Everything that’s known about Apple’s iOS 13: Support for multiple windows on iPad, system-wide Dark Mode, and more

“iPhone and iPad users have been waiting on Dark Mode to come to iOS for several years, and iOS 13 will finally be the update that brings it to everyone,” Chance Miller writes for 9to5mac. “9to5Mac and Bloomberg have both reported that there will indeed be a system-wide Dark Mode in iOS 13.”

“iOS 13 will also include a massive overhaul for Apple’s Find My Friends and Find My iPhone features,” Miller writes. “Apple will unify the two services through a single application. The new app will have the same features as the current individual applications, but in a unified interface. The unified app will also include a new “Find Network” feature that will allow devices to be tracked even if they aren’t connected to WiFi or cellular.”

“For iPad users, iOS 13 will finally include support for multiple windows,” Miller writes. “This means you will be able to have multiple windows of the same application open. This will work with a detachable panel type interface where each window will be able to contain sheets that are attached to a portion of the screen, but can be detached and moved around freely.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Get ready, iPad is finally about to grow up!

Beyond iPad, June 3, 2019 is going to be a momentous day for users of Apple products and services!

We are as excited as ever about our great pipeline of hardware, software and services and we’re looking forward to sharing more information about the future of our four software platforms at our Worldwide Developer Conference now less than five weeks from now. Everyone here is hard at work to prepare for WWDC, and it’s always a privilege to get to share the future of our platforms with the community of world changing developers who bring it to life. You are not going to want to miss this one. — Apple CEO Tim Cook, April 30, 2019

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  1. Pipeline’s pipe is primed to pump out the updates. Everyone will be happy except Citizenned Ex, Apple Spinnyc and XeroLowEnergySean. Hurrah!

    1. At least any unhappiness I experience about Apple is based on intelligence and experience.
      Try using something beyond your lizard brain. There is more to the world than just flicking flies.

          1. They all ring bells.

            What’s truly new in recent memory was the PC itself, the Mobile Phone, the Internet, and GPS.

            One of the reasons I bitch as hard as I do against Apple is censorship, which the PC resoundingly abolished and which the Smartphone can become. Until then it will never be.

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