Wall Street and Apple rebound from Omicron COVID variant fear

Wall Street indexes and Apple stock posted strong gains in early Monday trading as investors rushed to take advantage of Friday’s steep losses over Omicron COVID variant fear.



All three major indexes slumped between 2.0% and 3.5% on Friday after news of the coronavirus variant triggered a global sell-off, as countries introduced new travel curbs on fears the Omicron variant could resist vaccinations and upend a nascent economic reopening.

Nasdaq premarket indicators rose the most among their peers, indicating investors were likely favoring pandemic-resistant technology stocks.

Travel stocks, among the worst hit during Friday’s sell-off, marked strong premarket gains. Shares of major airline operators rose between 0.7% and 3.5% after plummeting 3% to 9% on Friday.

Major bank stocks bounced back tracking a recovery in Treasury yields, but concerns over the Omicron variant saw investors pricing in a potential delay to interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve next year.

MacDailyNews Take: Use predictable irrationality to your advantage.

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  1. I’m afraid ‘science’ has been sacked, hacked, hijacked, and PAC’d into Big Science. Now it is Too Big To Fail and thus immune from common sense review.

    Whatever comes out of the Ministry of Today’s Facts, Tomorrow’s Fiction and Yesterday’s Lies passing as ‘science’ is, like a cheap gold ring, just low grade 10 Karat truths used to cover the circle of shit behind it….

  2. The deadliest pandemic of all time, the one that required total economy shutdowns, is always setting new records. Last Friday a “new variant” appeared out of nowhere and by end of day Big Pharma said it had been finalizing tests on new vaccines for the variant that just showed up on Friday. So, with Big Pharma looking out for us and already prepared with a new concoction (unrested) to sell the US government with no bidding and the highest prices they can submit without laughing out loud in embarrassment, they are ready to deliver the “presto chango” magical vaccine by the billions of doses. They are doing this for us, knowing the risk and yet still willing to deal with tens of millions of dead and maimed customers if that is what it takes to save the World from the brand new Friday virus. They do get some comfort knowing the politicians they own granted them lifetime immunity from any lawsuits related to any deaths of adverse effects from the “vaccines” (yeah right) that they created in less than a week. We are lucky to have very smart people like Fauci and Bill Gates leading our “pandemic solution”. How do we know they are smart? They own tons of Moderna and Pfizer and Gilead stock. It’s pays to be a public servant.

  3. It’s simply confounding the govt/media fails to pursue/confirm the source. It’s also simply confounding that Tony remains in his vaulted position. I have a soldi notion we’ll learn Tony was up to his teeth in the slime related to Covid.

    Maybe the most confounding, there has never been an instance, or any repeated message that confronts commodities that are controllable. Instead of constant virus and booster reminders, how about doing the same with weight, exercise, smoking, over-drinking etc? Frankly, I don’t like the thought of govt repeatedly messaging the like, but at least it would have concrete and ENDURING effects.

  4. Just what I thought, just a little dip on the way up. For those of you chastising the vaccine, one piece of evidence that I will toss out as fact is that life expectancy over the last century or so has gone up, a lot of that is attributed to the contribution of science and medicine, and one of the core approaches is that of basic hygiene, wash your hands.

    Consider the basic response to the Spanish flu of 1918 you’ll see a lot of parallels, government cover ups, denials, conspiracy theories, population weakened by war, large population density. You also have an estimated 17-100 million people that died.

    That’s a lot more than COVID… so far. Yet to measure it simply by the number of people dying is only part of the picture. Obligate parasites, like viruses don’t usually kill but they do make you sick, and when a global wave of sickness strains the health systems to the point of breaking you get issues all down the line.

    The planet has its own immune system, I trust it to give fair warning to a species that is disrupting the overall harmony. The message is simple, regulate the human population or it will be regulated for you.

    1. The most effective medication against COVID is Ivermectin, a anti-parasitic that has won a Nobel prize for its incredible service to the world in defeating infections and parasites. If used early against COVID it has basically a 100% cure rate. It is “off patent” which makes it dirt cheap which makes it very unattractive to Wall Street, CNBC/MSNBC and Dr. Fauci, who has huge investments in the Big Pharma and actually holds the patent on the COVID virus, which he and the Chinese co-invented.

      1. I take your comments on COVID in the same way I take your whiny prediction on Apple stock dropping to $100 per share. Yes, what you say about Ivermectin is correct but think about it…
        You say that Ivermectin has basically a 100% cure rate against COVID, but you also say given that the survival rate for people who get COVID is 99.989%, which is basically 100%. With that sort of thinking you might as well say water has basically a 100% cure rate against COVID.

        While you are looking at Nobel prizes might be worth your while checking out all the ones awarded out for vaccine research, Max Thelier, John Enders, Thomas Weller, and Frederick Robbins come to mind.

        1. Since I never predicted APPLE stock would drop to $100 a share, I see you are just a typical Democrat who makes up whatever lies suit you. I own lots of Apple stocks and basically never sell it. Yes, COVID without treatment has a survival rate of about 99.989 without treatment. But the world of FAUCI has used fear porn to make this very scary by adding in normal flu deaths, pneumonia and heart attack and murder deaths, to scare the world. But in the real world, if someone gets a bad version of COVID Ivermectin will clear it right up. Statistically proven in huge applications across the US and elsewhere. However, the GOVT CDC prohibits use of Ivermectin precisely because it does work, and instead requires Remdesivir, an untested drug which kills more than it cures, to be used. Fauci owns stock in Gilead, which makes it. Ivermectin is great. And you are an ignorant fool

          1. With all due respect sir I disagree, you or someone using Kent as a handle made several comments about the future value of Apple stock:

            “Another huge day for Apple stock in its move toward $100”

            Today is the 66th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ birth

            This one sounds like a recommendation: “So, keep your powder (money) dry and wait till Apple hits $10 a share”

            Analyst: Buy this dip in Apple stock before it’s out of reach

            “Apple stock will go down at least 40% over the next 18 months”

            What will drive Apple stock this year

            None of these projections have come to pass.

    1. Well, there was also a full weekend of FEAR PORN !!!!!!! It is so scary. Fortunately, a brand new set of vaccines were created and fully tested over the weekend so we are all good to go. Just keep wearing the mask get your bi-weekly booster.

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