New iPhones, Apple Watch refresh on tap for Apple’s special event Tuesday: Here’s what to expect

Apple CEO Tim Cook will take the stage in the Steve Jobs Theater on the campus of Apple Park in Cupertino, California on Tuesday, September 10th to unveil new iPhones and Apple Watch refreshes.

Mark Gurman for Bloomberg:

There will be three new models: “Pro” upgrades to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and a replacement for the iPhone XR… The high-end iPhone updates will be all about the cameras: These handsets will have three cameras on the back for wide-angle photography, higher-resolution pictures, and much-improved video recording. There will be new AI-powered features for auto-correcting photos, putting people back into a frame when they’ve been chopped off, and live editing of video while it’s being recorded. Apple is also going to rival Google Pixel phones with a focus on improving pictures taken in low-light environments. The Face ID camera will get an upgrade, too, letting people unlock their phone even if it’s flat on a table.

MacDailyNews Take: Yes, as we wrote last month, “this year is a placeholder year for iPhone ahead of the 5G avalanche. We’re most interested in how Apple’s marketing apparatus will attempt to sell iPhones (think: Camera, Camera, Camera!) in a year where many of us with iPhone X/XS/XS Max units (and even older Home-button based iPhones) may simply be on a holding pattern until iPhone 5G.”

Of course, iPhone could have [no new features] and still sell 40+ million units every 90 days. And, also of course, Apple will have a new A13 that’s more efficient along with iOS 13 which will also improve efficiency, so better battery life is likely in the offing. New cameras, especially on the back, along with new features for Apple’s Camera app are a given and will be the major focus for selling these pre-5G placeholder iPhones to customers through fall 2020 when The Mother of All iPhone Upgrade Cycles™ finally hits! — MacDailyNews, August 18, 2019

Devices like AirPods and the Apple Watch will be charged by laying them on the back of the phone… The new handsets are said to withstand many types of drops with more shatter-resistant glass and shock-resistance. The devices will also be able to survive under water for several hours, up from the 30 minute rating of the iPhone XS line.

MacDailyNews Take: Underwater photography and videography, shot on iPhone!

This year’s Apple Watch updates will be software and casing-focused, with the company planning new versions in ceramic and titanium, a slew of new straps and the watchOS 6 update with new apps, watch faces, Siri features, and an on-board App Store. Sleep tracking has been in the works as well. Expect bigger changes and a faster processor for the Apple Watch in 2020.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch Series 4 is very strong hardware-wise already. With the release of watchOS 6, our Apple Watches will get even better! Series 4 will continue to sell well and dominate watch sales worldwide ahead of the Series 5 next year. That titanium Apple Watch will be mighty tempting for us!


  1. I really like the installment program, $40 a month for a device that is with me 24/7 is worth it, and I always get a new iPhone every year with Applecare, great program for the so-called placeholder year sales.

    You would have to rip my iPhone from my cold dead hands.

    1. I’m with you. Get a new phone every year. The only caveat is that I don’t get to keep the old phone. Since I have a pile of older iPhones in my drawer I really don’t see the point of holding onto a phone for 2 years just to resell it for a few 100 bucks.

  2. I’ve been on the iPhone installment program for two years. I plan to keep my old XS Max for another year, then get back on the program next year with a 5G iPhone. My XS is good enough.

    My original four year old pre-series Apple Watch is due for an upgrade. Maybe a series 4 after series 5 is announced, unless series 5 has a deal making feature.

    And I’ll be in the market for a new iPad. My Mini 3 is too old for the next s/w upgrade.

  3. Apple has already learned the impact that a medical feature (ECG) has on sales and the potential for other markets is even larger. Blood sugars for Diabetics? Tens (hundreds?) of millions around the world. Folks with asthma would be in line for SpO2 readings, and integrated alarms. I cannot think of another non-medical feature on the drawing boards that would generate more sales and services ices over the long term.

  4. The 5g conundrum had me going too, willing to hold on to my iPhone X yet another year until 2020. The problem is 5g infrastructure and just how fast it will be enough to justify the switch from 4g. Everything I’ve read say it will realistically take YEARS.

    So sure you could wait and buy a 5g iPhone next year and still have mostly 4g service or buy now (for those lovely cameras) and wait until 2021 as a better time to get better, but not perfect, 5g service. Also expect to pay more for 5G. Personally I would settle for better 4g service.

  5. The notion that this year’s phone is a placeholder because it precedes 5G is silly. Most people—including early adopters like me (I lined up for the first iPhone and had a Cube back in the day)—do are not waiting with bated breath for 5G. LTE is fast enough for everything I care to do on my phone. And in the first year or two of 5G, per-gig pricing will make it relatively unattractive for most consumers. It’s great that it’s fast, but if using that speed means you run through data at a lightning pace, then the only person who wins is your carrier. No thanks! I’m looking forward to upgrading my 3 year old device this year. Let me know when the notch is gone and I’ll upgrade again.

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