Facebook warns Apple’s App Tracking Transparency will slow growth

Facebook reported higher second-quarter sales and profit, but struck a cautious tone looking ahead, warning that growth could stall as Apple’s new App Tracking Transparency feature could affect the Facebook cancer’s ability to track users like tagged animals.

Apple's new App Tracking Transparency feature across iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS requires apps to get users' permission before tracking their data across apps or websites owned by other companies.
Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature across iOS, iPadOS, and tvOS requires apps to get users’ permission before tracking their data across apps or websites owned by other companies.

Naomi Nix for Bloomberg News:

The social media giant said it faces “ad targeting headwinds in 2021 from regulatory and platform changes,” sending the shares down as much as 5.2% in extended trading.

Facebook has been telling investors that Apple’s new restrictions on data collection on iPhones, which require users to explicitly allow app makers to track their activity, could curb future growth by hampering its ability to sell targeted advertising…

The company has said for several quarters that its advertising business faces risks from Apple’s recent iOS software update, which asks users of each app whether they are willing to allow their activity to be followed across the internet. Apple’s changes will have a greater impact in the third quarter than they did in the June period, Facebook Chief Financial Officer Dave Wehner said in the statement.

MacDailyNews Take: The fact that giving people the choice to be tracked or not hurts Facebook not only highlights the flaw in Facebook’s business model, it makes us laugh. 🤣

All of these “social media” platforms – Twitter, Parler, Facebook – are cancers on society. They are clearly eating society from the inside out. There’s something unsavory within human nature that “digital distance” amplifies to the point of disgust.

If you quit these cancers you will quickly realize what they are and what they do. You will be happier and healthier to have excised them from your life.

We haven’t had personal Twitter or Facebook accounts for many years now. And very happily so.MacDailyNews, January 9, 2021

Facebook is to privacy as Chernobyl is to nuclear power.MacDailyNews, February 3, 2021

As I’ve said before, if we accept as normal and unavoidable that everything in our lives can be aggregated and sold, we lose so much more than data, we lose the freedom to be human… If a business is built on misleading users, on data exploitation, on choices that are no choices at all, it does not deserve our praise, it deserves reform… Too many are still asking the question, “how much can we get away with?” when they should be asking “what are the consequences?”Apple CEO Tim Cook, January 2021

Zuckerberg: Yeah so if you ever need info about anyone at Harvard
Zuckerberg: Just ask
Zuckerberg: I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SSNs
Zuckerberg: People just submitted it.
Zuckerberg: I don’t know why.
Zuckerberg: They “trust me”
Zuckerberg: Dumb fucks

(Instant messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg during Facebook’s early days, reported by Business Insider in May 2010.)

Zuckerberg is like a really early model that somehow escaped Westworld.MacDailyNews, April 12, 2018

If you trust Mark Zuckerberg to be the keeper of your photos, contacts, political views, religious beliefs, etc., you’re batshit insane. — MacDailyNews, May 23, 2018

We use FaceBook as an RSS feed. Our CMS automatically reposts our article headlines and links them back to our website. That is our only interaction with Facebook and has been our only interaction with Facebook for years. We deleted our personal accounts [which we opened only so we could understand the Facebook phenomenon] many years ago.

If you want to share photos and videos with friends, text them using Apple’s end-to-end encrypted iMessage service. You need to control your social networking, not cede it to a gatekeeper like Facebook. – MacDailyNews, March 19, 2018

As we’ve said many times: Delete Facebook.


  1. If social media could be just friends and family sharing experiences on a day to day basis, which may or may not have been the idea in the beginning..

    However like many things, it’s been perverted beyond all recognition by pursuit of revenue, ads, lack of privacy, and probably the worst, politics.

    One wonders if Facebook (and others) were to all of sudden pull the plug and be gone, what millions would do without it.. What would the media do without Twitter, they might actually have to work for a living and actually talk to the people they perpetually quote from their Twitter posts.

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