Warning: New iPhone scam tries to steal your Apple login

“To savvy young users who have spent their entire lives surrounded by modern technology, many phishing scams seem silly,” Zach Epstein reports for BGR. “They often wonder how anyone could fall for something that seems to obvious. Of course, not everyone has lived their entire lives with this kind of tech surrounding them, so they can sometimes fall victim to scams that can be extremely difficult to remedy.”

“As such, it’s important to always be on the lookout for new scams and bring them to people’s attention. By warning your friends and family, you may be able to save them from a serious headache,” Epstein reports. “And today, we’ve caught wind of a new phishing scheme that you should definitely try to warn people about.”

“Messages are being send via SMS to iPhone users warning them that their ‘iPhoneID’ is set to expire,” Epstein reports. “In order to ‘prevent loss of services and apps,’ users are urged to click a link where they’ll be asked to enter their login credentials.”

Read more, and see the screenshot, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Always keep your “iPhoneID” credentials close.

Seriously, though, sometimes people click/tap without thinking, so… you’ve been warned.


  1. My mother received a phone call from the Apple store in Albuquerque informing her that her iCloud security had been breached. Coincidentally, I had been doing some things that day in iCloud, too, so thought it might be something I had done. I called Apple, and was assured that there was no correlation, and that there was nothing wrong with our iCloud credentials. This was a spoofed phone number and phishing scam, plain and simple.

  2. The last virus was asking you to confirm your Apple ID and wanted SS # added to its confidential
    File in iTunes but Apple doesn’t ask that at all. That’s the one I hope everybody trashed from
    Email completely.

  3. I just received an email that claimed to be from Apple which said “Your Account Status Has Been Changed” and to click on a link to “fix” it. Am contemplating sending it to Apple…

  4. Until something serious is done (by #MyStupidGovernment…) it is entirely wise to expect every contact that is not verified to be real to instead be a SCAM. ScamRats use all possible methods.

    Meanwhile, people like me turn in EVERY SCAM they receive to the applicable authorities. You’re welcome.

  5. If I have any concerns these notices may be real, I always go to the product website.
    Also when I get a pop up from Acrobat, I go to the website or app to update. Those pop ups can be spoofed too.

  6. My iPhone randomly pops up asking me to put in myy Apple ID password but the username field is already filled in. I just don’t get why it happens from time to time for no reason I usually hit cancel and my phone is not affected. However it does worry me a bit I feel as if something is happening and Apple is just tryning to not alarm me. I would assume that it would shut iCloud features off if i hit cancel but no it continues to work???? Anyone ever has this issue happen?

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