“Apple appears to have made a few changes to the way it markets its products,” Jonny Evans writes or Apple Must. “Not only was the December 14 order availability of the iMac Pro not trumpeted in a press release, but the company has once again seeded some early units to popular vBloggers rather than the usual media channels.”

“Apple attracted lots of criticism when it decided to seed iPhone X units to vbloggers earlier on this year,” Evans writes. “A lot of well-established Apple commentators felt quite left out.”

“It seems possible they’ll need to get used to feeling that way,” Evans writes, “if Apple’s move to let YouTube vblogger Marques Brownlee grab a coveted first glance at the fastest Mac it has ever built turn out to be a regular approach.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Mossberg’s retired. For years now, the media has changed from a few gatekeepers to a wide variety of outlets.

Apple is smart to move with the times in order to reach their intended audiences who don’t read traditional product reviews per se.

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