One month with Apple’s new 2nd-generation AirPods

“While there weren’t any external design changes with AirPods themselves, the internals got a spec bump,” Mark Linsangan writes for AppleInsider. “According to Apple, AirPods 2 deliver a faster and more stable wireless connection, which means it’s now up to twice as fast when switching between active devices, one and a half times faster connections for phone calls, and 30% lower gaming latency —all thanks to the new H1 chip, replacing the W1 in the first generation. Not only does the H1 improve connection performance, but it will also now allow you to summon Siri hands-free with ‘Hey Siri.'”

“In our testing, the second gen delivers when it comes to speediness,” Linsangan writes. “Switching between our iPad Pro, iPhone, and Mac still isn’t instantaneous, but it is far quicker than it was.”

New AirPods build on the magical experience customers love delivering 50 percent more talk time, hands-free “Hey Siri” and the option of a new Wireless Charging Case.
New AirPods build on the magical experience customers love delivering 50 percent more talk time, hands-free “Hey Siri” and the option of a new Wireless Charging Case.

“With the H1, you now have the ability to toggle Siri hands-free using your AirPods by saying “Hey Siri.” You don’t need to pull out your phone to activate it, just say the command and it’ll do it hands-free. It’s great if you want to call someone quickly, but even better if you use Apple Music to request any song in your library and have it play right away,” Linsangan writes. “With Siri hands-free, we’ve spent a lot more time using Siri than we did before.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The increase in battery life* from two-year old well-used original AirPods alone was worth the price of admission!

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  1. As an owner of the original AirPods as well as the new ones, I found Bill Bennett’s writeup to be better and more informative than this one; albeit with one or two minor typos. I can’t really notice any longer life using the new ones than I still get with my 2 year old ones. And, I think that AirPods should NOT be compared to wired Apple earbuds when determining how they will fit or stay in one’s ear—the wired ones fit differently and are less secure in the ear, not only due to the weight of the wires but because it is so easy to dislodge them just by turning one’s head or snagging them on things resulting in a painful yank from the ear. Also, the fit on the wired ones was somewhat pain-inducing after ten minutes or so but I can wear AirPods all day with no discomfort and have even stepped into the shower a few times with one or both in place having forgotten their presence (got them removed before they got wet though!) Having used both original AirPods and the new ones, I would not bother spending the extra money on the updated charging case if I were to lose or break them. I always have an iPhone charger at hand and it will charge the case much faster. Thanks for your writeup, Bill.

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