Apple global battery development chief leaves for Volkswagen

According to his Linkedin profile, Apple’s global battery development chief, Ahn Soonho, has left for Volkswagen to lead the German automaker’s development of electric vehicle batteries. This month, Ahn took the job of chief technology officer at the battery division of Volkswagen Group Components.



In 2018, Apple had hired Ahn, a former executive at Samsung SDI’s next-generation batteries division. Apple uses batteries not only in its mobile phones and laptops, but electric vehicles which are under development.

Industry sources told Reuters last year that Apple was aiming to launch an electric car with advanced battery technology by 2024.

When asked about whether Apple plans to develop batteries and screens in-house as it does for chips, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in October, “I wouldn’t want to rule anything out.”

Apple Inc’s talks with China’s CATL and BYD over battery supplies for its planned electric vehicle have been mostly stalled after the suppliers refused to build U.S. plants that would solely cater to the tech giant, three people with knowledge of the discussions told Reuters in September.

MacDailyNews Take: In Apple TV+’s “Invasion,” the family with the electric vehicle (Tesla) were screwed and had to immediately steal a gasoline-powered SUV when the shit hit the fan.

Just sayin’. 😬

People come and people go. Nobody is indispensable (except for the very rare exception).

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