Apple pulls Parler from the App Store

Apple has pulled Parler from the App Store, just hours after the free speech Twitter rival hit No.1 on Apple’s top free apps chart.

Apple said in a statement on Saturday evening, “We have always supported diverse points of view being represented on the App Store, but there is no place on our platform for threats of violence and illegal activity.”

MacDailyNews Take: Which, of course, is why Apple today also pulled Twitter and Facebook.

Just kidding (even though this is no laughing matter).

Jay Peters for The Verge:

Parler logo
Parler logo
“Parler has not taken adequate measures to address the proliferation of these threats to people’s safety. We have suspended Parler from the App Store until they resolve these issues,” reads a statement from the company on Saturday evening.

Apparently, Parler did propose some changes, but Apple decided they weren’t sufficient, according to a statement Apple sent to Parler alongside its final decision to remove the app. It states that “the processes Parler has put in place to moderate or prevent the spread of dangerous and illegal content have proved insufficient,” and that Parler will not return to the App Store until it has “demonstrated your ability to effectively moderate and filter the dangerous and harmful content on your service.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s a sad day.

Apple’s reasoning for pulling Parler is fine, if applied uniformly.

However, Apple’s stated reason for pulling Parler clearly dictates that the company also pull Twitter, Facebook, and any number of other apps, as anyone who’s used them for any amount of time knows. Yet Apple has hypocritically failed to do so, revealing a lack of thought and/or ulterior motive.

Despite Apple’s regrettable attempt to implement these glorious Information Purification Directives, Parler remains accessible online via any web browser, even Apple’s Safari, here:

Art and music, design and performance, opinion, fiction, provocation, are what we work to enable. That fills us with such a sense of pride as well as a deep sense of responsibility because we know that these freedoms require protection; not just the forms of speech that entertain us, but the ones that challenge us, the ones that unnerve and even displease us. They’re the ones that need protection the most. Unpopular speech, unpopular art, and unpopular ideas; speech that questions the people in power.

It’s no accident that these freedoms are enshrined and protected in the First Amendment. They’re the foundation of so many of our rights. We means we all have a stake, and a role, in defending them. This is a responsibility that Apple takes very seriously… We work to defend these freedoms enabling people around the world to speak up. — Apple CEO Tim Cook, accepting the Newseum’s “Free Expression” Award in November 2017

By the way, all of these “social media” platforms – Twitter, Parler, Facebook – are cancers on society. They are clearly eating society from the inside out. There’s something unsavory within human nature that “digital distance” amplifies to the point of disgust.

If you quit these cancers you will quickly realize what they are and what they do. You will be happier and healthier to have excised them from your life.

We haven’t had personal Twitter or Facebook accounts for many years now. And very happily so.

Lastly, consumers of “news” should seek it from disparate sources in order to arrive at some semblance of the truth.

As always, the best way to consume “news” is to cast a wide net. The wider, the better.

Readers of “news” need to consider the sources and interpret what they are being told accordingly. The more disparate sources you can find, the better. And we don’t mean different newspaper, network, website brands that are all owned by the same conglomerate. Determining the actual ownership of your “news” sources is an investment that requires a bit of time, but it is very enlightening.MacDailyNews Take, June 17, 2015


    1. Would that be all the glass at the US Capitol that was shattered by rioters who organized their assault on our constitutional republic using Parler? You may want to be associated with that sort of political expression, but there is no reason for Apple, Amazon, and the social media companies to taint their images by assisting in the commission of sedition.

        1. Because Twitter and Facebook have policies regulating content on their platforms and make a good-faith effort to enforce them. Parler has few policies and less enforcement. That’s why the white nationalist and QAnon groups that used to be on the major platforms moved to Parler, where most of the conspiring for the Congress riot was carried out. When Parler refused to change its policies to prevent a repetition, Apple needed to distance itself, as did Amazon and the rest.

          1. Like the good faith effort Twitter and Facebook has been making with regards to ANTIFA? Apple and Amazon have shown no evidence of distancing themselves from this or other groups like them for their very same reasonings. Spare me the sanctimonious crap.

            1. Seems like a great idea for all the people who want to support conspiracy theories to move to Gab, leaving these comments for those who would prefer to discuss Apple, but are constantly being diverted to respond to outrageous falsehoods.

          2. The murderous regime of the Ayatollahs in Iran calling for the destruction of Israel has its Twitters and Facebook platform still up and running. Any sanctions there?….No, nada, zero…So spare me of this sanctimonious talking about regulating content and other double standards craps…..

            1. Yes, correct and apps are available on all Apple devices to read the incitement of violence. The liberal Democrats, including Cook, hypocrisy knows no bounds.

              Nuff said…

          3. The only grounds Twitter and Amazon have for rightly censoring is that they own the physical network.

            Apple and Google have every right to censor their individual stores. But with Android you can at least sideload, with Apple the censorship extends beyond their property to users devices and developers channel.

            And that is where Apple crosses the line.

        2. You don’t know, how ignorant can you be? Democrat Silicon Valley in collusion donated 95% to the Democrat Party in the election. You ever hear of party politics?…🤣

          1. And white nationalists gave 95% to Trump rather than Biden. Who do you think is smarter, the Ph.D.’s in Silicon Valley or the high school dropouts at the Klan rallies?

      1. @tx continues to be the most disgusting of his hypocritical racist brethren.

        No one has committed sedition. Except maybe for Nancy Pelosi in her continued efforts to undermine the Presidency of Donald Trump. The wicked bitch of the left and her flying monkeys quite literally wasted years of the nation’s time and money using falsified,evidence commissioned by Hillary Clinton to impeach Donald Trump. And when it all came out that it was based on lies, and that no evidence of Russian collusion was found, not one word of apology was issued. This was an attempted coup if anything was.

        And you have the unmitigated gall to bring up broken glass? BROKEN GLASS?

        Out of thousands of protestors, approximately 300 Trump Supporters attempted to invade the Capitol building last week. Reports are that maybe 12 made it into the building. Big whoop. They were there for a few hours running around and acting like idiots. It was like a tailgate party spillover at best.

        In 2020 BLM supporters INCLUDING countless members of the ANTIFA terrorist group went on an INSURRECTION LEVEL RAMPAGE across this COUNTRY that lasted weeks, months in some cases.

        They destroyed private property, burned buildings, burned cars, disrupted main traffic streams, looted with abandon, destroyed small,businesses, occupied entire neighborhoods, and sacked government buildings. Throughout all of this they were encouraged by the mainstream media with constant excuses given for their behavior and the repeated until ridiculous refrain, “It’s mostly peaceful protesters.”



        The 2020 Insurrection was backed by local DEMOCRAT politicians across the country. Coinciding with the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, it has still not been estimated how much the insurrectionists spread the virus, especially when local lockdown authorities insisted that everyone be sheltered in place EXCEPT THE RIOTERS.

        Broken glass? The estimated costs of the 2020 LEFTIST INSURRECTION in the UNITED STATES IS,CURRENTLY 2 BILLION DOLLARS and the lives of 25 human beings, That is just the tip of the iceberg.

        As a result of the insurrection, BLM supporters have been gifted approximately $10 BILLION DOLLARS by governments, corporations, private interests global and domestic. You can be assured that the foreign contributors are not friends of the United States.

        As a black man living in America I find it ironic that for the first time, the very first time, I actually feel oppressed. Not because of my skin color, but because of my opinions. My ideas are being suppressed by Apple, Inc. no less, a company I have worked for and with to promote for the better part of 30 years.


        1. I should also point out that during the 2020 insurrection and mayhem, the rioters were not banned. Black Lives Matter were not banned, Twitter and Facebook were BANNING CONSERVATIVES THEN!

          There is no excuse for what Apple, Google, And Amazon have done here. The suppression of free speech will not be forgotten.

          Did they promise not to come after you and break up your company Tim?

          1. I re-read the article and you are correct. I misread the section saying only 12 people (Now) 13 were arrested although every time I look the number of people breaching is estimated between “throng,” “hundreds,” and 300.

            But it still doesn’t even add up to a fraction of the damage done by you and your delusional moron tribe of elitist snob racists. You continue to trigger a vomit response in me. You are the kind of asshole who is proud of your new President and his southern Democrat hoses and dogs on the negroes past.

            You are so blind to the destruction your sickening creed is bringing to this nation you will lie and cheat and wallow in absurdity just as long as the disgusting and entrenched useless criminals you elect stay in power.

            You want to see evil you racist son-of-a-bitch, look in the mirror. You represent the only true systemic racism in the country.

            1. theloniusmac, I must admit that as a Canadian I wasn’t paying attention to the summer riots in the same way that people living in those cities would be. I certainly admit to having a left wing bias.

              The points I agree with: just because a person was at the capitol does not mean that they were there to cause chaos and sedition, just like many who were protesting over the summer were not there to cause chaos and destruction. People have a right to organize protests using social media, but not cause harm and damage. Social media platforms should apply moderation and restrictions equitably. I, too, am concerned with the lack of connection between the protests and the spread of COVID.

              That said, I am very tired of hearing how Clinton never conceded (she did) and that Democrats have just spent their time doing everything they can to obstruct the president because they supposedly can’t get over the fact that they lost.

              When I was growing up, my history teacher asked which form of government was more democratic: American or Canadian? Of course I said Canadian without thinking about it, because I’m Canadian. Over time, I learned more differences between our systems of government, and came to the conclusion that the American system was more democratic because elected representatives regardless of party affiliation alway voted in the best interest of their constituents instead of towing the party line. Now though?

              Do democrats have some answering to do for their support of protests in the summer? Possibly. “Defund the Police?” What a ridiculous slogan for advocating better social supports and alternatives to police.

              But the LIES started on Day 1 of the Trump Presidency. Lies about crowd size. Lies about Veterans Choice. Lies that can clearly be proven false, and yet more and more and more lies. And many on the Right called them exaggerations. Or mis-speaking. And more lies about election fraud. Lies that the election was stolen. Lies that there was overwhelming proof. Lies about witnesses. But these witnesses were not credible, the proof was vapour. Oh, I’m sure there was some fraud, but nothing that would have changed the election. And still he refused to concede. And he organized a rally that promoted the idea that he could still win the election. And spoke to them. And sent them to the Capitol. And LIED when he said he would be there with them. And even after the violence started, said that he loved them. Has he condemned the violence now? Yes. Thank goodness.

              If you measure the effect of a riot in Dollars and Lives, then the summer of 2020 clearly have had a greater cost. And your allies around the world looked on knowing that we too could face a similar situation. But the Cost of Jan 6, 2021 will be remembered (accurately or not) as the day the President of the United States sent a crowd of his most radical supporter toward his political enemies and told them they could still win the election. Did Hillary do that? Did Obama? Did Bush? Did Bill Clinton or Al Gore? Did Bush Sr? Did RR?

              The only time in my life I have worried more for your nation was on 9/11. I fear for the wonderful, powerful democracy that shares our continent. An while you may argue about who did what first, or whether the left or the right is more to blame, one thing is certain in the minds of your allies around the world: President Trump was a part of the largest attack on your system of government in modern times.

              And if that doesn’t scare the hell out of you, I really don’t know what to say.

            2. wow, theloniousmac. that was good. txuser reminds me of plato’s prisoners in the cave. it won’t be easy but, one day, txuser will free himself, then, he’ll try to educate his prisoner comrades but, they won’t listen. they’ll just overturn his car and break the windows of his house.

        2. Thelonius, you have gone batshit crazy. Hundreds of millions of people around the world watched the Capitol invasion on live television or live-streamed from inside the building. Yet you tell the bizarre lie that only twelve people made it into the building. Clearly, you and the remaining Trump supporters are suffering a psychotic break with reality. You need urgent psychiatric care.

          Five people are dead and hundreds injured because you hallucinated massive election fraud. You assumed Trump would win because of the delusion that the majority of the American people thought he had done a great job with a minor disease. Those of us who have retained even a tenuous grip on reality would find that notion laughable if it did not have such tragic consequences. We would pity you pathetic losers if you weren’t threatening OUR republic.

          1. TXUser – You can’t even put together a proper response to Mr. T. Three of those five had medical conditions that caused their deaths. One was shot by an officer, and a police officer had his head bashed with a fire extinguisher. I’m sure when that one is solved, you will see one of your buddies in Antifa/BLM going to jail.
            There were hundreds of thousands of people on the mall, from all over the country and included many, many familes with children. No, these are not racists as you sleaze balls claim, but people who can’t stomach states breaking election laws in direct violation of the Constitution (which is a FACT). You are ignorant and speaking up without even understanding what you are arguing about. Stay on the porch if you can’t keep up with the big dogs.

            1. “Facts” with zero proof to back them up are also known as “lies”. 60 losses in court cases, half with Trump appointed judges, should tell you there’s no “there” there.

            2. Facts don’t matter to these people. All 50 states had presidential elections, all 50 allowed the losers more than adequate due process through the courts, all 50 certified their results as required by the Constitution and federal law, and all those certificates were submitted to Congress in proper form. Those are facts, as are the constitutional provisions that guarantee the states limited autonomy within a federal framework, including the right for their official acts to be given full faith and credit throughout the United States.

              There is no provision in our constitution saying that Congress can overturn a certified state election result because the loser does not like the outcome of the election or the judicial review leading to the certification. As the Supreme Court emphasized, Texas does not have standing to contest Pennsylvanian election results, either in the courts or in Congress.

              America has a system in which federalism and separation of powers creates checks and balances, not one where the party that can gather the largest crowd on the Mall or the most violent rioters in the Capitol get to overturn legal decisions because they don’t like them because a demagogue has whipped them ito a frenzy with his lies.

            3. Should I be surprised–it’s loud and clear–your conflation is beyond gargantuan.

              “Facts don’t matter to these people.”

              If you make such claims, please refine your argument so you’re not spraying untruth where it not rightfully belong.

              There are millions of law abiding, rational and patriotic people NOT in support of the disruption at the capital, but still have relevant question re: the election veracity.

              Facts do matter. It’s a binary thing related to perception…yours and mine.

            4. i know it’s hard for you Progressives to keep up, probably due to a lack of education and reading, but the U.S. Constitution CLEARLY directs that state Legislatures ALONE have plenary power to dictate election law. Not a state AG, executive, election board, supreme court; none of them. The case has been made that ALL laws passed outside of state legislature, BY DEMOCRATS (with the sole purpose of swaying the election their way) are null and void for that reason. If this adjudicated by the U.S. Supreme Court (which they did not shoot down, but tabled), then this election would not have gone Biden’s way. Pay attention: The election results are incorrect, due to Democrats breaking state and federal laws. And that’s a fact. You see, the Dems ONLY adhere to the Constitution when it suites their case, otherwise, they ignore it. Whether the Supreme Court, state courts, or anybody refused to pursue the complaints or not, the fact remains, they broke election law to steal an election. You want proof, read the Constitution. Might do you some good.

            5. I know it is hard for you Trumpists to understand, but the Constitution makes the states responsible for handling elections, recounts, and certification. If someone disagrees with the state process, every state has procedures for handling election contests. Once those procedures are exhausted and the court of last resort has spoken, that is it. Full stop.

              You are entitled to your opinion that a state got it wrong, of course. You are not entitled to do anything about it, because the law conclusively presumes a properly verified election certificate under the state seal to be correct. It is treated just like the final judgment of a court—anyone can disagree with it but nobody can flout it. Not you, not a mob, not the President or Vice President, and not even Congress.

              That fact apparently does not matter to you.

            6. I suppose I should address your substantive argument. Yes, the Constitution provides that legislatures adopt election procedures, but it does not say that a legislature cannot delegate some of those responsibilities. The Constitution also provides that the legislature shall divide the state into congressional districts, but the Supreme Court of the United States has unambiguously held that the duty can be delegated to an independent redistricting commission or some other body.

              I suspect the SCOTUS majority would follow that precedent with regard to elections procedures. Every court that has considered your argument with regard to the 2020 election (and that includes dozens of courts with a majority of Republican judges) has upheld the validity of the election. Again, you are welcome to disagree, but not welcome to flout those final orders or the certificates they validated.

            7. There were zero losses in court cases where cases could have actually been presented and argued before a jury or even a judge with the witnesses sworn in and their testimony presented. 59 cases were dismissed due to judges claiming every plaintiff lacked STANDING to bring the suit or due to LATCHES (the case was to late) or because they could not demonstrate injury to the plaintiff. . . a specious finding. The one case in Nevada only allowed the two opposing attorneys one hour each to argue against each other (no discovery was allowed!) and the judge ruled against the plaintiff, for not producing specific voters who had committed fraud, while ignoring the fact that the defendant refused to allow access to the PUBLIC records that would have revealed those names, AND also ignored affidavits of known voters who had registered from fraudulent addresses, registered voters who had been dead for years but had voted, and registered voters who had moved out of state prior to the election, voted in their new residence, and ALSO still voted in Nevada! All of these were in sufficient number to switch the electors, yet the judge ruled because they did not bring in a named fraudster, when HE DISALLOWED such testimony, that no such fraud existed!

            8. A dismissal for lack of standing is not a loss on evidentiary basis. It’s procedural, technical due to the court’s assertion the plaintiff has not suffered anything of value due to the defendant’s behavior that the court can remedy. The courts do it without even looking at the evidence.

            9. Swordmaker, the courts do not issue advisory opinions. They only adjudicate actual cases and controversies between parties that have an actual stake in the outcome of the dispute. Somebody in Texas does not have a stake in the outcome of an Arizona election, so they do not have standing to invoke the court’s jurisdiction.

              If a lawyer who wants to contest an election cannot find a plaintiff who has standing, that is the lawyer’s problem. It is not a fault in the judicial system, which has operated like this for several hundred years.

              Likewise, if the lawyer cannot find witnesses with first-hand knowledge of actual fraud, as opposed to the possibility of fraud, that is not the judge’s problem. Opinion evidence by a nonexpert is no evidence at all. “Expert opinions” without a demonstrated factual basis are not sufficient to even get past a preliminary determination of probable cause.

              Again, it is up to the plaintiff and his lawyer to plead and prove a case. When you are talking about disenfranchising voters that is a high burden, and should be. It isn’t the judge’s job to help the plaintiff out.

              If you lose a civil lawsuit because your lawyer was incompetent, you don’t get a do-over. Final judgements are called “final” for a reason.

          2. Yes…batsh*t crazy denial
            At Charlottesville, white supremacists chanted racist and antisemitic slogans and killed one innocent woman. Four men arrested.

            This week’s white supremacy gathering where the police opened doors and gates, posing for selfies and helping them navigate stairs. 5 dead ~38 arrested so far.

            June 1 2020 Washington DC. Tear gassing en masse, rubber bullets, baton charges just so Trump could have an invert_a_bible_photoshoot. 194 arrests

            May 26 2020 Minneapolis. Post George Floyd’s murder 570 BLM protestors arrested.

            Since May, 14000 BLM protesters arrested across the US.

            Back to the article. Yesterday Brutal Truth said show the links of MDN bias for Trump or “STFU”
            Well I tried but MDN blocked the post.
            I thought the election month and the following month would be representative of MDN’s recognition of the elected leader.
            In summary from MDN’s Archive pages:

            Nov/Dec 2016
            46 Trump articles,
            1 anti Clinton article and 2 mentions

            Nov/Dec 2020
            10 Trump articles
            1 side by side mention for Biden(after Trump’s name).

            Three days after 2016 election

            Donald J. Trump elected 45th president of the United States

            Two months after Biden’s victory MDN has yet to certify the result.

            The trump cult has no interest in free speech. And MDN abets them but they are unable to see their own feet of clay in the swamp of denial.

            In answer to your question yesterday… yes, you should soldier on. As Churchill observed “Never in the field of human conflict was so much been owed by so many to so few” seems apt.

            1. “Two months after Biden’s victory MDN has yet to certify the result.”

              And here’s something no conservative will do.

              I support MDN’s decision to only post the stories that they feel are important or of interest to their readers. The fact that they have NOT posted anything about Tim Cook’s comments about the terrorist activities on the 6th or that Biden is President is 100% in their control and I would NEVER support anyone forcing them to do so. As a non-government entity, MDN is not required to allow for free speech and can remove this post if they so desire with no complaints from me.

              This, conSnowflakes, is what’s called integrity. Before you can be allowed back to the table with the adults, you NEED to acquire some

            2. Why would any sane person accept the results of any election where mass-mailing of blank ballots without maintaining any chain of custody, not approved as constitutionally required by state legislatures, resulted in fraudulent results?

              Joe Biden is illegitimate and will be illegitimate for as long as he lasts. When Headboard Harris takes over after Joe “departs” (voluntary or otherwise), she will be even more illegitimate than him, if that’s even possible.

            3. @zero
              Quite so. MDN has the right to not publish anything they don’t t like, which as I pointed out, they do do so.
              But the grandstanding over censorship whilst practicing the very same is a bit hard to swallow – the irony of acting in lockstep with the msm who also choose what they like, is hypocrisy at its finest, laughable but ultimately not dangerous.
              Their attitude towards COVID-19, the dangers it presents, denigration of those dealing with the pandemic, the promotion of anti masking and social distancing was irresponsible in the extreme may well have cost lives.
              That they haven’t explicitly condemned the Capital siege makes a mockery of any constitutional argument they promote.
              Having your cake and eating it is just more of the hollow entitlement they decry.

          3. The only one that has gone batsh*t crazy is FAKE CONSERVATIVE, liar and racist TxUseless. Theo has taken you down in a knockdown of unparalleled magnitude you deserve. You are too stupid and self righteous to recognize what happened and as usual turn to deflection AFRAID OF THE FACTS. You cannot change how effectively Theo has taken you down…

            1. TxLiar Theo posted 99% facts and issued a correction something we never expect from a fantasy spinmeister LIAR like you. You posted exactly the opposite, about 99% lies and 1% truth. The most efficient factual takedown of the master liberal liar.

              You set a new record on this post for lengthy tedious one sided, your side, partisan 🐂💩replies. Certainly understand your self righteous DESPERATE need to remain relevant with your leftist misinformation team around here. They laughingly enjoy the same spin partisan misinformation and lies as much as you do.

              But the good news IS no amount of untruthful words from you and your ilk can CHANGE FACTS regardless of the VOLUME. Using the same tactics as the biased liberal media you adore, changes NOTHING. The Clinton lying repeatedly disinformation specialists would be proud of you.

              You should remember that…

            2. You keep accusing me of lying, but you never offer a scintilla of actual evidence showing me wrong. All you have to offer is personal invective and wild speculation.

              As I have been saying since Nov. 3, there is no, none, zilch, zero, nada evidence of fraud or error on a scale to put the outcome of any state in question. Of course there are a few examples that might alter a state final tally by a few hundred votes, as there always are, but nothing large-scale. All you can offer against the certification of results by 50 states and the District of Columbia is hearsay, speculation, and fake science “experts.”

              The constant repetition of that false evidence has convinced millions of Americans that the election was stolen, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. This is a disinformation campaign directly targeted at destroying faith in our constitutional republic and inspiring the use of force to overthrow it.

              Most Americans know better than to believe the Trump Party line. They were appalled enough already to reject it at the polls. The Regime got 46.9% of the popular vote and 43% of the electoral vote. The majority has been growing steadily larger and more appalled as the minority tried to overturn the election with rhetoric, frivolous lawsuits and finally with a direct physical assault on the Congress of the United States.

              You can type in all-caps all you like, but you are not going to convince a single soul to believe you until you can produce a preponderance of the admissible credible evidence for your position. So far, you haven’t even managed to convince any Trump-appointed judge that you have enough evidence to obtain a preliminary hearing.

              Given that reality, Apple, AWS, etc. are under no obligation to further undermine faith in rationality and the rule of law. Go off in a corner and play with your friends, but spare us your pollution of the public square.

          4. Thank you proving how ignorant and brainless regarding your biased hypocrisy. Theo total take down and your hubris is too stupid to admit your one sided disinformation campaign. CNN is hiring and gladly volunteer as a reference…

      2. Apple is tied directly to China, whom produces most of their products. China has a horrible record of human rights abuses. Apple should remove itself for that reason alone. Companies in glass houses should not throw stones.
        No, the real reason is not what you state it it, it’s because Apple is tied to the Democrat Party, plain and simple.
        Apple is on the wrong side here. I seriously doubt that Steve would have waded the company into politics. He tried to keep the slate clean. For a reason. Pox on Apple for this.

      3. “ Would that be all the glass at the US Capitol that was shattered by “
        ‘the Antifa’
        “rioters who organized their assault on our constitutional republic using Parler?”

        Yup. I don’t know of trump supporters who organized the assault but I do know of the BLM antifa squad that planned the event.

        1. If you know of them, why don’t you tell the Trump Justice Department so they will stop arresting the Trump supporters who were stupid enough to take selfies of themselves committing federal crimes?

          1. Hey idiot, the infiltrating leftist anarchists were doing the same and entered through the broken windows they had a role in. You did not mention that and stating to think you are mentally ill. In your world everything on the right is always wrong and everything on the left is always just, honest and noble. You fool no one and need help!…

        2. You do know that AI facially identified members of Antifa and BLM were photographed both in the vanguard of the breaching of the Capitol building and later inside. One in particular, John Sullivan, when pressed, gave various unbelievable explanations to interviewers why he was there including “I was there taking a tour and sightseeing” and “I was there to learn what the other side was thinking” and later referred them to a previous video blog of his where he said he’d “been in contact with the Secret Service”. This man is the fellow who actually videoed the policeman firing the gun which killed Ashli Babbit then panned to video her bleeding on the floor surrounded by M4 toting uniformed Capitol Police! Yes, he’s Antifa/BLM, and he was inside along with numerous others.

          I saw the side window being breached (broken out) by an almost dread-locked man swinging a lexan body shield brought along for that purpose (a popular tool of Antifa for Window breaking), people who went through the window were not wearing red MAGA gear but camo-military, with GoPro cameras on military helmets with goggles, and steel gauntlet gloves.

          Outside, reports have been made by witnesses of overhearing Antifa coordinators talking over radios organizing squads to mix it up to make these “Trumptards” look as bad as possible. Identically black clad Antifa characters with radio buds in their ears were seen putting on Trump hats, stickers, and badges. My own godson who was there with his dad saw Trump gear being pulled out of bags and being distributed to what he called “Antifa thugs,” and took photos of it being given out.

          Other video shows the Capitol police pulling totally inadequate bicycle style, three foot tall barricades (barricades which Trump supporters had been honoring all morning… note most people as the arrived in the Rotunda even stayed between the red tourist crowd control ropes on stanchions) out of the way, opening up the access and just waving the crowd through onto the Capitol Portico. Some Capitol Police posed for Selfies with Trump supporters or answered questions about the paintings and statuary!

          Another video showed the Capitol Police opening the first floor doors, one stairway below the Rotunda, and waving people in. One of the five officers there is heard to say, “I’m not liking this at all, but it’s not my call!” as the people start walking in like tourists, with some police guiding them toward another set of doors and up a flight of stairs to the Rotunda. It’s obvious, someone in the Capitol Police chain of Command ordered the Capitol Police officers to open the doors and allow the crowd in. It could NOT have been Trump. The Executive Department has no power in the Legislative Branch. The Capitol Police operate under the authority of the Speaker of the House!

      4. The rights of the people can not be curtailed to punish the few who are culpable. This is the thinking of totalitarian dictators. You are advocating for this regressive state of civil affairs. I and many others will be making purchasing decisions based on the actions of Cook.

      5. Hey liberal A-hole the glass broken in the Capitol was not by peaceful Trump protesters. Your HATE and lies regarding the greatest president in my lifetime change nothing. The Trump rally was infiltrated by the same scum that burned down half a dozen Democrat cities for months. You are one sick partisan lying individual…

        1. Ok then. So antifa/BLM infiltrated a peaceful ‘invasion’(?) and perpetrated the destruction and violence costing thousands of $

          By extension
          Trump extremists infiltrated the peaceful BLM protests perpetrating extreme violence and city wide destruction costing $billions.
          Works for me.

          1. Actually, no. From what I’ve seen and the Intel I’ve read, the very peaceful PEOPLE protesting and marching and demonstrations (which they were) in the BLM sponsored events were also hijacked by violent extreme leftist Antifa insurgents. Many of those violence instigators were young white people, but I really doubt any of them were “White Supremists” agents. When they got arrested, and they sometimes were, they were bailed out by GEORGE SOROS supported organizations, not neo-Nazi organizations. The charges were dropped by Democrat District Attorneys, often voted into office with Soros money.

            I was amazed how seldom I saw a black or brown face or hand start that violence… but what I also did not see was any sign of the older, typical Nazi white supremacist bearded thug. These were young anarchist, Antifa types, wielding skateboards, wearing backpacks, and face masks.

            Those violent agitators may have gotten some weak minded “me-too” looters to participate after the violence started, when the stores had been breached, and of course the news media loves the scene of the people carrying out big screen TVs, etc., but the people protesting and marching can gain nothing by smashing, looting, and burning their own businesses, houses and cities where THEIR jobs, homes, and futures will look mighty bleak. That’s insanity on parade.

            It was the SAME group of violent anarchists who hijack both peacefully protests, intest on sowing despair and putting all of us at each other’s’ throats.

      6. The topic of Gary’s post you replied to dummy IS Apple BECAME 1984.

        Seems everyone knows that except you and your ilk. Certainly as already demonstrated you’re incapable of admitting what Apple has become under an outspoken liberal activist CEO. Gee, what a surprise.

        Instead as usual, typical TxUseless DEFLECTION blaming everything on the right, while turning a blind eye to the extreme anarchists on the Left.

        While the various violent leftist groups for months were burning down cities, assaulting government institutions, police headquarters, officers and citizens — I guess you’re going to tell us next they were not using iPhones and Apple store apps or ALL the other social media platforms other than Parler to INCITE violence, right?

        What was Nancy Pelosi saying about violence in half a dozen cities when asked by a reporter to help stop it, “that’s what they do.” What did you do Nancy, answer NOTHING. Then in her ultimate career HYPOCRISY moment she has the hubris and gall to ONLY complain about one afternoon protest with broken windows and unfortunate loss of a life in the Capitol and then impeach the president again because her hate knows no bounds. President Trump is on video asking for a peaceful protest and only the media and Democrats both totally CORRUPT would blame the president who was not at the Capitol. But the leftists anarchists were there. Unbelievable!

        A leftist anarchist organizer, fresh off his Seattle mob training, was recorded yelling and inciting the mob to burn it down as he entered Capitol building through a broken window. He was arrested and charged by the FBI, no one arrested President Trump.

        Another leftist anarchist: “Federal agents arrested a self-admitted anarchist and “hardcore leftist” on Friday on suspicion of plotting to violently disrupt planned election-related protests at the Florida state Capitol.

        Prosecutors said they “averted a crisis” at the Capitol by arresting 33-year-old Daniel Baker, taking him into custody on a charge involving making a threat to kidnap or injure, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Florida announced in a news release.

        “Baker issued a call to arms for like-minded individuals to violently confront protestors gathered at the Florida Capitol this Sunday,” prosecutors said. “He specifically called for others to join him in encircling any protestors and confining them at the Capitol complex using firearms.” -ET I guess Dan used Parler and nothing else, right?

        Your biased BLINDNESS to one side is of extreme proportions and you are right up there with DISINFORMATION specialists Pelosi, CNN & NYT, congrats!… 🤣

      1. Except the cities weren’t actually burned down. Fox just replayed old footage and footage from other countries over and over again to convince you, and the people you talk with, that bad things were happening, when in fact that were not. When violence did occur, it was, more often than not, instigated by the police or right wing anarchists.You’ve been lied to repeatedly in order to prime you to believe that overthrowing a lawfully elected government by force is somehow okay.

    2. Trump lost; he is a loser. All the idiots that stormed the Capital are being arrested. The GOP is isolating Trump, and he will lose all relevant donor support. Before the attack on the Capital, the Trump brand was already tarnished. He will still have unwavering support from some delusional idiots that still buy into the false narrative of that brought us unto this moment. The Democratic party controls the Senate, the House, and the Executive. Do you think things will get better for you, Gary? Hell, you might get affordable health care and a better response to the pandemic. Still, white supremacists will take down the GOP just like they did with the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

      1. Hey genius, Trumps approval ratings have not moved one drop for over 6 months. No matter what the left does, or rants about, it doesn’t make a difference. We know who is on the side of the freedom, and who is on the side of oppression.
        BTW – The U.S. Constitution is contrary to progressivism. Calling people racist doesn’t make them so, but supporting the Democratic Progressivism DOES make you a marxist.

        1. The 12th Amendment to the Constitution is also contrary to the notion that the National Government has a role in the determination of state elections. The crowd on the Mall and the mob in the Capitol were arguing that Congress should eliminate federalism and replace state sovereignty and the system of checks and balances with something else entirely.

          You are right. Trump’s support hasn’t changed. It is still a minority, as it has always been and as the 2020 election demonstrated. The only thing that has changed is the willingness of some Trump supporters to overthrow majority rule and the Constitution to get their own way.

    3. Maybe Ronnie was onto something 45 years ago when he spoke:

      “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism.” Ronald Reagan

      (Oh Bob, how can you believe that man’s words…he was a conservative?)

      1. Tech worked to elect their choice of govt and are likely to continue supporting their now-elected choice of govt. It’s reasonable to believe the govt will support tech’s silencing of the opposition. The position is beneficial to both.

        “Once a government is committed to silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens creating a country where everyone lives in fear.” – Harry S. Truman

        Ronny and Harry Speak Truth.

        1. Where is an example of the US government silencing the voice of the opposition? All I know about are examples of the new opposition trying to force private parties to support their position.

          1. What did Obama want to do when checking in on James Rosen? Just a friendly covert “tune-in” to the folks with thoughts different than ours?

            The FBI erroneously “eyeballed and ear’d” the current admin using discredited info …for what reason do you think this could of been done and for what purpose?
            Whether one calls it “silencing” or weakening, the strategic benefits are are the same.

            What was Clapper doing at the NSA with another covert “tune in” to the calls of US citizens? Nah, “opposition” didn’t at all figure in to the practice…he maybe just wanted to silence people in an undetected way and with a lie when asked about it.

            If you deny a working association, between the left and tech, to achieve like-goals. you are playing dumb, ignorant and, or with deception.

            1. You didn’t mention the caravans of alien rapists and drug dealers being sent to Earth by the Democrats on Mars, probably organized by Senator Cruz’s father between assasinating Kennedy and faking the moon landings.

              Would that be the same James Rosen who was fired from Fox News after eight of his co-workers reported “overt physical and sexual overtures?”

  1. Michael Tracey gets it:

      1. Why? He says stuff that is offensive to the left and the right and he isn’t advocating for either violence or the overthrow of a lawfully elected government.

      1. 1933 tx? You ought to know. Your people are rewriting histories with lies, persecuting people for their beliefs and opinions, controlling the media, striving to disarm those you oppress, and now rob them of communications. What’s next fascist? Kristallnacht? When are you going to get your Hugo Boss uniforms anyway?

        What do you have planned for the text election by the way? Carpet bombing the country with bogus ballots again or something even more spectacular. Despots around the world are taking notes.

        I guess you don’t really care as long as you get free shit and profit off someone else’s labor.

        1. Just sit down. 5 people lost their lives and yet it could have been a lot worse. All for allowing the decimation of a false narrative and misinformation. Yet, you idiots persist. Didn’t you guys decry the BLM protests just a few months ago? What about the outrage of the looting and rioting?

  2. Tim Cook is a hypocrite who long ago hijacked and bastardized Apple’s brand to use to further his own political agenda.

    Steve Jobs was awful at choosing CEOs.

          1. Deleting my amazon account as well.

            Remember the days when the government made radio stations carry equal content… It was called the fairness doctrine. I wonder if it can be applied to social media?…

            1. It applied to all licensed broadcast stations from 1949 to 1983. By applying for a license, the station agreed to comply with all FCC rules, including that one. Broadcast stations can be required to obtain a license because there is only limited public spectrum space. Stations act as trustees in the public interest.

              That won’t work on the web, which has almost unlimited bandwidth and is largely private rather than public. Requiring a license might in itself violate the First Amendment. For the government to dictate content would clearly be a violation.

  3. Apple and Tim Cook are hypocrites

    NewYorkTimes 11/29/2020

    Business groups and major companies like Apple have been pressing Congress to alter legislation cracking down on imports of goods made with forced labor from persecuted Muslim minorities in China.

    Case study 3: ‘Re-educating’ Uyghur workers in Apple’s supply chain

    According to a now deleted press release,117 Cook praised the company for its ‘humane approach towards employees’ during his visit to O-Film, asserting that workers seemed ‘able to gain growth at the company, and live happily.’118

    contract workers at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory—which includes Uyghur workers—put in at least 100 overtime hours a month.124 Over the past decade, Foxconn has been marred by allegations of worker exploitation and even suicides, including recently at its Zhengzhou facility.125 The company has also actively participated in the ‘Xinjiang Aid’ scheme.126

    working at apple in the CCP (of course apple hides it under the guise of sub contracts)

    being subjected to intimidation and threats, such as the threat of arbitrary detention, and being monitored by security personnel and digital surveillance tools
    being placed in a position of dependency and vulnerability, such as by threats to family members back in Xinjiang
    having freedom of movement restricted, such as by fenced-in factories and high-tech surveillance
    isolation, such as living in segregated dormitories and being transported in dedicated trains
    abusive working conditions, such as political indoctrination, police guard posts in factories, ‘military-style’ management, and a ban on religious practices
    excessive hours, such as after-work Mandarin language classes and political indoctrination sessions that are part of job assignments.25

    1. @Hal, You do know that HAL (2001 A space odyessey) stands for IBM right? Then go back to it. Also to all you other Tea party jerk-offs, if you do not like it, stop buying Apple products. Oh yeah right, you like them too much and you are throwing a tantrum because a hate app is not running on it now. Boo hoo. Tim is brave enough to try and stop the hate and division, braver than any of you. Guess you will have to find other ways to incite disunity and chaos.

  4. “How many fingers, Winston?”

    Where sane people read 1984 and are mortified, Leftist’s see 1984 as an instructional “How To” guide.
    The fascist’s are the one’s telling you up is down, left is right and 5 fingers held before your eyes are really 4. In short, America’s democrat Party.

    Burning, looting and murder are really Peaceful Protests after all. Aren’t they, Winston?

    The only thing Orwell got wrong about today ay’s left wing was the date.

  5. The concern I have is not that Apple removed Parler from its app store, but that Parler is allowed to continue to exist. Promoting threats, violence, and an insurrection against our democracy should be cause for imprisonment, and those at Parler should be held accountable for their role in doing so.

      1. The difference is that Twitter and Facebook aren’t marketed as tolerant of the criminal use of their platforms and they make an effort to prevent such use. Parler is openly welcoming of those who wish to use their platform for conducting criminal conspiracies to undercut the Constitution.

        1. Wasn’t this how the US was formed? Criminal conspiracies, protests and violence against the King? (well, without the twitter and FB parts, of course)

          1. Yes, and it is also how the Soviet Union, the Third Reich, and the People’s Republic of China were formed. The question is what the protesters are seeking, not the methods they are using.

      1. You must be from CCP China social police where Twitter, FB, Youtube, Snap Chat are already banned. Hows that copy cat WeChat working for you?

        Free Hong Kong
        Free Tibet
        Free Mainland China
        defend Taiwan

    1. Thomas Jefferson “ whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness… it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

      When you have corrupt government that is putting more money to foreign nations then their own people, and their political career above the best interests of the nation. They continue to assert restrictions on the people in the name of “safety” and or “equality”. It’s neither it’s control that they want and take more of every day.

      This is the true reason for the second amendment too. The people shall have the right to take arms against their tyrannical leaders. Which the founding fathers knew would come again one day.

      I do not believe we are at the point of that happening yet. But if politicians don’t change course it will happen. Sooner then later I fear.

    1. Think of Amazon as a Christian bakery and Parler a gay wedding cake.

      Don’t worry, secessionists will aways be welcome here at MDN. We can spread lies and plan insurrection without fear of moderation.

      1. Very very good analogy! 🙂 You know, I was perturbed by what that bakery did, but, in the end, I fully support them having the ability to do so. Because, I don’t think about the outcome JUST for things I don’t like, I think about the outcome for things I DO like as well.

        No one should force a Christian bakery to do business in a way they don’t like, no one should force Amazon to business in a way THEY don’t like.

        1. There is one difference. Free speech is protected in the constitution, freedom of religion is also protected. Apple and the left is violating our free speech. The free speech of millions should outweigh Tim Cook and what apple decides we can do with our devices. Time to break up the apple store and give us freedom to use our devices how we want. We speak through our devices and the apps we use. It’s time to stop companies from taking those rights away from us.

          Based on Apple’s argument, Apple should not be allowed to do business unless it gives the FBI and other government agencies a back door into their products and demonstrate they can prevent any and all illegal activists using their devices.

          Apple you are screwing yourselves and your customers.

          1. What if ARM, Intel pulls their license because they don’t like the way apple runs their app site. Would that be fair.

            Is Apple, the far left, or some multi trillion dollar company going to lock my devices if they don’t agree or like what I type on it?

            Maybe people should blame the left for inciting the violence through their policies and their actions by electing Biden.

            The path that the far left has put us on is a very very bad one.

            The last time the right protested we got a civil war and the time before that we got our independence from Britain.

            We might be all screwed and I was hoping 2021 would be better than 2020.

            1. “What if ARM, Intel pulls their license because they don’t like the way apple runs their app site. Would that be fair.”
              YES IT WOULD! Do I like Apple as a company? YES, do I think that, if they run afoul of their agreements with other companies that they should be punished BY those companies? YES! I can agree that sometimes companies/entities I like may not run their business the way their business partners like and, as a result, there are consequences.

              Conservatives believe there should be no consequences for other conservatives, ever. The chasm that separates the left and the right are not the ideologies, it’s that conservatives cannot accept that any actions they take may have consequences.

          2. Mango, there is nothing—zero, zilch, nada—in the constitution that requires any private person or corporation to help spread a message they disagree with. If you want to believe that the Congress can overturn certified state election results in violation of our federal system, you can say it all you want. You cannot make somebody else publish it if they know it is untrue. If you want to make plans to disrupt a session of Congress, you can incur the penalties for criminal conspiracy yourself. You cannot make somebody else assist you.

            The Orwellian element is not in allowing companies to control their own message. That is their constitutional right. It is calling on the Government—Big Brother—to force companies to promote views they find repugnant. It is in expecting them to host the Two Minutes Hate for the enemies of Big Brother’s totalitarian nationalism.

            1. Actually, Apple is a publicly traded company. Neither Tim Cook nor the Board of Directors are the owners of Apple who can use the corporation for their political play yard. There ARE laws and rules about political uses that corporations may not overstep… this may be one.

              It seems obvious that many corporations are making political statements by their actions which are detrimental to the body politic.

              What can be done about it is another matter.

          3. It was my understanding that the 1st Amendment applied to government related or companies receiving government funds in their operation. Privately owned companies are free to refuse service to any party if they wish. The business risks losing customers as a result but that is entirely their choice.

          4. “There is one difference.”

            No, there’s no difference. You DEFINE a difference merely so you can, simultaneously, say that a bakery should NOT be forced to do business in a way they don’t want to, but Amazon SHOULD be forced to do business in a way they don’t want to.

            If this was Amazon not doing business with a company you DON’T like, you’d be fine with that. This will always be the truth for you because applying controls equally to liberals AND conservatives is an anathema to you.

  6. Maybe anyone who has ever ‘Liked’ a Trump post should be put on the No Fly List until it can determined that they are not a domestic terrorist. Biden has already announced that Trump supporters are domestic terrorists.

    Probably should freeze their bank accounts and prohibit them from receiving covid vaccines, too.

    1. like the vaccine from China. No thanks I’ll pass. I will take my chances with that 99.6 survival rate. I bet it won’t be long now before our government starts shipping out the Trump (gold standard) vaccines to the CCP for their “important” masters as they give our citizens they somewhat cheaper to produce CCP knock off vaccine.

      China’s Sinopharm vaccine ‘most unsafe in world’ with 73 side effects
      Side effects of China’s vaunted Sinopharm vaccine include loss of vision

      A doctor tried to warn people but just like here in the USA … censored

      Tao wrote that no inactivated vaccine has more types of adverse reactions than this product. He also asserted that this number of adverse reactions is “absolutely unprecedented.”

      His Weibo account was quickly deleted by authorities. His page now states “this content cannot be viewed due to violation of regulations.”

      meanwhile CNN toes the line for the wonderful CCP. isn’t it great when MSM and government work together!

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