Apple pulls Parler from the App Store

Apple has pulled Parler from the App Store, just hours after the free speech Twitter rival hit No.1 on Apple’s top free apps chart.

Apple said in a statement on Saturday evening, “We have always supported diverse points of view being represented on the App Store, but there is no place on our platform for threats of violence and illegal activity.”

MacDailyNews Take: Which, of course, is why Apple today also pulled Twitter and Facebook.

Just kidding (even though this is no laughing matter).

Jay Peters for The Verge:

Parler logo
Parler logo
“Parler has not taken adequate measures to address the proliferation of these threats to people’s safety. We have suspended Parler from the App Store until they resolve these issues,” reads a statement from the company on Saturday evening.

Apparently, Parler did propose some changes, but Apple decided they weren’t sufficient, according to a statement Apple sent to Parler alongside its final decision to remove the app. It states that “the processes Parler has put in place to moderate or prevent the spread of dangerous and illegal content have proved insufficient,” and that Parler will not return to the App Store until it has “demonstrated your ability to effectively moderate and filter the dangerous and harmful content on your service.”

MacDailyNews Take: It’s a sad day.

Apple’s reasoning for pulling Parler is fine, if applied uniformly.

However, Apple’s stated reason for pulling Parler clearly dictates that the company also pull Twitter, Facebook, and any number of other apps, as anyone who’s used them for any amount of time knows. Yet Apple has hypocritically failed to do so, revealing a lack of thought and/or ulterior motive.

Despite Apple’s regrettable attempt to implement these glorious Information Purification Directives, Parler remains accessible online via any web browser, even Apple’s Safari, here:

Art and music, design and performance, opinion, fiction, provocation, are what we work to enable. That fills us with such a sense of pride as well as a deep sense of responsibility because we know that these freedoms require protection; not just the forms of speech that entertain us, but the ones that challenge us, the ones that unnerve and even displease us. They’re the ones that need protection the most. Unpopular speech, unpopular art, and unpopular ideas; speech that questions the people in power.

It’s no accident that these freedoms are enshrined and protected in the First Amendment. They’re the foundation of so many of our rights. We means we all have a stake, and a role, in defending them. This is a responsibility that Apple takes very seriously… We work to defend these freedoms enabling people around the world to speak up. — Apple CEO Tim Cook, accepting the Newseum’s “Free Expression” Award in November 2017

By the way, all of these “social media” platforms – Twitter, Parler, Facebook – are cancers on society. They are clearly eating society from the inside out. There’s something unsavory within human nature that “digital distance” amplifies to the point of disgust.

If you quit these cancers you will quickly realize what they are and what they do. You will be happier and healthier to have excised them from your life.

We haven’t had personal Twitter or Facebook accounts for many years now. And very happily so.

Lastly, consumers of “news” should seek it from disparate sources in order to arrive at some semblance of the truth.

As always, the best way to consume “news” is to cast a wide net. The wider, the better.

Readers of “news” need to consider the sources and interpret what they are being told accordingly. The more disparate sources you can find, the better. And we don’t mean different newspaper, network, website brands that are all owned by the same conglomerate. Determining the actual ownership of your “news” sources is an investment that requires a bit of time, but it is very enlightening.MacDailyNews Take, June 17, 2015


  1. Tim Cook is an authoritarian! Man, if you cannot handle the free speech – leave Apple and join some communist political following, party or movement! What is going on with you? Why are you so fixated on politics? You’re actively banning a great American debate – and for what? If you think the people are that stupid to fall for this ban as a resolution for America’s problems you just made everything more complicated. What Apple does politically is not what your customers will just repeat. They may feel you are experts on UX and technology and buy your marketing pap but – that’s it! You are just what you are – a company making products for people. Nothing else. Maybe it will surprise you, but I take your political opinion more or less as much as I take the opinion of my dairy providing me with milk. You are not in any position to influence my thinking process (in a political sense) just by performing these political actions, especially by doing what you’re doing, becoming Chinese-style authoritarian machine. Nobody ever convicted anyone to their opinion by making them harder from reaching for an alternative. Stop abusing your power! It won’t change anything but confusion.

  2. Don’t be ignorant… their monitoring of community standards is a joke and can’t be compared to other platforms. Can they all do better? Sure. But you cannot defend their process. Listen to Kara Swisher sway episode with ceo.
    And stop it with the China crap… trump can walk into the White House press room at anytime.

    1. China? Spot on. Only those standing inside the press room would see him, as in our new oligarchy, Trump would not be broadcast.
      What’ve you been hiding under? After Trump horrified CNN by playing CNN’s own reporting back to them, the press simply ceased to cover him.
      If you don’t like being affiliated with CCP behavior, then don’t suck up to it.
      It’s that easy.

  3. “We know that these freedoms require protection,” Cook said of First Amendment rights. “Not just the forms of speech that entertain us, but the ones that challenge us. The ones that unnerve and even displease us. They’re the ones that need protection the most. It’s no accident that these freedoms are enshrined and protected in the First Amendment. They are the foundation to so many of our rights.”
    – – Apple CEO Tim Cook, accepting the Newseum’s Free Expression Award, April 2017

    Fuck you Tim you fucking hypocrite.

  4. Today, Apple chose evil over good. Apple is now on the dark side, fighting liberty and free speech and anything that is good. Apple is evil. That is now the core of Apple.

    1. If somebody demanded that you retweet Chinese Communist propaganda, does freedom of speech require you to comply? I assume that you would tell them to pound sand.

      Apple has the same right to refuse its assistance to the promotion of ideas it finds repugnant, like the forcible invasion of the US Capitol by a mob determined to prevent the Congress from performing its constitutional duties. Parler played a part in that, and refused to give assurances that it would not do so again. Apple has no obligation to let them vend their wares in Apple’s App Store, under those or any other circumstances.

  5. This demonstrates 3 things: 1) Apple is clearly no longer in charge of their destiny. Likely the CCP. Apple has become Big Brother. 2) Apple actively colluded with Google, Facebook, and Amazon to take down Parler. This is not coincidence that they acted in concert, 3) This collusion strongly supports the allegations that the election was stolen.

    1. I agree: 1) Walmart has umbrellas on sale, bank stocks went up 2%, 3) murder hornets are coming to the USA….this too strongly supports the allegations that the election was stolen.

      Yes…paranoia is rampant…Lord help us all.

  6. Wow. This thread has a lot of paranoia going on.

    Does protecting free speech = guarantee everyone access to every platform? Does limiting free speech instantly make someone communist or fascist?

    Look. Before social media and the internet, we had media outlets controlling access to news and events. If they report things that are incorrect or dangerous, they could be held liable. We still see that on the major networks.

    But social media is different. If tech companies don’t start limiting this now, they will become liable eventually.

    And yet, the internet can’t be stopped. People can post anything they want to many websites which are still virtually unregulated. Inconvenient, but still free.

    Freedoms have limits and responsibilities that go along with them. America has been hands off for a while, and I think this experience has shown that unregulated social media can be manipulated just as easily as regulated media.

    1. Parler specifically marketed itself as allowing anything. A specific market (right-wing extremists) took that to mean that they could use Parler to plan criminal activities, up to and including an attempt to highjack the US Congress. Parler refused to take any steps to control the use of its platform in furthering criminal (and indeed seditious) conspiracies. Apple, Android, and Amazon all felt that they needed to distance themselves from that enterprise. They have the right under the First Amendment to control their own image and message. They do not have a duty under the First Amendment to assist in the promotion of messages with which they disagree, particularly when the “speech” in question involves criminal conspiracies. Sorry that offends all you snowflakes.

      1. Offends snowflakes? Sport, no one is offended by your inadequacies.
        Those tears you’re imagining- They’re tears of laughter, and the joke is you.
        Pity you can’t tell the difference.
        Best of all? I’ll never read your response. You’ll stew in faux rage while I laugh at the mental image of it, as I go on with my life in happiness and peace, forgetting your very existence.
        Rage away- Snowball 😀

    2. To quickly answer your question, “No”. However, when the technology that everyone uses and relies on for communication is controlled by a single or several companies and they use that control to silence not just a given right, but a proven right–no matter the justification–they’re violating the law and everyones’ constitutional right. That’s a problem and unfortunately Apple just stepped in it when it clearly could have not. Now they will likely suffer the consequences and if not now over this incident their likely future pattern to continued pattern to do so again and again in the future.

      1. How is the alleged power of the Government to dictate what message large corporations must support “not just a given right but a proven right?” The Constitution did not give that right; the First Amendment says exactly the opposite, I have seen no proof, except in the writings of those who would expand Government power at the expense of the people. There was a time when conservatives believed that Big Government was not the answer to their problems.

  7. Without freedom of speech you don’t know who the enemy of democracy truly is. Those attempting to silence any voice in this country are on “the wrong side of history” as they like to say. Justice will be swift as it should be, if not in court by the people, those who love their country above all else including political ideologies.

    1. This is a demonstration of mob mentality of its own. Silencing free speech has never been a good or well thought out corporate strategy. They’re drunk on their own power so much that they’re blind to it. The voice and the will of the people will have something to say first, the courts will come later of course. This is a very sad day for corporate America.

    2. There it is: “Justice will be swift, if not in court by the people.”

      There is the voice of those who reject due process, who want to set up a guillotine in the center of Paris, a noose outside a Southern jail, or a Committee of Vigilance to keep the Chinese in their place in San Francisco. There is the voice of the mob that used to chant “Lock her up,” but has moved along to “Hang Mike Pence!”

      There is the voice who claim to love their country when they hate everything it has stood for since 1776.

      1. You inserted that quote, not me. Stick to the context. Don’t extrapolate the argument to fit your narrative by misassigning a quotes to a comment when it was not made.

        I love due process and it will handed to Apple and others when the lawsuits roll in over their collusive actions here. Just wait and see.

  8. Hey Apple World…..Hey Tim Cook… is a fun little scenario to ponder…..

    If as alleged by Tim Cook; that Parler is being used to enable-_____________ (conduct we hate); then let’s carry this “enablement” mantra further shall we:

    How many terrorist/criminal/harassment events have been carried out using an iPhone/Android phones and the encrypted WhatsApp from the bowels of FaceBook to evade detection/arrest/incarceration??

    If the current outrage-banning-censoring mantra is to be followed then Apple, Facebook, Google, Samsung, and WhatsApp should alllllll be shut down for enabling criminal activity…………Right!? ….anybody…??… this thing on??!!

    How far do you free speech haters and muzzlers of the opposition want to take this….??

    I call BS on alllllllll the double standards and hypocrisy……I support NONE of the violence.

    Go to the Capitol and make your voices heard does not mean storm the Capitol with your MAGA and Antifa and BLM embedded thugs to murder and destroy things.

    Where was the OUTRAGE when Antifa and BLM were burning Democrat cities to the ground this past summer??? Go look at the videos before they are taken down by the Speech Police.

    Burning Looting and Murder obviously are tolerated in certain areas of the internet…….the proverbial “nothing to see…move along” mantra rules the day….

    Where was the OUTRAGE when politicos and left-leaning Hollywoodites were calling for bombing the White House and decapitation of the POTUS……..


    Let me know when the hypocrisy and doube-standards are REMOVED..!!

    1. Twitter, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, all of them have a process by which content deemed to be unfit can be removed, whether it’s pornography or propaganda. In some cases, they recognize and take down content even BEFORE some heinous thing can occur.

      Parler is saying that they don’t remove content and they won’t. Parler COULD, of course, this isn’t a new problem. It’s been figured out by companies LONG before Parler. If Parler were to have a process similar to Twitter, Facebook, etc. then they’d be given the same loooooong leash. It’s one thing for it to take weeks or months to have content removed BUT that’s still better than the “NEVER” that Parler is putting forth.

      If Facebook were to say they WON’T remove content, they’d be under the same scrutiny. But, they’re smarter than Parler.

  9. Way, way back before any social media, there was the guy in the corner propping up the bar, giving forth on his pet topic, sane, cranky and every flavour in-between. Then, all you had to do was tell them to STFU or find another bar.
    Come social media, that person has a huge audience and a lot more oxygen, now it’s a lot more difficult to walk away.

    1. Now the crazy guy in the corner and his friends are insisting that everybody else in the bar not just shut up but support their latest conspiracy theory. They insist that the government must support their shared delusion and if it doesn’t, they will invade the Capitol and block essential operations to get their way. If that doesn’t work, they will blame somebody else (libtards must have hijacked my social media feed to show me inside the building and not a bunch of black activists).. If anyone refuses to facilitate their next criminal action by providing them the means to conduct their conspiracy, they claim that the constitution requires patriots to help them attack our constitutional republic.

      Real patriots need to put these crazies back in the corner where they belong. They certainly don’t need to be helping them communicate with one another or radicalize the gullible. There is plenty of bandwidth on the Internet for their delusions without forcing Apple or anybody else to assist the conspirators against their will.

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