Apple adding security verification with selfies to validate ID cards in iOS 15 Wallet app

9to5Mac has learned that in iOS 15, Apple is implementing a new security verification system with selfies to ensure that only the owner of an ID card can add it to the Wallet app.

Apple adding security verification with selfies to validate ID cards in iOS 15 Wallet app

Filipe Espósito for 9to5Mac:

To add an ID card to the iPhone, the user will need to go through a few verification steps in order to prevent someone else from stealing their documents. Interestingly, this security verification will use selfies to validate the user. Validation through selfies is not exactly new as some banking apps already require selfies from users to authenticate access on new devices, but this system was all created by Apple using the built-in technologies of the iPhone.

The onboarding process will look very similar to the Face ID setup, in which the user needs to rotate their head to register their face. The difference is that the animations will guide the user to capture their face in different positions, such as looking sideways, raising the eyebrows, opening the mouth, and even smiling.

Another piece of code suggests that these photos will be processed through on-device analysis. Of course, after the ID card is successfully added to the Wallet app, you’ll be able to use it with a simple Face ID confirmation.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iOS 15 preview website states the following about the Wallet app, “Add your driver’s license or state ID to Wallet for use when you travel and, in the future, at retailers and venues. Available late 2021. Starting in participating U.S. states, add your ID to Wallet for use when you travel. With a tap of your iPhone or paired Apple Watch, you’ll be able to securely present your ID to speed through TSA security checkpoints. Presenting your identification is easy and secure with Face ID or Touch ID. Your ID in Apple Wallet is protected by the same technology that makes Apple Pay private and secure.”


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