“Apple reportedly has begun production on a voice-response smart speaker, the company’s second new hardware product category to be introduced since Tim Cook became chief executive nearly six years ago,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “Bloomberg said Wednesday that an Apple contract manufacturer in Taiwan has started production of a Siri-controlled smart speaker. ”

“Apple’s smart speaker will differ from the competition by offering superior audio quality and better support for connected Apple devices, Bloomberg said,” Seitz reports. “Since Cook became CEO in August 2011, taking the reins from legendary co-founder Steve Jobs, Apple has come out with just one new category of hardware, the Apple Watch smartwatch.”

“About 14% of U.S. households have a smart speaker like Amazon Echo or Google Home, Technalysis Research said Wednesday. Of those devices, 60% were acquired in the last six months, Technalysis analyst Bob O’Donnell said,” Seitz reports. “Amazon dominates the smart-speaker market now, with 71% of devices in use in U.S. homes, Technalysis said. Google Home is a distant second with 26% share.”

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MacDailyNews Take: How stupid or oblivious do you have to be to install a Google listening device in your home? We’re amazed the brains of such poor souls can even manage involuntary movements like breathing and blinking.

Once they finally get something shipping in quantity, it’ll be fun to watch how quickly Apple takes the top end of the market away from Amazon’s Echo since Apple’s solution will certainly have unique advantages within Apple’s ecosystem that makes it the obvious choice for Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch users. — MacDailyNews, May 10, 2017

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