Apple spent over $40 million on Apple TV+ marketing in September and October

Tiffany Hsu for The New York Times:

In October, Apple spent $19.9 million on television commercials for Apple TV Plus, the streaming service that went live Friday… That same month, according to the measurement company iSpot.TV, Apple spent $38.6 million on television ads to market the iPhone.

The same disparity was evident in September, when Apple spent $14.9 million on commercials promoting Apple TV Plus and $28.6 million on television ads for the iPhone, according to iSpot.TV.

Taken together, the company spent a total of $71.9 million on iPhone ads and $40.3 million on Apple TV Plus spots on television and online in the past two months.

MacDailyNews Take: Not a bad spend for what is essentially a softish launch. Apple is easing into Apple TV+ as it builds a library of high-quality content.

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