KeyBanc claims Apple’s next-gen OLED iPhone will be hurt by lack of Touch ID

“If it’s Friday, which it is, it must be time for another report on the state of the fingerprint identification feature of Apple’s next iPhone,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “”

“KeyBanc Capital Markets analyst Andy Hargreaves this morning writes that ‘supplier’ checks indicate the forthcoming device, variously called ‘iPhone 8’ or ‘iPhone X,’ won’t have the ‘Touch ID’ function that allows for one’s fingerprint to be read, and he thinks this will be have a “negative impact” on appeal of the device,” Ray reports. “‘In regards to Apple, we believe this will ultimately lead to disappointment for more-bullish investors, but see positive risk/reward near term,’ writes Hargreaves, who has a Sector Weight rating on Apple shares.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Purely idiotic fomenting.

Anyone who makes a stock move based on this load of bullshit deserves to be parted with their money.


  1. C. C. claims lack of Touch ID will be b*tched about by fandroids posing as iPhone users and perhaps a few real users but all in all, the latest iPhones will be flying off the shelves at an amazing rate and the stock will achieve all new highs.
    Keybanc will thus be, WRONG AGAIN ☺️

  2. If the new verification features use visual imaging if I remember correctly, faces change over time, hairstyles, etc. how will it work for TWINS? Apple most likely accounted for some unique face fingerprint.

    My only problem with it is flashing more radiation in my face over 50 times a day.

    I prefer fingerprint verification which are all unique, including twins. Easier to use, less radiation.

    Now the million, or in Apple’s case, the billion dollar question is why not HAVE BOTH APPLE? LET USERS DECIDE???

    You introduce a good thing only a couple of years ago we LOVE IT, and you want to take it away (if reports hold true)? For what reason??? …

    1. If you are concerned about radiation in you face from a 3D camera, I suppose you never expose yourself to ordinary daylight. The latter actually does contain radiation of wavelengths that are known to be harmful to the skin. A 3D-camera? Hmmm…

        1. So if you are concerned with the effects of radiation that a company’s profit decisions could impose on you, why are you not also concerned about the known health effects of air and water pollution? Last year your party’s base was crying drill baby drill when oil prices are depressed and natural gas has proven both cleaner and cheaper than heavier hydrocarbons (oil and coal).

          Seems to me the self-proclaimed conservative party is happy to live in the cleanest most manicured parts of the planet, while hypocritically campaigning to undo regulations that would prevent the most unscrupulous polluters from making products that ruin people’s health and the ecosystem we all rely on. I guess from behind your leafy green gated community, you don’t see the health impacts of the sh!t that 60 years of toxic disposable consumerism has created. That includes Apple, a company that is better than some but obviously is a huge waste creator that moved production to China so the supply chain could keep throwing toxic waste into the rivers. It’s legal there.

          1. The topic is iPhone radiation. 🤔

            But since you took the time to write a lengthy response, the dude abides.

            I have written on this forumn at least a half dozen times I’m a LIFETIME INDEPENDENT and belonged to the Green Party years ago. I vote for members of BOTH parties each November because good people are in all parties.

            Clean water is my biggest environmental concern because I am a fly fisherman for trout which of all fish, demand the cleanest and coldest water. Brook trout particularly are the “canary in the coal mine.”

            Lifetime member of several water conservation groups.

            I disagree 100% with some of government policies regarding clean water and have done my part to volunteer and write letters to agency officials and politicians.

            In May after writing several US. Congressmen I got a phone call from a congressional staffer in the D.C. office about water and fracking issues in the upper Delaware River watershed. A pristine gin clear trout fishery and the finest fly fishing east of the Mississippi River.

            If you are going to be a true Realist I suggest you don’t allow stereotype perceptions, not reality, to get the best of you … 🇺🇸

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