Apple will soon require all macOS apps to be notarized

“All new apps developed using a fresh Developer ID must be notarized to pass through Gatekeeper from macOS 10.14.5 onwards, Apple has advised, with the extra security process requirement landing ahead of an expansion to all macOS software in a future update,” Malcolm Owen reports for AppleInsider.

“Initially announced at WWDC 2018, Notarized Apps is an extension to the Developer ID program where developers submit their apps to Apple for review,” Owen reports. “While the security measure has been optional so far ahead of a later implementation, Apple has started the process of making notarization mandatory.”

“While it will still be possible to install apps in macOS that have not gone through the notarization process, it will generally be a harder process for users to go through compared with one that uses Gatekeeper,” Owen reports. “From a usability perspective, developers certainly have an interest in using notarization.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. And Mojave breaks Nvidia cards. No thanks. Apple just keeps literally inviting pros to jump ship and go to PC Workstations with this misguided and petty-minded anti-Nvidia policy of theirs. It’s not up to THEM what I choose to use. Such arrogant pricks.

        BTW I am just today upgrading to High Sierra and will be staying there a while due to problems with Mojave. Most pros know not to move to the latest and greatest as it usually breaks things.

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