Apple’s 5G modem project lead Ruben Caballero has left the company

“Rubén Caballero, a lead for Apple’s nascent 5G modem project, has left the company in the wake of a division restructure, and the blockbuster Qualcomm modem deal,” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider. “Caballero has been removed from Apple’s staff directory, and organizational chart, according to The Information on Monday afternoon, and confirmed by AppleInsider by sources inside the company not authorized to speak on behalf of Apple.”

“The executive originally joined Apple five year prior in 2005, and is named on nearly all of Apple’s 3G, LTE, and other wireless networking patents,” Wuerthele reports. “The report by The Information speculates that Apple’s 5G department is in flux, following the Apple and Qualcomm deal.”

“Caballero’s departure is also following a reassignment of Johny Srouji as the supervising executive for the 5G modem team,” Wuerthele reports. “Caballero was thought to be under engineering lead Dan Riccio prior to the shift.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Big rejiggering on the 5G modem front is obviously going down in Cupertino.

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      1. Sometimes you need fresh talent, often you can hold on to ‘old talent’ no matter how celebrated too long at times and business is not a care home after all. Can the same process now be applied to Tim Cook however.

      2. So no mention or defense of ALL the LENGENDARY TALENT LEAVING APPLE under Cook’s Clueless and creative deficient bean counter REIGN. Fanboy insults only, got it…

    1. I don’t think this should be taken as a negative, I think its a sign that Apple is refocusing their team in light of their new cross licensing deal with Qualcomm and Intel pulling out of the business.
      They should be able to kick on with development of their own modem by using Qualcomm’s IP rather than trying to work around it. They also don’t need to worry about lawsuits from Qualcomm.
      What’s surprised me most about all this recent 5G news is Apple don’t seem to have a problem recruiting top talent from Intel and Qualcomm, I think it shows how big a reputation Apple’s silicon team now have under Johny Srouji who seems to be doing an amazing job. If Srouji left I would maybe start to worry but only a little.

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