WWDC 2017 wish list

Apple’s WWDC 2017 is next week and “here are some of the things I’m looking for as both a user of Apple’s products and services and as an industry observer who wants to see the companies in this space keep pushing those products and services forward,” Jan Dawson writes for Tech.pinions.

“I’ve called in the past for the creation of a ‘padOS’ – a variant of iOS focused on either iPads in general or the iPad Pro specifically,” Dawson writes. “Apple’s current big push around the iPad is positioning it as a fully-fledged computer that can be used for advanced productivity tasks. That means both its role and the way it functions has to evolve separately from those of the iPhone. The iPad needs to support more sophisticated multitasking, a different home screen layout, and more advanced apps than the iPhone. Apple needs to set apart the iPad version of iOS more clearly for developers so they catch Apple’s vision and believe they can create not just great experiences but great business models around apps on the iPad.”

“I’d like to see Siri as a voice assistant become better at recognizing and understanding what I’m saying and more consistently serving up relevant responses,” Dawson writes. “Apple has acquired a number of companies over recent years which should help with this and I’m hoping we’ll see some big advances this year, including more conversational and contextual understanding.”

Much more, including, “macOS needs to continue to integrate and differentiate,” tvOS needs a clear focus,” and “watchOS needs to figure out the app model” in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple needs to get all of the major content gatekeepers working with Apple TV’s single sign on and Apple’s TV app. Right now, their incompleteness is glaring. We’re hoping for major advances to Apple TV hardware (hello, 4K, finally?) and tvOS.


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