“The monthly smartphone infection rate in the second half of 2016 jumped 83% from the first six months, with overall infections in mobile networks reaching an all-time high in October, according to new data from Nokia,” Phil Muncaster reports for InfoSecurity.

“The infection rate in mobile networks – which includes Windows/PC systems connected by dongle and mobile IoT devices – rose ‘steadily’ during the year to hit a new high of 1.35% in October,” Muncaster reports. “The vast majority of infections (85%) discovered in mobile networks belonged to smartphones, with Android (81%) the main culprit, followed by Windows/PCs (15%) and 4% linked to iPhones and other mobile devices.”

MacDailyNews Take: Android. Open. As in: Wide.

“The news comes as Apple issued its iOS 10.3 release, designed to fix a Safari-based scareware issue and more importantly roll out a whole new file system which will make encryption an even bigger part of devices,” Muncaster reports. “Reports suggest it could help users save some disk space and speed up performance, but perhaps most controversially will support strong full disk encryption natively… This is sure to raise the heckles of law enforcers and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic but will please businesses and Apple users no end.”

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