“If anything is clear in Silicon Valley, it’s that Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is not very well liked,” Don Reisinger reports for Fortune.

“So far, Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has raised $4.6 million from employees working at Silicon Valley companies, easily topping the $2.6 million raised by his counterpart, Hillary Clinton,” Reisinger reports. “On the Republican side, Ted Cruz has done the best, raising $471,000. Meanwhile, Ohio Governor John Kasich has nabbed $110,000 from Silicon Valley employees.”

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

“And as for Trump? He’s received a mere $19,000,” Reisinger reports. “The data, which was compiled from Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings by CrowdPAC, a non-partisan organization aimed at analyzing money in politics… After analyzing data, CrowdPAC discovered that employees at Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Amazon were among the most likely to donate to presidential campaigns this year… If Trump wins, many people in Silicon Valley won’t be happy.”

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MacDailyNews Note: So, $7.2 million total for the two remaining Democrats and $600,000 total for the three most-recently running Republican candidates. Based on these admittedly incomplete figures*, Silicon Valley employees are twelve times more likely to contribute to a Democrat candidate than a Republican.

*There were sixteen other major Republican candidates and four other major Democrats in the race earlier in the process for whom we have no contribution figures

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