Apple surveys iPhone users on USB charger included in the box ahead of iPhone 12

Apple has recently started sending surveys to iPhone users about how they use the USB charger that comes in the box. This comes amidst rumors about Apple not including the USB charger and EarPods in the iPhone box for the first time with this fall’s release of the iPhone 12 models.

Currently, Apple includes an 18W USB-C Power Adapter (iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max) which is used with the the also-included USB-C to Lightning Cable to charge the iPhone battery. Other iPhone models include the Apple USB power adapter which is used with the also-included Lightning to USB Cable to charge the iPhone battery. The size and type of the adapter depends on your iPhone model and your country or region.

Leaks purport a Navy Blue iPhone 12 Pro
Leaks purport a Navy Blue iPhone 12 Pro with 5G capability is coming this fall

Filipe Espósito for 9to5Mac:

The survey asks users what they did with the USB charger of their previous iPhone after replacing it with a new model, so Apple is targeting people who were already iPhone users and recently bought a new one.

The survey includes a series of checkboxes with multiple possibilities on how consumers use their iPhone chargers, including:

I sold or traded it with my iPhone
I lost it
I gave it to a family member or friend
I still use it at home
I still use it outside (at work, school, or other places)
I still have it, but I don’t use it

MacDailyNews Take: So, as per your iPhone charger:


  1. Honestly I must have 20 chargers for our three iPhones, 4 ipads and 2 MacBook Airs. We have them in every room, in our backpacks, in my office, in the car, you name it!

  2. Who wants to plug their shiny new phone into a scroungy old charger with leftover Hello Kitty sticker goo on it and a “white” cable that looks like it has some tropical disease which makes funny sparking sounds when you bend the wire a certain direction? Give us a new one!

  3. The question is actually if you don’t use it WHY? the answer its crap, and is my extra charger My main. charger is faster, PLEASE put a useful charger the answer is I DO USE IT. Even iPhone SE is expensive enough to justify a GOOD charger, and Apple tase Billions of Dollars to prove it.

  4. At least part of this comes from the EU which doesn’t want phones, tablets or portable devices of any kind to be sold with a recharger. They want people to reuse their old chargers. Apple has been fighting with them for years now as legislation has mandated the socket a phone and tablet can have. They want Apple to drop FireWire to be compatible with standard USB chargers, which makes no sense, as the plug on a device has nothing to do with it, as it’s the plug on the charger end of the cable that matters.

    So while their may be some truth to the idea that apple is trying to keep the cost of 5G phones down a bit by not including chargers (and maybe EarPods), but a lot of it may be an attempt to appease the hostile EU.

  5. They should have the option of headphones and charger or no or select the headphone you want with the phone so I am not buying a new iPhone and then a set of EarPods and giving away the headphones that came with the iPhone.

  6. That’s interesting, I just buy the phone for something to put in the case. I buy the latest phone because I like new colors and shiny objects. I don’t need the charger because I use pay phones. I guess we’re all different.

  7. Yes, I am persistent and nasty. I am a known Cook hater, but don’t hate him as much as I distrust him.
    I forgive you Apple, as long as you don’t repack this little thing in elaborate and environmentally unfriendly package at the price of $20 (or more). You eliminated 3.5mm jack. The result was a huge hyping up of wireless EarPods that cost more than $200. yes, clever…. (and super greedy mentality).

  8. So if I replace my iPhone every-other year I’m supposed to keep the same chargers?
    They never wear out?
    They never get lost (‘borrowed’)?
    They never change types?

    I’m thinking Apple is heading towards wireless charging exclusively.
    So you just buy one charger from Apple….and then the next year a better one (newer color!!!) will come out…

    1. If, as you say, Apple is heading toward the totally wireless charging, their move to eliminate the charging block could be partially justified, even though they do not have pristine record of past technical attempts. But then, question still remains. Even the wireless charger needs to be powered. That wireless charger will come with the charging block (no 5W block will work. I know that by experience), except it is sold separately at exorbitant price. Still do not make sense that Apple resorted to the public “survey”. Can we trust Mr.Cook about the motive of this survey?,lol
      I am feeling obsessed by this thread. Time to digress back to the regular programming….

  9. 99% of the time I charge my iPhone wirelessly.
    I have a dozen or more of Apple USB-2 chargers floating around that are never used.

    However I do not have many USB-C chargers since Apple only started using those for iPhones last year.

    So whilst I think it a good idea to reduce e-waste by not bundling a charger with the iPhone, I think they should wait a year before implementing this.

    How about giving users the option to have a charger thrown in for free? Then those that have plenty will not need one whilst newbies will be able to get one at no additional cost.

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