“The prepaid market has become a feeding frenzy for carriers over the last 18 months, and Apple is chumming the water with cheap [inexpensive – MDN Ed.] iPhones,” Colin Gibbs reports for FierceWireless. “”

“Apple began to pursue the prepaid market more aggressively in 2016, as the market research firm Gap Intelligence noted in September, and that pursuit has only grown more ambitious over the last year,” Gibbs reports. “The iPhone’s prepaid retail channel placements more than doubled from the second quarter of 2016 to the second quarter of 2017, growing from 15 SKUs to 46 SKUs, and they increased 35% from the first quarter of this year to the second quarter, according to fresh data from the San Diego-based firm.”

“Meanwhile, Apple secured a new prepaid distribution deal through Costco in the second quarter, and it increased prepaid retail placements at AT&T (up 200% quarter over quarter) and Best Buy (up 125% quarter over quarter),” Gibbs reports. “‘During 2Q17, one major trend was the rise of low-cost iPhone SE, 5S, and 6 models for prepaid,’ Wave7 noted in a recent report to subscribers, citing Gap Intelligence’s data. ‘Specifically, AT&T GoPhone, Verizon prepaid, Total Wireless, and Simple Mobile have all recently launched <$200 iPhone models, gap intelligence has reported, and MetroPCS recently launched the $199 32GB iPhone SE. For base models, Straight Talk as of 7/3 is selling the iPhone 5S for $99, the iPhone SE for $159, and the iPhone 6 for $199. Boost sells the iPhone 5S at $49.99 for porting customers.'"

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“The iPhone SE made up a huge 5% of all smartphone sales in the US in the first quarter after release, and up to 10% of market share in the UK,” Chris Mills reports for BGR. “Data showed that a big portion of those buying the SE were new to Apple, which implies that the SE was successful in dragging in users who were previously using cheaper Android devices, or no smartphone at all.”

Mills reports, “While Apple has continued to eat the lion’s share of the high-end profits, it’s also starting to scoop up an increasingly large portion of the low-end phone market, which could challenge the very existence of smaller Android brands.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It used to be that Android phones were for the poor, ignorant and/or stupid. Now, they’re just for the ignorant and/or stupid.

The poor man’s iPhone has become the stupid man’s iPhone.

Every single Android phone should come with a free T-shirt:
I'm with stupid

As we just wrote two hours ago:

Why settle for a pretend iPhone when the real thing is right there for the taking? It’s silly, counterproductive, and your messages are fscking GREEN. Awaken ye confused, hoodwinked masses!

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone.

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