Apple TV+ is about to take off the training wheels

After launching the one-year free trial to Apple TV+ with select new Apple device purchases starting back in November 2019, Apple is reducing the free offer period to 3 months, starting in July.

Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars
Apple TV+ is home to the biggest directors and top stars

Josef Adalian for Vulture:

Apple TV+ is about to take off the training wheels.

Since the computer giant’s streaming service launched back in November 2019, the company has been wooing potential subscribers by offering them a full year of TV+ for free whenever they bought an iPhone, iPad, or other major piece of hardware. And when the first of those free trials were set to expire last fall, Apple generously decided to extend them — not once, but twice. But now, the days of cheap and easy Apple TV+ are apparently over… consumers will finally be forced to decide whether TV+ merits its sticker price of $5 per month.

There’s obviously a risk that TV+ is about to lose a big chunk of its subscriber base. But whatever happens, shortening future trial offers, and ending the ones which were extended, is a strong hint that Cook and his exec team believe their fledgling streamer is ready to start fighting for customers without a safety net.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple TV+ subscribers will drop – initially – before resuming its upward trajectory as some of our favorite series – Ted Lasso and Trying, among them (both are sweet, but not cloying) – are on Apple TV+ and already renewed for future seasons. Not to mention that Apple TV+ is already part of every Apple One tier, so Apple will lose fewer subscribers than many, at first blush, might think.


  1. Unlike MDN’s perpetually glowing takes unless its a notch or something else they cannot get over or past.. I think ATV+ subs numbers will sink like a rock and stay down there.. once “free” is over..

  2. I already had Apple Music and extra iCloud storage, then with my new M1 MacBook Air and Apple TV4K got the free TV+. Then I tried the Apple One free trial and it just auto-renewed me unannounced, but I was going to stay with it anyway.
    Nothing I heard of on ATV+ ever intrigued me except for the remake of Amazing Stories. But it turned out to be just a few episodes and then apparently dropped. I mostly use Amazon Prime on my TV4K and installed Peacock and will try other free stuff like Pluto. I don’t see ATV+ being able to compete with so many other options that have tons of shows and movies that I would actually want to watch. Apple needs to do something will all of that money.

  3. All I ever hear about is critics whining about how poorly AppleTV+ is doing compared to the rest of the streaming services. If that’s really the case, then Apple should take the money it’s using to buy back shares ($90B???) and use a third of it to buy or create more streaming video content. However, there’s no way Apple can get a solid film catalog like Disney+ has overnight no matter how much money they spend. I haven’t had a chance to look at Apple’s full catalog so I have no criticisms. I am looking forward to Foundation whenever it gets released. I can afford multiple streaming services, but I don’t really have the time to watch all that content, especially in the summer when I spend my time outdoors. I could probably be satisfied just watching Curiosity Stream or the Science Channel for the most part.

    1. At least the identity of Applecynic is finally revealed. It’s that Moronski at appleinsider, Stephen “Tarnished” Silver, aka Mr Negative, aka Mr Inthewrongjob.

      If he’s not applecynsic, he’s doing a very good job of it.

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