Apple stock gets bit

Investment bank Wedbush is reporting this morning that despite chip deficits and supply chain hurdles, Apple is on pace to sell 10 million iPhones this Black Friday weekend. Nevertheless, Apple stock finished down $5.13 (-3.17%) at $156.81.

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Rich Smith for The Motley Fool:

As The Fly reports this morning, Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives is “seeing shortages in many Apple stores” — which sounds like bad news, but is actually more evidence that Apple’s iPhones are selling like proverbial hotcakes. In fact, according to the analyst, “10 million iPhones” could be just the beginning of the good news; through Christmas, Ives thinks Apple could move as many as 40 million units. Suffice it to say that Wedbush thinks this is bullish news for Apple stock, and will help the stock reach the bank’s $185 price target.

Sadly, though, it seems investors are sufficiently shook up by today’s news about a new coronavirus variant that’s popped up in South Africa that they’re selling stocks no matter what good news they have to report (which is why the S&P 500 is down 2.2% already).

Once the panic passes, though, investors may realize that today was a great day to invest in Apple stock.

MacDailyNews Take: Discount AAPL sale! Never pass up an opportunity to profit from irrational panic.

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    1. What I have learned from the start of the pandemic is that it was actually in Apple favor because a lot of people and companies had to renew or buy electronic devices.

  1. if another variant, that is vaccine resistant, is truly breaking out then that will lead to more lockdowns and stimulus checks both or which will be good for AAPL. I understand why stocks like cruise ships took a hit but AAPL should pop

    1. Nature (God) provides an immune system which works fine until you inject a chemical/parasite concoction into your body that includes a highly toxic “spike protein”, which is the most toxic part of COVID, which destroys your immune system. When the public is so stupid it accept pharmaceuticals that are totally untested, where the manufacturer has zero liability when they kill or harm you, it deserves the hell that is coming. If you haven’t taken the vaccine, kudos to you. Stay strong. If you have, don’t take the booster. However, if you think Bill Gates is God, then by all means take every injection offered.

      1. actually, Kent, the vaccines have been tested through over a billion recipients, and are the fastest, safest, most effective way to end the pandemic and protect yourself.

        1. Agreed.
          Your’e wasting your time with Kent though…he’s a hard-headed, head-in-the-sand, conspiracy-loving denialist.

          Perhaps he’ll get his Darwin award sometime soon.

          1. As a volunteer “lab rat” you are more likely to win. I choose God’s immune system happily. It has thousands of years and the benefit of a designer who knows a thing or two. You on the other hand are dealing with a new, novel operating system designed by Bill Gates. I’ll take my chances.

            1. Anyone who believes in god is likely to believe anything at all.

              Your horseshit about about Bill Gates simply demonstrates your cognitive limitations and willingness to buy into baseless conspiracy theories.

              Anyway, see you back here in a few years…if you’re still around, that is.

          2. “Anyone who believes in God is likely to believe in anything at all”.

            Wrong. I don’t believe in Big Pharma. I don’t believe in Bill Gates defeating ANY viruses. I don’t believe in man made global warming (which is really comical). I don’t believe in more than two genders. I don’t believe in rap music. I don’t believe in vegan bacon. I don’t believe in electric cars or the massive government subsidies they get. I don’t believe in Yahoo or Apple News. Or CNN, MSNBC or the New York Times. I don’t believe Democrats oppose racism, since their party was born to defend slavery and then after the Republican Party ended slavery, the Democrats implemented Jim Crow and the welfare laws that have made every major city into hellholes. I don’t believe homosexuals should lead Boy Scout troops. I don’t believe biological men and convicted male sex offenders should be allowed in Ladies Room’s. I don’t believe all white people are evil. I do believe the Democrat Party is the most racist party in existence today and one of its main goals is to establish an ongoing war between blacks and whites, instead of peace.

            Now, a Democrat like you is most likely to hate God and be for policies which turn every good thing on earth to excrement. Like San Francisco.

            1. Thanks Kent for confirming that you are a narrow-minded person who has a limited world view and is is living in the past.

              My big question is:
              What the hell are you doing on an Apple forum?

              MDN repeatedly emphasises that Mac users and Apple customers are part of a well-off, intelligent and upper-class demographic of open-minded people.

              You have just confirmed the opposite.
              You should be on a QAnon forum.

            2. Here! Here! Well done, Kent!

              Agree with all your points the radical left has turned upside down for no intelligent reason except to gain more votes from carved up groups Democrats favor and stereotype everybody in the most law breaking and racist party of all time…

            3. @skellum you are a sophomoric idiot with zero persuasive posts only to demonize and denigrate those you disagree with. The critical thinkers here are IMMUNE from your SOPHISTRY…

          3. All your posts indicate you are a very ignorant close minded person who prefers censorship over debate and you prefer name calling to debate. You can’t defend your small ideas so you resort to pathetic insults. Try to defend your ideas without rancor and see if you can. Good luck.

        2. Unfortunately, Kent is quite poorly informed. For example:

          First, the medical method of training the body to recognize infections through surrogate exposures isn’t new: its been proven effective & in use for 200+ years … something to keep in mind when one hears flat earth style ‘kills reproduction system’ rants…

          Second, the testing sample sizes (Operation Warp Speed HSR protocols for FDA review/approval) were ~10x larger than standard …so much for “totally untested”.

          FYI, its hard to credibly claim that its all partisan US domestic politics to do something nefarious when the rest of the world has administered 7.43 billion doses so far (USA is at 0.451 billion doses).

          Third, there is in fact a US liability program for manufacturers who screw up, and there historically are litigants who have won damages. The odds of litigation success are quite low, however, since vaccines are tested to be safe (Phase II trials) and the courts require that the alleged victim has the burden of proof.

          For those who haven’t taken the vaccine, it is your choice, but there are also consequences for that freedom of choice:
          * you’ll have to accept being excluded from some social activities;
          * you’ll have to accept higher healthcare insurance provider rates;
          * you’ll have to accept higher (or be dropped from) life insurance;
          * you’ll have to accept paying out of pocket for PCR tests at work;
          * etc

          Freedom of choice does not mean freedom from consequences

          1. From -hh,,,

            For those who haven’t taken the vaccine, it is your choice, but there are also consequences for that freedom of choice:
            * you’ll have to accept being excluded from some social activities;
            * you’ll have to accept higher healthcare insurance provider rates;
            * you’ll have to accept higher (or be dropped from) life insurance;
            * you’ll have to accept paying out of pocket for PCR tests at work;
            * etc

            No, I won’t:
            * I’ve already “excluded” myself from social activities long before Covid was being cookd up in Wuhan, China.
            * You mean even higher healthcare premiums then they are now after Obama and his fellow scumbag Democratic politicians who poked their noses in places where they ought not to have poked?!?
            * I don’t have, own or will own life insurance. My heirs will get what is left after the government steals their unfair share.
            * Work… Self Employed, do not require PCR tests and will not enforce PCR tests required by an illegitimate government, installed by the Establishment, after the election was stolen by the system.

            And for those of you vaccinated dimwits who say trust the science, you trust the TV, fools!

            1. Gosh, “Sparky”…

              If you really know the industry, you would understand that Healthcare has gotten more expensive every year for decades and its never been about making it cheaper, but to reduce its rate of cost growth. Twenty years ago, the annual increases were 10% higher than inflation … today, they’re down to just 3%/yr more. So your choices are simple: go without, stick with the current +3%/yr, or go back to the 10%/yr rate. YMMV, but most folk understand that “sucks less” is the least bad option.

              Next, on life insurance, its not about just you. The point is simply that choices have consequences, such as this one.

              On the workplace, same deal: its not just about you. Choices have consequences, such as this one too: when you find your life options have been narrowed by your own choices, you have no legitimate basis to complain.

          2. -HH wrong as usual with NO credibility. A leftist without critical thinking skills swallows whole whatever Fake Fauci, Buffoon Biden and Leftist media control freaks like BBC feed him.

            Kent is RIGHT the vaccines destroy your natural immunity. World renown European virus experts have been pointing this out repeatedly for over a year and gets zero coverage in the brainwashed USA media and so called health organizations.

            Some of the most highly vaccinated nations in Europe the Covid numbers are surging hotspots. People with two vaccines and boosters are dying from Covid like Colin Powell. Now that’s an effective vaccine.

            You’re rolling the dice expecting vaccines over and over will save you. I trust my natural immune system to save me from a cold or virus my entire life…

            1. Too bad Goes can’t actually articulate any facts, but just slings lame Ad Hominem insult attempts and conveniently vague innuendo.

              For example, “world renown European virus experts” who have gone unnamed.

              Likewise, tries cherrypicking an 84 yr old man while they were undergoing cancer treatment.

              Now if you’re going to be a knuckle-dragging luddite, then what, pray tell, are you doing on a website that discusses Technology in the first place? And just what kind of rocks are you banging together in order to post? Hypocrite much?

          3. For those who have taken the vaccine, it is your choice, but there are consequences for that freedom of choice
            * serious risk of blood clots
            * sudden heart attack/stroke
            * ectopic pregnancies happening 50 time more often than non vaxxed.
            * Lifetime reduction in immune system effectiveness
            * You will still have to wear masks and social distance
            * Lifetime requirement by the government that you take up to 4 boosters a year (that is Fauci’s prediction) or be considered non-vaccinated.
            * Sterility
            * VITT death
            * Amputation of arms and legs due to vaccine reaction
            * Mental fog persistent or for a while
            * Multiple Sclerosis appearance after vaccine
            * return of cancer in patients where cancer was in remission due to loss of immune systems after vaccine (already seen in VAERS data)
            * Children dying from massive heart attacks and strokes and seizure shortly after vaccines (already evident in VAERS reports)

            Freedom to take an unapproved and not fully tested chemical concoction does involve consequences. So, be prepared. Enjoy each day as if its your last.

            1. For but one small example:


              5 per million – incidence rate in general population
              16 per million – incidence rate in Moderna vaccine population
              460 per million – incidence rate in CoVid patients

              Doing the basic math:

              460:16 = ~29x higher risk of myocarditis from contracting CoVid vs from Moderna vaccine.

            2. hh

              In the UK and Israel now, two of the most heavily vaccinated countries, roughly 80% of new COVID hospitalizations and deaths are double vaxxed people. Getting the vaccine increases one’s likelihood of getting COVID and dying from COVID. Every highly vaccinated community around the world is dealing with high hospitalization rates and deaths due to the vaccine. Also, studies show that natural immunity, gained through getting COVID and surviving it (which is not hard if you take the simple approved medications) provides “natural immunity which is vastly superior to the vaccine and lasts a lifetime. The vaccines don’t even last 6 months. Once you get on the vaccine train you are committed to a lifetime of boosters at least every 6 months for the rest of your life, which might not be long because the vaccine and the boosters will ultimately destroy your immune system and your vital organs. Don’t do it. Get off the train.

            3. Kent …

              … claims that Israel & UK are majority vaxxed who are getting CoVid?
              Got a cite for that?

              Because this one from four weeks ago says the exact opposite:

              “Unvaccinated Israelis Account for Over 75% of New COVID Cases Over the Past Week”


              Strike One.

              As does this from two weeks ago:

              the UK surge has been in kids who aren’t old enough yet to be vaccinated:

              “Surge of COVID-19 cases in U.K. fueled by unvaccinated kids serves as a warning…”


              Strike Two.

            4. Now to be fair to Kent …

              I will point out that research has found that vaccine metrics do wane over time…

              …but said research has also found that naturally acquired immunity wanes too.

              The ramifications of that are taking the all ages net 1.8% Case Fatality Rate (CFR) risk every year from contracting CoVid (and all of the medical expenses and lost wages/etc) instead of just getting a $30 vaccine: its damn easy to see which is (a) cheaper, and (b) safer, particularly as one gets older and are no longer in the “young & bulletproof” under 25 age group who are merely risking a -5 IQ reduction from contracting a bad case of CoVid19.

              Strike Five.

              Finally, if vaccines did “destroy” our immune system and vital organs, just how long is the delay before this “destruction’ is supposed to take?

              Because if its <5 years as per some claims (fitting to the 2024 elections?), then that wont therefore have to mean that 90% of all Americans should have already died before they were age 30 from all of the pediatric vaccines which were administered to them before age 5…and we know that that hasn’t been happening for the past 70 years.

              Strike Six.

              ‘Cmon Kent: you’re getting murdered here … please try to at least get ONE claim actually correct.

        3. Actually, Squiggles, you are correct in pointing out that YOU and the rest who have taken the fake vaccine (which doesn’t cure you and doesnt prevent you from spreading COVID) ARE THE LAB RATS. You are the test. We will now watch you and the other billion and see how this completely new approach to vaccines work. Already from the CDC VAERS data we see several hundred thousand dead and millions of adverse effects. Strokes, heart attacks, massive brain and other organ blood clots, return of cancers in remission, heart attacks in healthy young males and children. Lots of damage. But there will be much more as the long term effects of destroying the T-cells (killer cells) that aggressively attack infections are seen. Yes, this vaccine totally disable one of the main vital functions of the immune system. So we will be see a very noticeable increase in “immune system deficiencies” that will kill very large numbers as progressive diseases are not able to be fought off by your weakened immune system.

          Thank you, Squiggles, for being the lab rat. It was not easy to recruit the rats so the government doled out many incentives – easy travel, bragging rights for being the early adopters to enter the cage, money, free public higher education. Lots of incentives for the early ones agreeable to “jumping off the cliff” to see if gravity always works. I hope the landing goes well for you.

        1. Actually a COVID infection does not ALTER/DESTROY your immune system, which the COVID vaccine does. And given that the survival rate for people who get COVID is 99.989. So, I’d say the Designer gave us a very robust immune system.. Do you have any idea how many germs your immune system defeats every hour of every day? I didn’t think so. Read a book instead of that garbage you are watching on TV.

          1. At the risk of feeding the trolls.

            How does spike protein produced by the vaccine destroy the immune system while spike protein produced by the virus does not? Please explain that to me. Both versions of the spike protein are produced by the human host cellular machinery and are very similar to each other in sequence.

            The vast majority of pathogens are defeated by innate immune system. The few that get past the innate system are dealt with by the adaptive system. What is relevant to this discussion is the adaptive system.

            The US COVID statistics to date are:
            total deaths: 777,310 (Based on the excess facility rate, this number is probably significantly underestimated)
            total cases: 48,171,232
            rate: 0.0161
            survival is 0.9839

            And this is a country with an advanced health care system. The death rates in third world countries is substantially higher. Even in first world countries, the death rate was substantially higher when the health care system was overwhelmed with COVID case. This was the case early in the pandemic in northern Italy. Today, we are approaching that situation in Michigan and Minnesota.

            1. boghog3, it’s interesting to me that Africa (as a continent) actually has one of the LOWEST COVID infection rates, including one of the lowest per capita death rates (although if you’re talking about deaths in infected persons, that may not be the case; you neglected to specify which statistic you were citing). So your “third world” statistic needs, at the least, clarification.

              While I went ahead and got the Moderna vaccine, I was excluded from a clinical test for the booster – because I developed atrial fibrillation two months after my last vaccine shot, and their rules call that “detrimental results of the vaccine.” Being a person who believes in the science, I accept that, and therefore will get no further COVID vaccines or boosters. I note, however, that this is the first vaccine in my life from which I have experienced a detrimental result.

  2. It somewhat puzzles me what the connection is between the Covid-19 variant and a slightly greater sell-off of Apple stock. It doesn’t matter to me as it’s only a few percent. Even if it was more, Apple would simply buy back more stock for the same amount of money. It’s just so weird. I can understand why Boeing sold-off hard. It’s either some algorithm trading or more people are buying Apple stock on margin. It shouldn’t have anything to do with sales or production because every hardware tech company should be in the same boat. I can never figure what exactly drives the market. In a week, this little blip won’t even matter for Apple longs like myself. Today didn’t bother me at all in financial terms. I’m simply trying to figure out why these sudden sell-offs happen, but I’m sure I’ll never find out. Whenever it happens, I certainly won’t be dumping my Apple stock. That much I know.

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