Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple AR headset with Mac-level computing power coming in 2022

According to a new research report from Apple uber-analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s widely expected augmented reality (AR) headset project is poised to appear late next year with the first device carrying a pair of processors to offer Mac-level computing power.

Artist’s rendering based on the images of Apple's AR headset. Created by The Information.
Artist’s rendering based on the images of Apple’s AR headset. Created by The Information.

Eric Slivka for MacRumors:

Kuo says the initial AR headset will be able to operate independently without needing to be tethered to a Mac or iPhone, and Apple is intending it to support a “comprehensive range of applications” with an eye toward replacing the ‌iPhone‌ within ten years.

We predict that Apple’s AR headset to be launched in 4Q22 will be equipped with two processors. The higher-end processor will have similar computing power as the M1 for Mac, whereas the lower-end processor will be in charge of sensor-related computing. The power management unit (PMU) design of the high-end processor… has the same level of computing power as M1.

In addition to AR, Kuo says the headset will also be able to support virtual reality (VR) experiences thanks to a pair of 4K Micro OLED displays from Sony, which require the computing horsepower of an M1-like chip.

MacDailyNews Take: In February, The Information reported that the Apple headset would display video of the real world to people wearing it with a price point around $3,000 — making the product an enterprise-focused offering, not for the consumer market.

If priced at $3,000, we expect Apple’s headset will, in part, exist as a means for developers to build the next killer AR apps for true, light, powerful Apple smartglasses for arrive around 2025.

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  1. Ok, what, pray tell, was the last generation of ‘killer’ apps? I don’t play Pokemon Go, and most real world activities are about a hundred times easier without an interface in the way. This is an iPhone for your eyeballs. What terrible idea, as bad as regular phone dysfunction is.

    Specialized uses? Meh. Maybe. Did they forget Google already tried this? Have they gone on a Google hiring spree, or are all millennial engineers this idiotic? Can you imagine people checked out with something literally glued to their eyeballs? Apple has sooooo lost its way, and no, profits are not the metric. How else could Microsoft rule the 90s with their buggy and oftentimes useless and gratuitous crap? Kinda sad, and I no longer trust the Valley on the whole to guide jack ****.

    Remember when those of us in the know used to complain about instruction manuals and GUIs because (non-Apple) engineers made them for engineers, oblivious to actual users? That’s what the modern Valley wishes to do to every aspect of society. It us all one, big disaster of an instruction manual or GUI. How did we end up with SO many people on the spectrum?

    1. this is how any innovative new technology emerges.

      the first generation is limited, expensive, and lacks the practical applications that eventually develop as it achieves critical mass. see: iPhone

    2. Off the top of my head, AG goggles like this could replicate a Mac with unlimited large displays, without any hardware on your desk. If that’s all it did (replaced personal computers and displays) it would be worth the $3000.

      Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess what the next killer AR app might be.

  2. I bet 1k we have no idea how beneficial, fun and safety inducing this tech will become. Like your sunglasses? Would you like the w a map overlay, an alert for safety, or an impt reminder on those shades?

    I’d guess the first version will be adopted by “specialists” but they will develop quickly and most will find them “must haves” in short order (5 yrs—my est).

  3. Everyone is missing the big picture: it’s not what you can see in the glasses, it’s what you won’t! Imagine never having to see Tim, Joe, Barack, Nancy, Jen, Cory, Mitch, Kamala, Mitt, Chuck, Hillary, Beto, Elizabeth, Lindsey, Michelle, Pete, Alexandria, Newt, or Maxine ever again. The glasses would filter them out.

    1. If only, though I expect it will just be a more intensive programming tool for the leftist System, they’ll use these on their dissident enemies. Any “deplorable” who doesn’t obey will be eliminated.

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