“One thing that’s quite interesting about iOS 11 is that it will totally remove support for 32-bit iOS applications — from here on out, only 64-bit applications will be allowed in the Apple App Store,” Ashraf Eassa reports for The Motley Fool.

“Although this might seem like something of an inconvenience for app developers, as well as for iOS users who want to upgrade to the new version of iOS and keep using 32-bit apps that the developers didn’t bother to update, this is unequivocally a good thing for Apple’s software ecosystem,” Eassa reports. “One obvious effect of this new rule is that it’ll go a long way to cleaning up the Apple App Store.”

“Apple’s tight control of the hardware and software is paying off nicely, as it is allowing the company to go from introducing its first 64-bit smartphone in late 2013 to completely making obsolete its 32-bit iPhones just four years later,” Eassa reports. “Now that’s something only Apple can do.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple move its iPhone lines to include at least 4GB of memory, either.

Beter performance and memory access increases are always good things!

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