digital Photography Review. “As with just about every modern high-end smartphone, the results of the picture-taking process on the iPhone are as much about clever software tricks as they are about the hardware. With the software and hardware combined, does the iPhone X truly offer image quality comparable to so-called ‘real cameras?’ Is artificial background blur driving the final nails into the interchangeable-lens camera coffin?”

“The iPhone X is Apple’s most capable – and most expensive – iPhone yet,” Rose writes. “Good thing, then, that it’s absolutely packed with the latest in smartphone imaging technology, and is capable of extremely impressive results.”

“The iPhone X is easily one of the most advanced phones on the market, and one of the most capable photographically. Its combination of really impressive specification with simplicity of operation is an Apple hallmark,” Rose writes. “In the end, there’s really no doubt that the iPhone X is among the very best smartphone cameras on the market, worthy of consideration despite the high price of entry.”

Tons more, including many sample images, in the full review – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Do you use Apple’s built-in Camera app or a third-party camera app?

If so, which camera app(s) do you use?

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