TSMC to start 4nm process risk production in Q321, 3nm volume production starts 2H22

TSMC is rapidly advancing its world-class manufacturing processes, and it is expected to move its N4 4nm node to risk production in the third quarter of 2021, with its N3 3nm node to start volume production in second-half 2022.



With chip shortage not expected to ease anytime soon amid persistently tight semiconductor manufacturing capacity, foundry houses have already notified clients they are raising servie fees again next month. In the PC sector, Intel stands to lose more share in the notebook processor market, as Apple, now one of the chip giant’s major clients, is switching to in-house developed Arm-based CPUs.

TSMC is set to move N4 (namely 4nm process) to risk production in the third quarter of 2021, while its N3 technology development is on track with volume production scheduled for second-half 2022, according to sources at the foundry’s ecosystem partners.

MacDailyNews Take: The Intel snail, already hacking up a lung, is going to choke to death on TSMC’s dust. Apple can’t dump Intel-handicapped Macs quickly enough!


  1. Those future Apple Silicon chips better live up to their hype. Intel is churning out chips like crazy and they might get lucky with some ground-breaking chips. I’m looking forward to M1X and M2 processors just because the vloggers claim they will be so powerful. We’ll soon see.

  2. The M1 chip is incredibly fast… compared to competitors of similar power draw. If you compare it to desktop systems where power consumption is irrelevant, it falls short. Apple doesn’t have a great history at the high end. They will do some great things – like the G4 server – and then lose interest and drift off. Other times they will charge psychotically high prices for things that any $500 pc could have, like slots and drive bays.
    I sure hope that Apple uses this opportunity to pick up steam and learn not to abandon markets as they have in the past.

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