Donald J. Trump elected 45th president of the United States

“Donald John Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States on Tuesday,” Matt Flegenheimer and Michael Barbaro report for The New York Times. “The triumph for Mr. Trump… was a powerful rejection of the establishment forces that had assembled against him, from the world of business to government, and the consensus they had forged on everything from trade to immigration.”

“The results amounted to a repudiation, not only of Mrs. Clinton, but of President Obama, whose legacy is suddenly imperiled,” Flegenheimer and Barbaro report. “And it was a decisive demonstration of power by a largely overlooked coalition of mostly blue-collar white and working-class voters who felt that the promise of the United States had slipped their grasp amid decades of globalization and multiculturalism.”

Donald Trump, president-elect of the United States
Donald Trump, president-elect of the United States
“‘The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,’ Mr. Trump told supporters around 3 a.m. on Wednesday at a rally in New York City, just after Mrs. Clinton called to concede,” Flegenheimer and Barbaro report. “For Mrs. Clinton, the defeat signaled an astonishing end… Over and over, Mrs. Clinton’s weaknesses as a candidate were exposed. She failed to excite voters hungry for change. She struggled to build trust with Americans who were baffled by her decision to use a private email server as secretary of state. And she strained to make a persuasive case for herself as a champion of the economically downtrodden after delivering perfunctory paid speeches that earned her millions of dollars.”

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“Stock futures were down sharply, but partly recovered from prior lows, as Donald Trump pulled off an upset victory over Hillary Clinton, who conceded early Wednesday,” Ed Carson reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “S&P 500 futures were off roughly 2% after tumbling as much as 5% late Tuesday, triggering a trading halt. Nasdaq 100 futures fell nearly 3% after also being down more than 5%. Dow futures, plunging more than 800 points at one point, are off about 350 points now.”

“Meanwhile, the GOP retained control of the Senate,” Carson reports. “Along with the House, Republicans will control Congress and the White House in 2017, with the opportunity to fill the Supreme Court’s vacancy.”

“Apple shares fell 2.2% before the opening bell to 108.60 on the stock market today, back below its 110.33 buy point first cleared on Sept. 14,” Carson reports. “Shares closed Tuesday up 0.6% to 111.06 after rising 1.4% to 110.41, just retaking its 110.33 buy point first cleared on Sept. 14 but then undercut last Thursday. The stock is closing in on its 50-day moving average after falling below it last week.”

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        1. Among the 650,000 Huma Abedin emails on her estranged husband’s laptop is evidence Hillary Clinton, as well as former President Bill Clinton, was a visitor to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean hideaway, known as “Orgy Island.”

          Abedin and her pervert husband, former Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner, are now cooperating with authorities in multiple investigations of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

          Bill Clinton was a much more frequent flyer on Epstein’s infamous Boeing 727 “Lolita Express” jet than previously reported. Flight logs show he took at least 26 trips and apparently even ditched his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights. The manifests for the trips, between 2001 and 2003, identified fellow passengers by their initials or first names, including “Tatiana.” The jet was reportedly outfitted with a bed where passengers had group sex with young girls.

          1. She sure was good at running interference for him calling ALL of those women floozies and trailer park trash. Once, I can understand but she was head of the bimbo eruption team. That speaks volumes about her approval.

            1. It’s unfortunate for Hillary who made her bargain with the devil that Bill was her husband. If he hadn’t engaged in the dubious horndog “activity” he did Hillary might have stood a better chance, just by more angelic association – plus all the other things (Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, e-mails). Once again human nature gets in the way of lofty non-forgiving standards in politics. The only place that didn’t apply was Trump who got a free ride on flawed character that normally wouldn’t have flown.

            1. They impeached Clinton legitimately (actually the impeachment was tried but failed). Clinton LIED about it to Congress – what about that don’t you understand and know the legal difference? Trump has done nothing wrong other than be honest in what he thought was a private conversation. Nor has he been indicted for anything. (And btw I didn’t vote for him but fair’s fair.)

            2. Come, come now, you can do better than that.

              My point wasn’t the actual legal proceedings against Clinton (and failure thereof); it was the fact that conservatives were up in arms about Clinton cheating on his wife with an intern. It is quite fascinating to watch the contortions of Trump supporters to explain away his clearly misogynistic talk, never mind cheating on his wives. For anyone with a fair and impartial mind, the two are pretty much the same.

            3. I don’t think Trump is a true misogynist. He may have some outmoded ideas but think about it – the women in his life aren’t like most in that they are non-working wives, unlike many households where wives work as well. What’s disingenuous is pointing fingers at Trump when Bill Clinton was the poster child of such abuse, and doing it while in office (any office he held). Conservatives as a group I think are more faithful to their wives than Democrat politicians. They have more of a right to “be up in arms.” I called Trump the teflon candidate since no controversy or so-called scandal had any staying power since he was the unconventional rebellious choice. But if you’re the conventional status quo candidate you have a different standard.

            4. I agree with some of the stuff you said there (especially the “teflon” candidate).

              I honestly don’t believe that, when it comes to marital fidelity, politicians differ along party lines. I am absolutely convinced that they are statistically the same, intoxicated by power, and the only variation in fidelity appears across age brackets. Obviously, hard data on this is not quite readily available…

            5. I don’t need to read any further in this thread to know that at least two of my favourite MDN commenters are calm and rational and can agree on things that make us human and our lives worthwhile. May all of us become as vitally connected.

            6. “Impeachment” did NOT fail…WJC was impeached. He remains as one of the only two presidents to ever be impeached. He was not removed from office (convicted). It wasn’t what he did (Lewinsky), it was b/c he perjured himself and obstructed justice. Trump has done neither.

            7. Well, Trump has yet to assume the office of the presidency, so we’ll have to see about that impeachment. Apparently, he did perjure himself in court, though (and had been fined for it). He has also been accused by plenty more women of same (and worse) things that your WJC did to Lewinsky (and the other two).

              Bottom line — there isn’t that much difference between them. Morally, neither of them are role models for children.

            8. Like Obama and Clinton, your malevolent Alinsky-style sophistry has been roundly rejected by the American electorate.

              “First rule of the con: Never give up the con.”

              It’s time to give up the con, Predrag, the jig is up.

            9. Impeachment was initiated in the House Of Representatives. Clinton was impeached on December 19, 1998, by the House of Representatives on grounds of perjury to a grand jury. Clinton was subsequently acquitted of these charges by the Senate on February 12, 1999. Two other impeachment articles – a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power – failed in the House. It was a failed impeachment. I thought like you until I saw the facts ma’am.

            10. peterblood, you are wrong.
              Bill Clinton was impeached by the House. Period.
              Then, he went on trial in the Senate to be removed from office. There, he was acquitted. So, he was not removed from office but he was still impeached. He was acquitted by the Senate but the impeachment by the House still stands.

            11. I believe I already said most of that. The House impeached him but the Senate acquitted him of the same charges the House charged him with. Acquitted usually means complete acquittal. So a completed impeachment didn’t happen.

              “On February 12, 1999, the five-week impeachment trial of Bill Clinton came to an end, with the Senate voting to acquit the president on both articles of impeachment: perjury and obstruction of justice.”

              And believe me I’m no fan of Bill or Hillary Clinton.

            12. He lied under oath before God and country – and a judge more importantly – in the case that Paula Jones brought against him. For that, he lost his license to practice law in Arkansas and settled the suit paying Jones $800k. The difference between impeachment and a court case is one is about politics and the other is about justice. Clinton won the politics but was judged by the BAR in Arkansas.

      1. Really? You’re quoting sources from the website WND??! Yeah, THAT’s a reputable source. Well, they do say that Trump got/gets most of his support from barely-made-it-out-of-high-school white voters; perhaps that explains it…

        1. The 2016 election cycle marks the end of the corporate monopoly of the Yellow Stream Media in shaping and influencing the American electorate. The internet and its inherent free speech has made the traditional propaganda tools like CNN, MSNBC, Fox, NBC, among others, irrelevant and obsolete as a typewriter in a modern newspaper.
          The myriad political websites that have sprung up are like a million small-town newspapers that have international influence.
          Further, every person with a smart phone (preferably an iPhone) is part of a vast army of citizen-journalists. The Clot’s collapse at 911 ceremony would never have been known without the citizen-journalist. This is a wonderful thing to behold, in my opinion. The biggest thing since Gutenberg.

          1. It also marks the end of responsible political journalism. In this election, if we don’t like the facts, or if they don’t conform to our world view, we flip the channel or seek out another website. It’s never been easier to sift through the mountain of sites pandering to people’s pre-conceived ideas about reality until we find one that fits our world view. “Citizen-journalists”?? Hah! More like tin-hat wearing, conspiracy theorists with Internet access and an axe to grind.

            1. Finding the news that conforms to your view of reality is why a LOT of people are crying and weeping in utter shock after this election. People call FOX FeauxNews but the fact is Fox viewers weren’t crying and shocked when Obama was elected and they aren’t now when Trump is elected. People really should seek the truth – like it or not.

        2. No disrespect to the Founding Fathers, but the rank and file founding fathers (and mothers) who actually fought the British, were mostly illiterate, but that didn’t make them stupid. Mostly they were farmer/settlers, and stupid farmers don’t eat.

          Don’t confuse a lack of “higher” education with alack of intelligence, or a “higher” education with intelligence… let alone wisdom.

          Proof: Ben Carson.

          1. Yes, I agree with your point. I would also suggest that the world of 2016 is a little different than the world of 1776, and that there is a much greater relation between higher education and intelligence in our world than there would have been in the world of the late 18th century. So yes, although there are certainly exceptions to the rule–advanced academics with little common sense, or the wise family matriarch who never went past high school–these outliers are a distinct minority in our world today. An increasingly complex world requires strong critical thinking. And most of our Founding Fathers feared that our little experiment in Republican democracy would die at the hands of the uninformed mob.

    1. 2008: Republican John McCain gives gracious concession speech seeking to unify the country.

      2012: Republican Mitt Romney gives gracious concession speech seeking to unify the country.

      2016: Democrat Hillary Clinton MIA. Typical Arkansas trailer trash reaction. Democrat Party classlessness all the way.

      Hillary Clinton and the media blasted Trump for weeks after he said he would only accept the election results if he won. Irony of ironies, loser Hillary Clinton declines to give a concession speech. So typical. Off to the dustbin of history with you and, if there’s any justice, a jail cell, too!

      1. Crooked Hillary to finally “deliver remarks to staff and supporters” at 9:30 am EST (14:30 GMT).

        The United States of America finally woke up and saved itself yesterday!

        Oblahblah’s legacy is destined to be one of ABJECT FAILURE.

        – The GOP now holds the U.S. Presidency, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House.
        – The Supreme Court will be dominated FOR DECADES by conservative justices who can read and understand the U.S. Constitution.
        – Obamacare is dead.
        – The 2nd amendment right to keep and bear arms is safe.
        – Illegal aliens will be barred from entry to the country. ICE will be allowed to do their jobs and uphold U.S. laws. The border will be secured.
        – Police officers will be respected.
        – Veterans will be cared for properly.
        – The IRS and gov’t agencies will be cleaned out of statists and criminal partisan hacks.
        – Americans will get JOBS and get off food stamps and other government welfare. Libs will learn once again that gov’t is not your mommy.
        – “Sanctuary cities” will be defunded until they adhere to U.S. laws.
        – America will no longer apologize for its inherent exceptionalism.
        – Obama’s idiotic and stupid Iran debacle will be rectified.
        – Stupid, failed trade pacts like NAFTA are dead.
        – Globalism is dead.
        – Money and time will no longer be wasted on global wealth redistribution schemes (global warming)
        – ISIS is on notice. President Trump will clean up Oblahblah’s and Crooked Hillary’s mess.
        – Drill, baby, drill! And dig coal, too!
        – A sane tax policy will be enacted and the U.S. economy will roar back to life after 8 years of Democrat-inflicted malaise

        What a glorious day for America!

        1. I voted for Gary Johnson, but beg to differ on your take.

          The demographics of our nation are rapidly changing and even Republican Gerrymandering and the Electoral College will not change that fact. Unless you are very old you will live to see Texas, Arizona and Georgia become reliably Blue States. It is baked into the cake unless the Republican Party changes.

      2. Classless Hillary:

        Hillary Clinton had her concession speech prepared – she just never thought she’d need to read it out loud.

        And when the moment came early today to admit that her lifelong dream of becoming America’s first woman president had been dashed, she simply couldn’t face the world.

        The devastated Democratic candidate remained locked in her New York hotel room as it became clear that her glass ceiling had come crashing down around her.

        Evening Standard, November 9, 2016

        Leaves her supporters (pawns) alone, sobbing in failure. Still hasn’t shown up to concede properly.

        It was all about her, as it always is with the Clintons.

        Proof positive that America was right to reject her outright and consign her to the dustbin of history.

      1. In a revealing interview with documentary journalist John Pilger, Julian Assange has asserted that officials from Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been funding the Clinton Foundation and ISIS. John Pilger asked whether “this notorious jihadist group, called ISIL or ISIS, is created largely with money from people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation,” to which Assange replied that yes, they were.

        Full report.

          1. Such a big deal that your crooked candidate lost big league anyway. Real people understand what men say to each other in what’s supposed to be private banter. It’s meant to be as silly and non-PC as possible.

            The Republican Party, the Grand Old Party, in 72 days will control all of the levers of U.S government: Presidency, Senate, House, and will begin staffing the U.S. Supreme court, setting it on a conservative, Constitution-respecting course for DECADES.

            First order of business: Replace the lion Antonin Scalia.

            Ages of delusional Lib/pseudo-Lib justices:
            • Ruth Bader Ginsberg: 83 years old.
            • Anthony M. Kennedy: 80.
            • Stephen Breyer: 78.


            1. anon is fine and just having a good time making fun of
              President GrabThemByTheP*ssy.

              anon has figured out a long time ago that it doesn’t actually matter who is president…they are all bitches for…

              the shadow government
              the federal reserve
              the global corporations
              the vatican
              and all the hidden international entities

              President GrabThemByTheP*ssy will soon be schooled. LOL.

          2. Private words recorded and revealed by a malicious media. Like people don’t have those kinds of private conversations. Bill Clinton’s transgressions in this regard were and are far more egregious. Your POV is extremely & disingenuously selective.

            1. If you are condemning Trump for that kind of thought process then you must indict all men for thinking lurid thoughts. You must be a woman without a clue as to how men think. Frankly it’s biological and that’s a difficult thing to overcome. Men in power abuse the privilege to be sure – CEO’s and politicians alike, etc.. I worked for a Democrat Congressman and knew Democrat Sate Senators and City Councilman – all horn dogs and one ended up in jail over a voting bribe. I think Democrats are the very worst in regards to this kind of behavior. So don’t be so party proud or disingenuous to reality. You ain’t got a third leg to stand on.

            2. True. But President GrabThemByTheP*ssy is still the one on video and he’s now President so he’s fair game.

              Obama was the Kenyan President…
              Trump will be President GrabThemByTheP*ssy

            3. No. there was Kennedy and before that presidents with sex slaves. Why do you keep talking about Bill Clinton? He didn’t run…this is about electing a man who clearly has no respect for women and who clearly hates them, who ran on a whim over a qualified woman who worked towards that as goal, even if she wasn’t all that likable.

              President GrabThemByTheP*ssy is just showing America’s mothers, daughters and sisters it’s true colors.

            4. Bill’s a Democrat, his loose moral standards are reflected in all things Clinton. You want to hold Trump up to lofty standards start with the home team first if you want credibility. Your candidate previously in Bill TRULY showed his true colors. Do you see the hypocrisy in what you are saying? Stop being so selective and myopic.

            5. They was a woman on TV who said women say worse things about men. I would hope all men & women enjoy the opposite (or same) sex and don’t look at that as a judgment call or a legitimate reason to criticize. Unless they’re Bill Cosby or Bill Clinton types who force themselves on women.

            6. I don’t think anyone disputes the fact that there are things that men (or women) think, and there may be occasions where they may say such things. However, I’m sure we can all agree that these kinds of things (and I’m referring to the kind that caused all this talk, the “Billy Bush Tape” incident) are shared in very intimate circle with very intimate friends, because they are considered to be very offensive in general, much in the same way any racist or sexist thought in general would be. The society has developed certain rules, and we use them to assess the social and moral value of people.

              While it may be true that the kind of things (“grab them by the p…”) may be said by men in general (although I haven’t ever heard any man talk that way about women; not even in high school locker rooms), I’m sure we can all also agree that such things aren’t said to complete strangers.

              It might be fine if that tape was one single event. It becomes a problem when the tape adds to various other events. There is now total of 21 women who at some point or another complained to someone about Trump’s behaviour towards them. Other video recordings exist about it.

              All I’m saying is that defending him and attacking Cosby and/or Clinton is a bit dishonest. They are the exact same kind of men: powerful, horny, with no regards for women they desire.

            7. Trump isn’t drugging women or using his political power (not yet anyway) to have his way with women. Naughty locker room talk is just that. Goes on in every bar, locker room and manly enclaves everywhere. It mostly means nothing (when no criminal act is in play). I am sure Trump has done some things he shouldn’t but then it’s probably a rare virtue to find a man in a position of power who hasn’t.

    1. Congrats to you and Botty, and yes I’m eating crow.
      As a believer in Democracy, and boy do I hope that I was just as wrong at the reasons I didn’t want him elected. In the humorous words of Ed Koch upon his party defeat.

      “The people have spoken…and..the people should be punished”

  1. Ha ha ha.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    Fingers crossed eh America. It going to be fine, just fine. You’ll see. He’s really not a racisist, sexist, egotistical, inexperienced, capitalist ass hat. Really, that does not matter for POTUS. Really, it does not matter. Really no. Really…

  2. Well, I’m living up to my end of the bargain. This morning my partner and I booked a trip to Canada for Friday and have interviews set up. My design firm will stay in business until the end of the next fiscal year, and then will probably fold as all the partners are in agreement. We will offer all the employees a buyout and hopefully everyone will be ok. Look, with all of the government now controlled by the right wing and an honest to god proto fascist in charge…. my people are in serious trouble, and all of the social progress we’ve made is in danger. The constitution is in trouble, all the poor people are in trouble, democracy is in trouble, and the world is in trouble.

    Up to Canada we shall go, and in 2 years we will come back and try to beat back this crap again. If there are still fair elections to be won. It’s disheartening to know that 48% of this country hates people like me and immigrants and women so much that they’d put this person to lead us on the world stage. As the market goes off a cliff today, remember that.

    1. While most of the vocal conservatives on this board would likely wish you good riddance and never to come back, I’m sure there are enough intelligent ones here who know that the most significant quality of America is the diversity of its people and their tolerance.

      Having lived in New York City for quite some time now, I can say that no place else in the world (and I had lived elsewhere too) has such high level of tolerance. You may be a foreigner, but you never feel rejected in America (which isn’t the case with any of the EU lands). Everyone is welcome to contribute talent, skill, effort. That is what made America great. Hopefully, the next four years won’t erode that quality.

      1. That’s exactly what we’re worried about. This country has given us so much and allowed us to be who we are freely, and we can finally get married and be treated as equals. All of that diversity that makes us great has a real shot of going away and that is terrifying.

    2. As someone who can look out his office window and see Canada let me assure you – Canada simply does not let people emigrate on a whim. IF they let you settle in Canada, and it is a huge IF, it takes years. You need to have employment that a Canadian is not passed over for.

      If you are supportive of Clinton and Obama, why not move to Mexico since they so love that country. Go ahead, move to mexico, they will welcome you with open arms.

      1. Thats why we have interviews set up. It’s not difficult to move to canada for us. We both ave dual citizenship in the US and Britain, and ave lived in canada previously. As far as mexico, I don’t speak spanish but I do speak french so it would be easier to et by in canada.

    3. Im sorry that our system has pitted one American against another. Our system alows for only 2 candidates with a real shot. We allow special interest to buy influence, then use the money to character assasinate the opposition. Either way, half the country is pissed. That being said, it was pretty amazing that a flawed outsider upset the crooked establishment insider. I hope Mr. Trump can deliver some real change to a system which needs it badly. Will someone please address the national debt! Now back to some Mac news!

    4. Sorry, people who flee their home country on that kind of basis are cowards and fools. A bit of a knee jerk reaction doncha think? The whole country hasn’t changed overnight. Try and have a little more confidence in American essential goodness. And btw this isn’t all about you.

      1. In all fairness, if you remember the noise over people who had declared that they would leave US if GWB got elected, and the flack they got when they didn’t do it, our friend here (Voice of Reason) seems to just be following through on what he had already publicly said.

        There will no doubt be plenty of people who will now be calling out those who promised to leave the country.

      2. Let us not forget; during the Obama presidency (and the current SCOTUS), marriage equality became the law of the land, and it allowed him to get married to the person he loves. It is quite likely that, with the current conservative majorities in both houses, and the White House, that law of the land may be changed, which could invalidate his marriage and likely make life more challenging for him.

    5. First, I didn’t vote for either Clinton or Trump, I voted for another person.

      My only comment to what you said is about this country hating immigrants. That is not true. This country is sick of ILLEGAL ALIENS (they are not immigrants). You know, the people who sneak across the border illegally and are essentially criminals the first time they take a breath of air here.

      I do have respect for people who complete the forms, pass the checks and take the tests to become citizens. We need people who FOLLOW the rules and laws, and not those who break them.

      I respect people who pay for goods at the store, not those who steal it.
      I respect people who buy a car, not those who steal it.
      I respect people who withdraw money from a bank, not who steal it.
      I respect people who become citizens or residents legally, not those who steal it.

      “This fiscal burden translates into an annual fiscal outlay of about $200 for each household headed by a U.S. citizen. Illegal immigration costs federal and local taxpayers $113 billion a year. That is an average cost to native-headed households of $1,117 a year.”

      “Illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers about $113 billion a year at the federal, state and local level. The bulk of the costs — some $84 billion — are absorbed by state and local governments. The annual outlay that illegal aliens cost U.S. taxpayers is an average amount per native-headed household of $1,117.”

      “Illegal immigrant-headed households’ use of welfare is high at 62 percent, higher than the 30 percent for households headed by native-born Americans. Thus, a much larger share of illegal immigrant-headed households use one or more welfare programs than households headed by natives.”

      If the illegals were not here, there would be additional funding to improve services to citizens, reduce the size of government (because fewer services would be needed overall), without illegal immigrant children and their anchor baby kids in our schools, class sizes and per student funding would improve, fewer governments would be in financial disarray due to funding needs caused by illegal aliens. etc. The list is long.

      1. It would have been nice to have included sources for those quoted numbers. I’m very dubious of their accuracy… particularly if they happen to be government figures.

        They remind me a lot of the “reported” numbers of missing children that were bandied about a few decades ago when kids faces were being plastered all over milk cartons. I couldn’t accept those numbers because simple estimated math indicated that if those numbers were accurate, then I (and most of the people I associated with, along with everyone else) would personally know of a missing child.

        I didn’t, and neither did anyone I know, personally know a missing child. Some years after all that started it turned out that those “reported” numbers were grossly inflated.

        Besides, for some of us, it’s a bit late to be complaining about immigration. If our ancestors had been a bit less welcoming to the “white-eyes”, most of the stuff so many complain about wouldn’t be issues today.

        There’d be other things.

    6. Good luck. Have you seen the Looney?

      Canada has gone back to a conservative government because like many, they are broke. Their economy is balanced on OIL. If you haven’t been there lately, you might want to visit. Their people are struggling to make ends meat, pay their bills, and the cost of living is skyrocketing. That socialist experiment failed. You think taxes are bad in the US?!

      Hey, good luck making a living and don’t let the door hit you in the a$$ on the way out. We’ll make sure to lock the door after you leave.

      1. The Canadian economy is doing just fine. The Loonie is fairly valued right now along historic norms.

        It was on par with the USD for a while while the USA reeled after 2008. The Canadian economy isn’t doing fantastic as it is based on the Petro-dollar and not diversified as the USA, but in general other minor sectors like Finances and real estate have filled in other gaps.

        A lower C$ helps Canada’s economy as well, as it’s a net exporter of goods. Combine that with freshly inked deals with China and the EU and Canada will be just fine.

    7. I have a place in Point Roberts, Washington. Bought the property to use for getaways now and retire later. It is just south of Tsawwassen in the Metro of Vancouver, B.C. and is relatively cheap and has a mild climate. If the shit gets too bad- walk to Canada.

      Keep your citizenship here.

      1. That is very cool DavGreg. Point Roberts is at an interesting location – you COULD easily walk to Canada! I am a SoCal kid who ended up in Seattle in my junior & senior high school years and loved it there. Met my wife there and came back to SoCal to make my living in Hollyweird. But I still love the Northwest and have many friends there. In Canada too from when I worked in Calgary.

  3. Well, this was a surprise, for sure. Congratulations to the conservatives for winning it. I have to say, I hadn’t expected it (nor did any of the scientific polling analysts). While it is clearly not a landslide (and, based on current numbers, she had won the popular vote), there are many reasons for Republicans to celebrate big time. The supreme court is safe from major changes for now, and work can begin on denying Obama any meaningful long-term legacy.

    So why did all the polls get it so wrong? The simplest reason is that so many polled voters didn’t want to admit that they supported Trump. While in every election, there are people who choose to vote against their community standards, this time, there were clearly quite many more of them, making these polls so skewed.

    And for the most part, the election was mostly about voting AGAINST the other candidate, rather than voting FOR your own; so many people had strong distaste for Trump as a person (bully, bigot, misogynist, etc), but simply couldn’t stand Hillary and everything she stands for. Same thing on the other side.

    Again, congrats to the conservatives — here’s your (at least) two years of mandate. Let us see what you’ll do with it.

    1. Predrag you hve it wrong just as the talking heads on TV had it wrong.

      Those that voted for Trump (I did), did not vote for Trump as a vote against Hillary – it was a vote against career politicians and an out of touch Washington. If this were a vote against Hillary and not for Trump the republicans could have nominated anyone. No other republican could have beaten Hillary because the Republicans have the same problem Democrats do – career politicians who have forgotten most Americans.

      1. well, don’t be surprised if you have an unpleasant surprise coming your way in a while.

        if you imagine mr. trump has looking out for forgotten americans, perhaps you might want to think again.

        it is not a good idea to put your faith in a billionaire businessman whose mantra is to use “other peoples money” to get rich, who has a record of contracting with people to do work on his buildings and then refuses to pay them in full, who has repeatedly used bankruptcy laws to save his own resources, while allowing his investors (aka other peoples money) to absorb the losses.

        i wonder how long it will be until he and his republican house and senate re-propose privatizing social security so that the same banksters who brought about our most recent economic debacle, can have those trillions of dollars to gamble with.

        this may not work out as well as you hope.

          1. well, if the bankers and wall streeters of today behaved responsibly as they did in our parents day then that might be a reasonable risk to take, but in this age of casino capitalism, you are playing with fire and are likely to get burned.

            a reasonable solution is to eliminate the top limit on mandatory contributions. something that will not change anything for the majority of us who earn below the current top limit.

          2. In 1968, the US House of Representatives refused to further finance the Vietnam War. In response, Lyndon Johnson, by executive order, moved the protected Social Security fund to the general funds to further finance the war. This virtually guaranteed that Social Security would eventually bankrupt.

            Social Security is no Ponzi scheme, it was just simply robbed by the second worst president in American history.

            1. exactamundo botty,

              and none of his successors, democrat or republican, ever made an effort to change things back to the way they originally were.

              it was too convenient to their spending plans to keep things just the way landslide lyndon put into motion.

            2. SS was hit up again, as I recall, and neither case was the stolen money paid back. This should something that gets addressed ASAP, but will never happen.

            3. I am afraid you are right…but on the bright side, the new attorney general should extradite convicted felon George Soros to France to serve his sentence, AFTER freezing all of his American assets.

        1. This kind of Trump is EXACTLY what will make him popular. He likely will try to use his underhanded business tactics to negotiate the political minefield.

          Reminds of the new Phillipines president. Says what he wants and won’t take crap from other nations.

          It will interesting to see how well he follows up on his promises. I don’t think anything will materially change for everyday Americans, as that was just the niche he used to get into the White House, but it will be interesting to see.

          Uncharted territory, for sure.

      2. @chris: You say it was a vote against career politicians. Not so. If you were right, then a large number of incumbent senators and congressmen would have been voted out. They are the career politicians. POTUS has two terms, max. Congress is where nothing gets done, where everything stalls, where they look out for themselves first and Americans only if there’s any time left over, and they stay until they die.

    1. In the end: Hillary, it wasn’t the emails, Benghazi, the foundation, pay for play, the media, the Obama’s, lies, rock stars, film stars, or the biased media.

      The God you pretend to believe in loves America too.

  4. This is all because of the media. The negative attention and one sided bias caused people to basically give the finger to the establishment. And the way Obama talked to people, like Mr. Kingshit. Life goes on but I rest easy, because I didn’t vote for either…because they are both still unfit. Now time to buy the new MBP.

  5. America went on the mother of all bachelor parties last night in Vegas. They thought let’s party like it’s our last. This morning they woke with a collective sore head trying to remember what they’d got up to the night before. Argh wtf! What’s Trump doing in my bed? and why is he wearing a wedding ring that matches mine? Don’t worry Americans, what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas.

    1. Ok. Here’s my Vegas analogy.
      8 years ago America bet on Black and lost.
      Didn’t learn anything. Must have been the free drinks, because 4 years later they bet on Black again and lost even more.
      This time we pulled the handle and got 7’s across the board. JACKPOT!!!!!

      Just out of curiosity, are you saying you would rather wake up in the morning with Hilliary next to you…? Now that’s deranged!

      1. I’m not American so i wasn’t faced with Hobson’s choice thankfully. However under no circumstances would I vote for a sexist, misogynist, xenophobe, it sounds like you don’t have a problem with that but that’s just me. Remember this is a guy who wants to stop all Muslims from entry, is up for rape charges and is a admirer of Putin, not someone I’d want to introduce to my mum let alone run the most powerful nation in the free world.

  6. After Brexit here, nothing surprises me anymore. Congratulations America, a final leap of faith after the most bizarre election ever.
    More important than the triumphalism above, what does this mean for Apple since Trump’s stated aim is to dismantle globalism, tear up existing trade agreements and declare economic war on China?
    A government inspired grab of corporate funds held offshore by global companies?
    Luca is going to be busy.

  7. As a Vietnam combat veteran, I am very happy. I do not believe the democrats care about our military or veterans at all. I can sense the deep disdain they hold for us. I want the government to mostly leave us alone, except where we really do need some kind of company regulation. Our founders were very God fearing people. Many of them said to the extent that we leave trust in divine guidance, to that extent we will suffer. My paraphrase, but they strongly believed in God and His guidance in the affairs of people who seek Him. I put my stake deep in the same ground of our founders.

    1. I understand what you’re saying, but your partisanship is misplaced. Neither political party cares about you or me. They care about lining their own pockets. Please look at the voting record of your representatives when it comes to paying for veteran care. Under the Bush administration, the fiscal mismanagement and lack of funding was as bad or worse that in was under Obama — the difference, of course, being that Bush had carte blanche budget to spare for most of his presidency, whereas Obama walked into the office facing the worst recession in our lifetimes.

      Some, but not all, of the founders of the nation were not god-fearing people. They were pragmatic people who intentionally established a government that would be free from religious impingement and theocratic influences. Running a civilization requires pragmatic, scientific, and economic fortitude, not prayers. Interestingly, America chose the presidential candidate furthest removed from the religious ideals that you reference, apparently because they willfully ignore the pure hypocrisy with which Trump has led his life. What he says doesn’t match what he does, and what he says changes by the minute. America voted for 4 years of bigotry, misogyny, and corruption. How blessed the nation will be when an ignorant talentless buffoon who has never read a Bible shows his true colors.

  8. Congratulation Americans! And people say that you are stupid. 😉 Well… choosing Trump proves exactly otherwise. Speaking in behalf of the whole World I wish to say, again, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you that you didn’t choose the Wild Witch Of The West called also Hiltlery Rotten Clingon for POTUS. Thank God. For Apple I hope Tim Cook’s SJW-like agendas, ideologies and aspirations will die down just a little bit and that the poster of the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his office will detract itself in protest against his ill understanding of socially progressive views, concepts and challenges in the area of justice. Live long and prosper ya’ll Foxes.

  9. Is it over? Anyone important won? Are they going to close the Guantanamo on the Bay Resort and return to civilized behavior?


    How very predictable. I can see I’m going to be busy the next while.

    For those new refugees, leave the guns and vitriol at home. On second thought, bring your guns, and if you can, pull that stars and skid marks flag out from where it’s been wedged for so long and toss it in the garbage where it belongs, you are their enemy as well now and the ones you are running away from like the gutless cowards you are have a nice spot reserved at the Guantanamo on the Bay resort when the Trump Squad comes for you.

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