The Verge reviews Samsung Galaxy Fold: Screen broke after just a day

There’s “a small bulge right on the crease of my Galaxy Fold review unit. It’s just enough to slightly distort the screen, and I can feel it under my finger,” Dieter Bohn writes for The Verge. “It’s a distressing thing to discover just two days after receiving my review unit.”

“More distressing is that the bulge eventually pressed sharply enough into the screen to break it,” Bohn writes. “You can see the telltale lines of a broken OLED converging on the spot where the bulge is.”

“I’ve done normal phone stuff, like opening and closing the hinge and putting it in my pocket,” Bohn writes. “Maybe something got in another one of the little gaps somewhere else. Or maybe it was pieces from the hinge itself breaking loose and working their way up into the screen. I don’t know. I just know that the screen is broken, and there was no obvious proximate cause for the bulge that broke it. I certainly haven’t used it on a beach or shook it in a bag of chips or anything wild. Just normal use.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Picky bastage! After all, who needs a working display on a smartphone? Can’t you just talk to Busybody or whatever they call their Siri knockoff? Surely it worked the first time you unfolded it, right? That alone is worth two grand, isn’t it? It folds! (Sorta.) Damn you super-critical reviewers!!! It’s a phone from a South Korean dishwasher maker, what do you expect, perfection? Sheesh.

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  1. Galaxy Fold – The “outside” screen is small, then when you open it, the “pad” screen is small compared to an iPad for example. So you get a “minimized” phone experience and a “minimized” pad experience . . . I’m sure Apple has all sorts of prototypes in their lab, but they know when “not” to ship and move on.

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