“From the Mac to the iPod to the iPhone, Apple is a master of making iconic products,” Patrick Lucas Austin writes for TIME Magazine. “That tradition of technological trendsetting has continued with the AirPods, which went from ridiculous to status symbol in a matter of memes.”

“Two years after the AirPods were introduced, Apple has released a new version with updated internals and a few pleasant creature comforts,” Austin writes. “Together, the tweaks make the AirPods easier to use without compromising their compact design and minimal aesthetics. In short, Apple’s wireless earbuds are a bit better than they were before.”

“A new H1 chip makes switching between your iOS, macOS, and Apple TV products quicker and more seamless. Where I’d have to wait upwards of 30 seconds for first-generation AirPods to switch between devices, the newer model typically slices that time by more than half,” Austin writes. “Saying ‘Hey, Siri’ works like a charm in noisy spaces, though the Apple-exclusive voice assistant could do with a speed bump in terms of response time… Whether or not you’ll use hands-free Siri depends on how you feel about voice assistant etiquette. If you’re like me, you may be reluctant to use the feature in public, and since you’re probably not wearing these at home, it might not be all that useful. It’s at least a handy way to change the AirPods’ volume without pulling out your phone, as there’s no way to tweak that setting by touching the buds themselves.”

“All these internal updates are well and good, helping the AirPods remain the best pair of truly wireless earbuds you can buy,” Austin writes. “But they are only incremental upgrades, meaning existing AirPod owners who make the switch may feel shortchanged.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Those of us who were Day One (or close to that) AirPods owners won’t feel shortchanged because our old batteries were very tired after 2+ years of use. For the new batteries alone, Apple’s second-generation AirPods are worth the price of admission!

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