TSMC and Foxconn to buy 10 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines for Taiwan

Taiwan will allow Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Foxconn to buy 10 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines on behalf of the government, as companies race to safeguard the island’s flagship tech industry from the pandemic.

The logo of electronics contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group, formally known as Hon Hai Precision Industry, is displayed at its headquarters in Taipei. Photo: Agence France-Presse

Cheng Ting-Fang and Lauly Li for Nikkei Asia:

It is the first time private companies in Taiwan will be given permission to purchase vaccines, a move that comes as the government struggles to quickly inoculate people. The self-governing island, which was seen as a global role model for containing the deadly virus early on, has experienced a sudden surge in local infections since the middle of last month.

“Both TSMC and Foxconn’s Yonglin Foundation proposed to donate 5 million [BioNtech] vaccine doses to Taiwan,” government spokesperson Lo Ping-cheng told a news conference on Friday. BioNtech is a German pharmaceutical company.

Taiwan has been gripped by a serious COVID outbreak since mid-May that has killed more than 450 people in less than a month. The rise in cases has also threatened to disrupt the round-the-clock production that many tech manufacturing plants rely on, which could further worsen the ongoing global chip shortage.

But Taiwan has struggled to secure vaccines due to geopolitical issues. China views the island as part of its territory, and Taiwan is not a formal member of the World Health Organization. President Tsai has accused China of interfering in her government’s attempt to buy BioNtech vaccines, a claim that Beijing denies. Taiwanese Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said it is difficult for Taiwan to get enough vaccines from COVAX, a global COVID vaccine-sharing platform led by the WHO.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple could, and should, have done this long ago, but is far too beholden to China to risk any blowback. And, so, it’s TSMC and Foxconn, companies with leaders who have intestinal fortitude, who ride to the rescue!


  1. Re MDN take: Apple could not have bought vaccines for Taiwan. The Taiwanese government only this week allowed Taiwanese companies to purchase and import vaccines. It still prohibits outside entities. Until the last month, Taiwan had an extremely low case count thanks to high compliance with its excellent public health measures. That put it at a low priority for vaccine allocations. Vaccine has been scarce everywhere in Asia because India isn’t exporting any.

    1. Thank you for your strong leadership President Trump fast tracking vaccine development and removing burdensome government regulations hindering progress.

      In record time “Project Warp Speed” under your attentive leadership produced three vaccines and the results saved thousands, if not millions of lives on your watch.

      Certainly you are not getting the accolades you deserve from the biased Big Media, Leftists and Commiecrats constantly rewriting history with their partisan lies and removal from reality.

      No matter. Thank you sir President Trump!!!…🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

        1. A German vaccine from a company that conspicuously refused to participate in Project Warp Speed or accept US Government funding. People have been correcting the false statement for months, so it has officially graduated from being a misstatement to being a deliberate lie.

  2. Although Apple 🍏 definitely COULD have donated… it’s probably best to support TSMC over the long-term, by rewarding them for opening factories in places like Vietnam. Of note: My my HomePod mini is made in Vietnam 🇻🇳

    1. You may have a point, Tim Cook is a substantial donor to Auburn University, which was founded in 1856. It took a federal judge and a small army of federal law enforcement officers to force the admission of the first Black graduate student in 1964, who was then denied a degree after successfully completing his thesis. The student body is 5% Black (down from 7.4% in 2011) in a state that is 28% Black.

      Is that what you had in mind?

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              I’m not sure that is doable.

            2. Yup, you’re confused all right!

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              “A teacher may not be compelled…” Do you feel as though you are a teacher and who do you feel is compelling you? Are they the voices in your head?

              Tell me more.

            5. @Sigmund Freud I appreciate your dogged persistence seeking answers. Bravo!

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  3. Title is accurate, but misleading. It should read “China has yet to approve TSMC and Foxconn’s purchase of 10 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines for Taiwan.” The Taiwanese government agreeing to allow Taiwanese companies to purchase vaccines for Taiwanese people is the easy part. But, where and how will the Foxconn and TSMC make their purchases? Remember, global pharmaceutical companies’s Asian headquarters are in… China. So, China controls a hefty chunk of ALL drugs sold to… Taiwan (and many other countries). It is not yet a done deal without China’s blessing. As of yesterday, daily cases continue to rise in Taiwan and several tech factories remain closed. As of Friday, 5.55% of the Taiwanese population has been vaccinated.

    1. Re: “So, China controls a hefty chunk of ALL drugs sold to… Taiwan (and many other countries). It is not yet a done deal without China’s blessing.”

      Taiwan doesn’t ask for China’s blessing to import materiel to defend itself against China’s military aggression, so why would it need China‘s approval to import vaccine to defend itself against China’s aggressive C-19 virus?

    2. So the western pharmaceutical companies’s, like every other western company sold out to the east (China), but it is the Chinese fault? Man in the mirror, the blame is entirely at the foot of western management seeking slave wages at all cost… The headshot originated in the West and continues on.

      Apple can and should do something behind the scene like Mossad low key and out of Chinese sight.

      1. US weaponry sold to Taiwan is made in the US and sold by the US directly to the buyer (Taiwan).

        Taiwan cannot purchase vaccines directly from the manufacturers because international sales are controlled by regional agents. Kind of like the old DVDs that were Region 1 or Region 2. Same movie, but incompatible. If you wanted to watch a Region 1 DVD on a Region 2 player, you had to hack/ unlock it first. Same is true of drugs and all other items involved in international trade.

        China isn’t “blocking” sales of vaccines to Taiwan. China is simply not selling vaccines to Taiwan. It is quite simple.

        A further example… the Crestor pills I take for cholesterol are made by AstraZenaca… in China. A Chinese pharmaceutical company in China has a licensing agreement with AZ to produce the drug for Asia. The drug taken in Taiwan is MADE IN CHINA.

  4. Good to know tech companies are showing interest to save humanity instead of just making profit. Gov should encourage them and make possible law to insure everything go in the line without messing as we always see in private sectors.

    1. I’m not so sure Foxconn and TSMC are doing this for humanitarian reasons. Sure, these guys are loaded. Tens of millions in USD for vaccines is nothing for them. However, they may be going this to keep factories open and running. Closed factories = unmet contractual obligations to customers. These guys are businessmen. It may just be about dollars and not about people.

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