Jim Cramer: I’m going to make another 10-year bet on Apple, they’re that good

On Monday, on CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street,” Jim Cramer used his 65th birthday to spotlight why he advises investors to own Apple stock for the long term, not trade it. “Let’s take a 10-year view — because I was 55, 10 years ago — Apple stock was at $27.87,” he said. “I would like over the last 10 years to invest in Apple and I’m going to make another 10-year bet. I think they’re that good.”

Jim Cramer bets on Apple. Image: Noise-canceling shootout:AirPods Pro are packed with audio innovation to deliver superior sound and an immersive noise-canceling experience.
AirPods Pro are packed with audio innovation to deliver superior sound and an immersive noise-canceling experience.
Matthew J. Belvedere for CNBC:

The huge gain in Apple from around $28 per share in February 2010 to more than $314 per share at Monday’s open on Wall Street was over 1,000%. Apple is currently the most valuable U.S. company at a $1.4 trillion market cap.

Cramer was suggesting that it would not be out of the question to see Apple stock power ahead in a similar fashion in the next decade…

He also reiterated his view that Apple CEO Tim Cook has indeed been innovative, pointing to the success of Apple’s AirPods and the emerging popularity of the Apple Watch, not to mention the growth the tech giant has seen in recent quarters in its services business.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Glasses, delivering AR to the masses, could very well be Apple’s most massive hit since the iPhone and make Jim Cramer’s 10-year bet on Apple a very wise investment.

Someday, hopefully sooner than later, we’ll look back at holding up slabs of metal and glass to access AR as unbelievably quaint. — MacDailyNews, July 28, 2017

The impact of augmented reality cannot be overstated. It will be a paradigm shift larger than the iPhone and the half-assed clones it begat. — MacDailyNews, August 4, 2017

Augmented Reality is going to change everything.MacDailyNews, July 21, 2017


  1. It appears as though Microsoft and Amazon are going to leave Apple in the dust. Both of those companies are already valued by Wall Street’s biggest investors far higher than Apple is and will likely ever be. Jeff Bezos wants to take over business after business and put rivals into the ground, and Wall Street loves that sort of killer attitude. Crush all rivals and be the only company left standing is a dream most big investors have. In Microsoft’s case, it’s just having the Azure cloud business with that highly-praised unlimited growth potential. No one ever made a mistake by owning Microsoft (a take-off on choosing anything Microsoft in the enterprise). Microsoft rises daily on momentum alone without any need for positive news. Whereas Apple supposedly only sells unnecessary tech toys and trinkets for consumers looking for a fun time. Wall Street doesn’t take Apple all that seriously.

    Some companies are simply charmed and can do no wrong. Look at Boeing. No matter how much they screw up, the stock goes up. So many various funds own the stock so they’ll give Boeing all the leeway in the world and keep the share price from falling. I believe Boeing actually got upgraded this week and recently there doesn’t seem to be anything going well with the company. Apple will likely be downgraded on production slowdowns that may or may not actually happen due to the Coronavirus.

    So, I feel certain that Apple will do well and certainly not go out of business, but there are going to be other stocks that will blow right past Apple unless Apple can sell iPhones to everyone on the planet and even that might not be enough. I’m long Apple since 2004 and it has been an amazing ride and I think I’ll be taking that ride for at least a few years longer. It’s just that there’s always faster rides out there and Apple shareholders might be looking at a bunch of taillights this year. The trillion-dollar club may have a lot more members this year.

  2. Put $100k into Apple, 13 years ago, after Steve’s 2007 iPhone intro. My dream device, a computer in my pocket was coming true. I owned an original Newton, back in the day, and you could just see the potential, but the internet wasn’t fast enough to make it practical.

    Still have those shares.

  3. Depends what’s meant by “good.” To state, or believe AAPL will repeat the 10 yrs prior is quite herculean and unusual…it’s truly a fight against the law of large numbers.

    As a holder, I’d love to see it, but another decade of of 1000+% growth….?

    Magseven48…why the constant focus on Amazon/MS? AMD has trounced AAPL in the last decade and they’re never used as a “measure.”

  4. This does not even factor in the fact that AAPL stock split, 7/1, after reaching $700 per share. Anyone who bought and held
    from $28 per share is now VERY wealthy.

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