Apple ‘plotted’ to hurt Qualcomm years before it sued the company

“Before Apple ever filed suit against Qualcomm, the iPhone maker allegedly wanted to hurt the company,” CNET reports. “And it put those plans down in documents obtained by Qualcomm as the two companies prepared to meet in court.”

“In September 2014, a document from Apple titled “QCOM – Future scenarios” detailed ways the company could exert pressure on Qualcomm, including by working with Intel on 4G modems for the iPhone,” CNET reports. “Apple and its manufacturing partners didn’t actually file suit against Qualcomm until more than two years later.”

“A second page of that document, titled “QCM – Options and recommendations (2/2)” revealed that Apple considered it ‘beneficial to wait to provoke a patent fight until after the end of 2016,’ when its contracts with Qualcomm would expire,” CNET reports. “‘They were plotting it for two years,’ Qualcomm attorney Evan Chesler, of the firm Cravath, Swaine & Moore, said during his opening arguments last week. ‘It was all planned in advance. Every bit of it.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: All’s fair in love and war… and modem chips.

It’s hardly a shocking revelation that well-run companies have plans of attack. There are likely at least one for every current and potentially future Apple supplier. Best to be prepared than not.

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