Parler rises to No. 1 on App Store after Apple threatens ban

Parler surged to No. 1 on Apple App Store’s chart of top free apps Saturday after Apple threatened to ban the app from the store and Google suspended the free speech social media platform from its Play Store.

[UPDATE: Apple has now pulled Parler from the App Store.]

Parler rises to No. 1 on App Store after Apple threatens ban

Audrey Conklin for FOXBusiness:

Sean Davis, co-founder of conservative outlet The Federalist, tweeted Friday that Apple is asking Parler to engage in “censorship policies” or face de-listing, citing two people familiar with the situation.

Data analytics company App Figures estimates that on Saturday, Parler downloads will surpass 1.5 million on the App Store, driven in large part by pro-Trump conservatives leaving Twitter in protest.

On Friday, Appfigures estimated that “downloads grew to more than 340,000, up from about 12,000 in the prior week” based on company data. The total number of downloads “between Wednesday and Friday are estimated to have added more than 450,000 new downloads.”

Parler’s “mission is to create a social platform in the spirit of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution,” according to its Community Guidelines, which states that the platform does not allow “child sexual abuse material, content posted by or on behalf of terrorist organizations [and] intellectual property theft.” The website may also flag material promoting “criminal solicitation, fraud and nuisance,” even if it is not illegal.

MacDailyNews Take: Regardless of any attempted implementation of the glorious Information Purification Directives, Parler is accessible online via any web browser, even Google’s Chrome and Apple’s Safari, here:

Apple CEO Tim Cook, accepting the Newseum’s 2017 “Free Expression” Award:

Art and music, design and performance, opinion, fiction, provocation, are what we work to enable. That fills us with such a sense of pride as well as a deep sense of responsibility because we know that these freedoms require protection; not just the forms of speech that entertain us, but the ones that challenge us, the ones that unnerve and even displease us. They’re the ones that need protection the most. Unpopular speech, unpopular art, and unpopular ideas; speech that questions the people in power.

It’s no accident that these freedoms are enshrined and protected in the First Amendment. They’re the foundation of so many of our rights. We means we all have a stake, and a role, in defending them. This is a responsibility that Apple takes very seriously… We work to defend these freedoms enabling people around the world to speak up.”


    1. A bakery can refuse to sell cakes because it’s a private business. Apple can refuse to sell a product because it’s a private business. Or Are you suggesting that the government should interfere?

  1. Seriously? Compared to what Twitter does? Another reason I miss Steve Jobs. He cared about his product, nose in the company. Tim Cook has been typical HP. Doesn’t know the product and always has his fat nose in someone else’s business.

  2. Banned. Wow, Apple is really effing up. What service agreement did they break? I’ve been resistant to government regulation of the apps stores but someone needs to protect our freedom of speech and our rights. What sucks more is there aren’t any alternatives.

    First the maps issue and now the removing of an app that goes against their political belief. If a cake maker can’t hide behind their religious beliefs; which are protected by the constitution. Apple,Google and others should be punished for this. So stupid… I hope they get sued for this.

    1. They did not “remove an app that went against their political beliefs.” They removed an app that would not give assurances that it would not be used to further criminal conspiracies.

  3. I have just canceled my order of 2 iPhone 12 Pros. Apple maintains to much control over a device you have bought. I least with Antroid you have a option to download programs from third party website. Apple controls your phone. The purpose of the Apple store was to stop hackers installing rogue software not stopping free speech. I am a 60 year old man, I do not need some punk kid in Cupertino desciding what I am allowed and not allowed to read. I am dumping all my Apple products

    1. I canceled my iPhone 12 pro, canceled all apple services. Go under control panel > click your name > cancel subscriptions

      Gonna start researching jail break android or open source phone. AMD thread ripper, Nvida GPU here I come.

        1. Sedition. ? The new woke definition is anyone who disagrees with the lefts agenda. I suppose being in bed with china and giving money directly to Terrorists in Iran is USA USA and not sedition.

  4. Sedition; it’s all a matter of perspective. If our country had lost the revolution, then the signers of the Declaration of Independence would have been hung for sedition. If the authors of the constitution in Philadelphia had been found out that they were drafting a new form of government instead of improving the Articles of Confederation, they may very well have been charged with sedition.
    Bottom line: those who win control history. If conservatives are upset, START WINNING!


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