Apple removes 30,000 apps from App Store in China

According to data from research firm Qimai, Apple on Saturday pulled 29,800 apps from the company’s App Store in China, including more than 26,000 games. The takedowns come amid a crackdown on unlicensed games by
China Communist Party authorities.

Apple App Store on Apple devices
Apple’s App Store


Earlier this year Apple gave game publishers an end-of-June deadline to submit a government-issued licence number enabling users to make in-app purchases.

China’s Android app stores have long complied with those regulations. It is not clear why Apple is enforcing them strictly this year.

The smartphone maker removed more than 2,500 titles from its app store over the first week of July. Games affected by the sweep included titles from Zynga and Supercell, research firm SensorTower reported at the time.

The Chinese government has long sought to enforce stricter regulations on its gaming industry to remove sensitive content.

MacDailyNews Take: Former U.S. President Richard Nixon, who opened relations with China in the early 1970’s, just before his death in 1994: We may have created a Frankenstein.


  1. apple should quietly start moving important production out of China. With robots and automation coming on line large farms of cheap/slave labor will soon no longer be mandatory. Beside South Korea and Taiwan are the world leaders in silicon tech. TSMC is coming to Austin baby !!!

    who knows maybe one day China will change its ways but we need to prepare for the worse.

    Apple you have the cash, invest now

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