Tom Hanks bemoans ‘the cruel whipmasters’ at Apple ahead of ‘Greyhound’ premiere on Apple TV+

Tom Hanks doesn’t sound too happy about having his baby, Greyhound, debut on Apple TV+ instead of theaters due to COVID-19. Of course, his bank account is probably happy will all of those guaranteed millions deposited upfront, though; not that it matters to him at this point. Regardless, Hanks, bemoans his “Apple overlords” in a new interview, which is an interesting choice for promoting a film – as is the use of “whipmasters” at this point in time – but, hey he was probably joking and any publicity for a film is better than none!

Tom Hanks WWII film ‘Greyhound’ to premiere on Apple TV+
Tom Hanks WWII film ‘Greyhound’ to premiere exclusively on Apple TV+

Hadley Freeman for The Guardian:

It is because of that modern-day Vesuvius – coronavirus – that Hanks and I are talking through screens, and he is promoting a film that will be streamed on Apple TV+ instead of released in cinemas. Greyhound tells the story of Capt Ernie Krause (Hanks, natch) on his first wartime mission in the Battle of the Atlantic. It is, I tell him, a classic Hanks role, by which I mean he plays a thoroughly good man in extraordinary circumstances.

Hanks doesn’t just star in Greyhound, he also produced it and wrote the screenplay, adapting it from C S Forester’s novel The Good Shepherd. “My ego has run rampant, Hadley, and it’s all over the picture!” he hoots. Hanks has written films before – the 1996 paean to 60s bands, That Thing You Do!, and 2011’s Larry Crowne. But Greyhound has been an especial labour of love for him, one he sweated over for almost a decade, and it is one of those sweeping war movies that really should be seen on the big screen. So the change in plans has been, he says, “an absolute heartbreak. I don’t mean to make angry my Apple overlords, but there is a difference in picture and sound quality.”

Apple TV+ is having a similarly negative impact on Hanks’ appearance in this interview. Even though he is in his office, “the cruel whipmasters at Apple” decided the background needed to be a blank wall, presumably so nosy journalists like me wouldn’t spend the whole encounter snooping at Hanks’ bookcases. Against the eerily empty backdrop, he looks, Hanks rightly says, as if he’s in “a witness protection programme. But here I am, bowing to the needs of Apple TV.”

MacDailyNews Note: Greyhound will make its global debut to audiences in over 100 countries on July 10th, exclusively on Apple TV+.


  1. “Hanks rightly says, as if he’s in “a witness protection programme. But here I am, bowing to the needs of Apple TV.””

    Aww, poor baby. Hanks found out Apple is not the same ass kissers that he is accustomed to

  2. They required that the interview publicizing his movie be conducted in front of a blank wall?? Weird. I guess I could imagine that maybe from now on all such publicizing would be done in front of white, creating a common look across different programs. … Then again, you can’t fault an artist for being ticked at someone exerting such control over them.

      1. Yes, because the removal of states (and not just of confederates) cures all past, current, and future problems. “Destatuefication” cures all ills. Bad statues, bad!

        1. It wasn’t a Democrat tweeting this morning that NASCAR is ruining its image by banning the traitors’ flag. That would be the same guy who is objecting to the millions of Americans who have peacefully protested for the 14th-Amendment notion that black lives matter. That would be the same guy who said that some Nazis are very good people. That would be the guy who keeps using the term “our heritage,” which every Southerner recognizes as code for “white supremacy.”

          I don’t know if Donald Trump is a racist or if he is simply an opportunist who thinks that his supporters are racists. Either way, it is pretty clear what he thinks his followers stand for. Yet they fail to be offended.

          1. Nice deflection, but when lost that is what you do.

            So should Six Flags Over Texas change its name to Five Flags Over Texas?
            Drop the Confederate flag and act as if it didn’t happened?
            Wait, the Texas nation also allowed slaves, so Four Flags.

            No, no THAT won’t work because Spain allowed slavery, so three, uh-oh America allowed slavery too, as did the French at the time.

            What to do? Ah yes, Texas should adopt the Mexican flag and bathe itself in purity while baptizing itself from the existence of slavery.

            What does that have to do with NASCAR? Nothing, except each of those flags represent the heritage of tens of thousands of people if not millions, and slavery was just a part, a very nasty part, that they all dealt with in one way or another.

            Also, back to your previous deflection, you DO know that many if not most Confederate statues were erected as a symbol of unity allowed by the Republicans to the Democrats don’t you? Yeah, block that too.

            Deflect on and try to erase the memory of your party’s true guilt. It’s what the left does to buy the Black vote, so you are in a pretty large crowd, and that crowd is playing on a mania that is designed for no other reason that to gain back power and then, as usual, do nothing for the minorities except pay them to stay in their slums and leave your gated communities alone.

            1. The Six Flags parks in Texas and Georgia haven’t displayed or even mentioned the Confederate flag (which was never actually the CSA flag) since 2017. They realized back then that the flag was not a neutral regional symbol but had been initially promoted long after the war as an explicit symbol of racial supremacy.

            2. No one said they were flying the flag.

              As usual you are making the arguments heard in your head and not in the real world.

              Must be pretty lonely in there, with no one to talk to except your ass where it is placed….

          2. Please tell, who specifically said “Nazis are very good people” and when was this said?
            Just for clarity, I was born in the north, but I’ve lived in the south for nearly 30 yrs. If I was to ever say “our heritage” it would never be “code” for what you say. Importantly, I’ve never been in the company of other people residing in the south where that was the implication. Maybe it’s the “code” only for those in the racist club and when stated just like I might…there’s no awareness, nor intention of the of the meaning associated? Trump is “working” those in the racist club, I guess?

            For someone that doesn’t know if Trump is racist, you sure deliver a load of implication. If one doesn’t know something about another, but leads others to believe with implication—as if true—isn’t that a form of deception…at least? As well, if you live like you know, but don’t actually know the truth of another, isn’t that what’s called prejudice?

            Simple questions in search for a simple and specific answers. Stay focused, please?

            1. I’m patiently waiting because of great curiosity, but, crickets are filling the room TX….

              “ Please tell, who specifically said “Nazis are very good people” and when was this said?”

            2. Not to jump on here but he won’t reply.
              He has nothing to answer a specific question.

              It is all innuendo, smoke and mirrors.
              All Russia this week, Ukraine the next, then China, then Corona, then Stars and Bars, whatever the hot topic is that needs gas thrown on it.

              I don’t even think he is dumb enough to believe what he writes, be he definitely thinks others are dumb enough to believe it.

            3. Nazis marched in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia. We know they were Nazis because they were chanting Nazi slogans and displaying Nazi symbols. The next day, the Nazis and their allies who had traveled there from all over the country were confronted by a crowd of mostly local counter-demonstrators. The Nazis responded violently and (among other things) murdered one of the local counter-demonstrators while deliberately assaulting the crowd with a car.

              Donald John Trump, The President of the United States of America (I hope that is specific enough) responded by insisting that the local pro-democracy counter-demonstrators shared the blame for the violence with the Nazis, and when asked specifically about the neo-Nazis answered “ you had some very bad people in that group, but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.”

              You could have looked that up yourself. There are transcriptions and recordings of the President’s remarks all over the Internet.

            4. And of course you came back with a sterilized account of the March to justify your remark.

              There were more than just ‘nazis’ marching in that protest just as the other side was more than BLM or antifa. That’s why Trump said what he did. You know this but like a child will stick to your talking points because this is how you learned to argue in 5th grade and made a career out of it.

              What is really amazing is how you claimed the recent BLM/antifa protest were just peaceful people exercising their 14th amendment, while in fact many if not most involved a great deal of violence, mayhem and death. How stupid do you think people are to buy your arguments?

              I don’t agree with EITHER of the groups that met in Charlottesville. To me if it was a city park, then the people of that city have the right to decide what statues are appropriate unless it is on state or national property.

              You forget to mention the statue was Robert E. Lee, one of the most decorated men on American military history, who chose to fight for the Confederacy (who you immaturely call ‘traitors’ because, well, 2nd paragraph) because of birth even though he had hoped they would stay in the Union.

              But let’s go back to your traitor claim. I’m guessing you think since they broke Federal law and seceded from the Union this makes them traitors, which of course is not the classic definition unless you are trying to twist something more than a pair of mating snakes.

              So then what do you call sanctuary cities that are breaking Federal law and encouraging illegal actions while taking money from people of that city, state and nation to fund this behavior? How is THAT not traitorous? I know, I know, the children!! Play to emotions and ignore the facts altogether. How do you even claim to be a man of law, because you don’t act like either….

            5. I knew exactly to what you referred and I asked just so you would eat your own words…because the words you stated were actually NEVER said. No need to “look it up.”

              Not every person on “the other side” that day were Nazis and some of those on that side were likely to be without malfeasance, or sub-human intent. But, you know, because you’re always the one with insider knowledge (joke), but you conclude prejudicially and with your vibrant bias, that all were Nazis and the prez was signaling his pals.

              Though I presume you won’t be able to acknowledge, it’s very much like your favored BLM group (interesting you modified a recent post by using the phase, vs acronym. Curious to me.). Only an insider would know where antifa, vandals, rioters, killers and archaists, vs the pure racial advocates start and stop. The SC “meeting” that day was the same way, but YOU are able to determine with absolute clarity that ALL were Nazis. On top of that, you interpreted without any suggestion of doubt and with errant logic, that another’s words were “friendly code” for a group of dregs. Amazing. Sad. Wrong. Deceptive. And don’t do your conflation crap to conclude, because I’m parsing the words in “protective” measure, I must be a racist, or a supporter of the words.

              How the f you dare to write something on a public forum, as if true, on such an inflammatory/incendiary topic, is exactly why lawyers get a bad name.
              Besides conflator, exaggerator, deflector, hyperbolizer, I’ll add liar. Your statement was simply a lie…the words were never spoken. You are willing, interested and able to exchange truth to support your political bias.

          3. Even clearer is what YOU defend:
            On black Americans “they haven’t been socialized and they will become predators”- Joe Biden
            On President Obama “I mean, you’ve got the first “sort of mainstream African-American” who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy” – Joe Biden.
            On children “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids’- Joe Biden
            On immigrants “you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.”- Joe Biden
            Defending the United Daughters of the CONFEDERACY- as “an organization made up of many fine people who continue to display the Confederate flag as a symbol.” Joe Biden
            “I don’t want my children to grow up in a jungle- A racial jungle”. Joe Biden.

      2. “He who forgets history is doomed to repeat it”.
        Now everyone knows why the left is so intent on erasing it. The sooner the democrat party’s past is erased, the sooner they can…

    1. You might consider adding a shrink to your need list. Very well, no more TV, Movies, stage productions and anything requiting an actor for you for the rest of your miserable un-entertained life.

        1. Did you come up with that all on your own? The “I know you are but what am I” kind of “witty repartee”? Please get back to your hair net wearing day job and spare us.

            1. Just can’t help being a total d*ck can you? Sooner or later one’s true character outs and in your case it isn’t pretty. A pity for your family and friends, assuming you have any with this chip on your shoulder.

    2. The world has always needed storytellers, singers, and musicians since the dawn of modern humans sitting around the camp fire.

      Get use to it every interview with a actor, singer, or musician they will be asked the same type of question do you miss the concert hall, theater, or movie house?

      1. Yep Danox. “Need” is the critical word. People don’t go to a doc, lawyer, electrician because they deeply yearn to do so. In fact, they wouldn’t go at all IF they didn’t have to.

        Go to a good movie, play, concert…see a great painting, or sculpture and it can stay in your mind/life for decades, in a pleasurable, meaningful way. Could a visit to the dentist ever compare in the same way?

  3. You trolls wouldn’t complain if Kelsey Grammer or Jon Voight had said the exact same things, now would you? It’s clear that he’s kidding when he talks about Apple’s PR team, but there’s nothing wrong when he says he’d prefer to see his movie — something he’s clearly devoted years of his life to create — up on the big screen.

    1. Exactly. And Hanks is smart enough to know that this isn’t Apple’s fault, it’s Sony Pictures fault–they own the rights to the movie and decided to forgo a theatrical release, but instead take the $$$ from Apple and release the movie now instead of delaying it.

      As to why Apple wanted Hanks in front of a white background, yeah, that’s a wee bit bizarre. Who cares if some reporter examines his bookshelf. But Hanks seems to be mostly joking about it, 98% of the interview is about other stuff.

      1. They want all the interviews against a neutral background so that they can produce composite publicity materials with clips that don’t clash. The Apple TV+ “Dads” documentary from Bryce Dallas Howard did the same thing with its interviews.

    1. It is a really great book, although it helps if you have a good sense of directions so you can translate the compass bearings during the submarine contacts into a mental map.

  4. Kind of like a photographer hoping to show his work in a well established gallery, vs a popular street fair. Apple TV is hardly established…Hanks is and who wouldn’t be disappointed when “Greyhound has been an especial labour of love for him, one he sweated over for almost a decade” ?

    “Absolute heartbreak” is completely understandable.

    1. Try and tell that to some of the heartless bunch here. It’s actually hard to make a good movie and though actors are well compensated that doesn’t mean they should be denied having their work correctly exhibited to it’s best advantage and commercial success (so that maybe others will also get a shot at worthy pet projects). Especially something as deeply invested and passionate into it Hanks has been on this project.

      I also think Tom Hanks deserves some slack for all the good work he’s done over the years and for staying a decent and articulate guy. Unlike some cheap types here who prefer to criticize others instead of doing a little more introspection for which under any scrutiny they will no doubt come up extremely short.

  5. Wow all the ‘voting’. Such an interesting intense thread. I love how pathetic you are ‘voter’. Keep clicking. Dont you stop. Dont you do it. LOL



      What a loser. But just a few more clicks. You’ll win! DONT STOP!

  6. Huh. Silicon Valley isn’t Hollywood, imagine that. I actually like his performances, but something tells me somebody is inside a bubble. Incidentally, I guess he didn’t die horribly from COVID just like the other 95% of the people. Play stupid libtard games, win stupid libtard prizes. It’s so precious how folks like that complain when something actually impacts them and not some intellectually contrived ‘other’.

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