Apple looks to expand ads to Maps, other first-party apps

Apple is looking to significantly expand its own advertising business in first-party apps such as Maps, Apple Books, and Apple Podcasts, Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg News.

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for Bloomberg News:

I believe that the iPhone maker will eventually expand search ads to Maps. It also will likely add them to digital storefronts like Apple Books and Apple Podcasts. And TV+ could generate more advertising with multiple tiers (just as Netflix Inc., Walt Disney Co. and Warner Bros. Discovery Inc. are doing with their streaming services).

That being said, I don’t anticipate Apple going back into the business of serving up ads inside of third-party apps—at least not soon. Apple tried and failed at that with iAd starting in 2010.

The effort to add search ads to Apple Maps has already been explored internally. Such a feature would probably work similarly to search ads in the App Store. For instance, a Japanese restaurant could pay money to rank at the top of local listings when users searched for “sushi.” If you’ve used Yelp, you already get the idea.

In the books and podcast apps, publishers could pay for their work to appear higher in results—or in ads placed throughout the apps.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple looks to be building a demand-side advertising platform (DSP) based on recent job listings as it builds its focused play for media dollars. It remains unclear if the intended DSP is meant only for serving ads on Apple’s properties (App Store) or if it could also be intended to work on third-party apps and/or sites.

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  1. Really Apple? What’s next, labels on your laptops stating “M2 Inside”?

    I get it, ads make them money, however, will Apple Apps being expanded with ads begin to start looking like MDN’s website with crap all over the place, mucking up the view, and making things look gaudy?

  2. Who is the idiot at Apple that thought this would be okay with the Base? This person needs to be located and dismissed immediately and their children, if any, removed from daycare.

    1. I just can’t wait until Apple puts ostentatious ads in great utility Apps and shore up the declining revenue. They hardly have any cash on hand and NEED money…

    2. His name is Todd Teresi and he reports directly to Eddie Cue.

      Did you iOS fans actually think that Apple wouldn’t try to keep cashing in on its happily captured user base? It never was s personal computing platform, lemmings. You’ve been tracked and measured since day one.

      Since there’s no regulation specifically guaranteeing user privacy, Big Tech including Apple is happy to abuse its position. After all, you clicked OK when you flashed by the user agreement fine print. Read it sometime instead of continuing your delusion that Apple is different.

      Apple didn’t suddenly change when Cook arrived. Apple changed when iOS arrived. You all just followed MDN’s myopic narratives to miss the real picture.

      The only personal computing platforms left are the ones that operate offline. iOS doesn’t even come close, by design.

  3. it’s disgusting enough they still even feel a need for advertisements outside of their announcements, much wasted money having such a large marketing division at this point, and now they want to advertise within their own products more? This will be like the advertising started within music playlists.. getting inta GE levels of bloat here, Gross 🤮

  4. When it comes to ads I do my best to run the other way. Ads are a waste of almost everyone’s precious time. Ads interrupt the flow of media and become incredibly distracting, space-hogging and useless, as this site knows all too well being a major practitioner of overdone ads. There is nothing they’re selling that I’m buying. It’s unfair to ruin the experience of 99.99% of the non-buying public for the .01% that is.

    1. Unlike Apple products, MDN is free for everyone, it exists because of ads and user donations. It doesn’t exist to provide you with free news without ads (though I’d gladly pay $5/month for ad-free version).

  5. Looks like Apple itself might be the one company capable of making my ditch my iPhone if they do that. A cheap no feature flip phone may be what kills the iPhone for many if Apple is that incredibly greedy and stupid!

  6. Apple is always looking for ways to monetize its products, safari history and services, and it seems that the company’s latest target is its first-party apps. However, it could also turn off users who are not interested in seeing ads in their apps. In order to avoid this, I use CleanMyMac app. This app allows me to get rid of all the unwanted ads and banners from my Macbook, making it a more pleasant experience. Plus, it’s free! So if you’re not interested in seeing ads in your apps.

  7. So I care about Apple, and I’m kinda depressed to see them getting into ads… although it is Google’s ENTIRE BUSINESS, and Tim Cook’s job is to maximize profits so… here we go.

    I wish paying users of AppleOne would not see the ads. I know this totally breaks the ad model because advertisers want people with money, but I kinda wish it were true: Apple could be in the space and have increasing revenues, and yet AppleOne members would be motivated to be clear of annoying ads.

    I know Apple will still retain privacy and all that, but I just wish they had nothing to do with this sleazy industry. Tim Cook is going to feel pretty slimy after his whole “if you don’t pay, you are the product” comments in the past few years.

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