The real choice you make when you subscribe to Apple services

“If there’s anything that’s clear from Apple’s event Monday, it’s that the maker of premium tech products is trying to sell people on its vision for the future of services—a seemingly effortless lifestyle filled with always-accessible media, exclusive video games, and cash-back incentives from a literal titanium credit card,” Lauren Goode and Peter Rubin write for Wired. “If there’s anything that’s not clear from the Apple event, it’s pretty much everything else.”

“Apple’s pitch for the new era of subscription services was scant on some key details, including the pricing and ship dates of some of its new products,” Goode and Rubin write. “Apple was careful to highlight all of the ways in which it’s giving consumers choice — HBO! Showtime! 300-plus magazines! Two Oprah-endorsed documentaries — and touted privacy as a feature of its offerings. And yet, the company’s services push is also carefully designed to lock more customers into the Apple life.”

“Apple’s new [$9.99/mo.] subscription product for premium news, Apple News+, is the one thing CEO Tim Cook spoke about today that was launched immediately,” Goode and Rubin write. “But no one using non-Apple device will have access to this service, unlike how it was with Texture, where anyone with the app could access all these mags.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Blah, blah. We’re very happy to be safely ensconced within Apple’s walled garden, thanks. That’s a major reason why we invest in Apple products to begin with!

And, by the way, people who settle for cheap, pretend iPhones, peddled BOGOF, don’t generally spend money on software or subscription services. They won’t miss Apple News+, because they’d never consider releasing the moths from their wallets to get it anyway. We bet the vast majority of Texture subscribers were iOS users. We bet the vast majority of physical magazine and newspaper subscribers are Apple product users who have discretionary income and the proven will to spend it. That’s why Apple isn’t bothering with an Apple News+ app for Android.

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  1. “If there’s anything that’s not clear from the Apple event, it’s pretty much everything else.”

    Stupidest thing I’ve read for a long time. YEAH! The presentation was about certain specific topics!!! Duh!

  2. … and how come I NEVER read articles stating: “… all these services are fine, but it’s Google’s cleaver way of locking you into their services.”

    It’s only Apple that wants to “lock you into their services” never anyone else.

    Please. Get over yourself Android Windoze lovers. Every company wants to sell you as much as they can. Period. Not just Apple.

    I know, shocker!!!

  3. Premium without the NY Times, the Washington Post, The Financial Times, The Economist, and Bloomberg Digital (not the Businessweek mag) is kind of lame.

    Now if your idea of Premium is gossip ragazines- feel free.


  4. The choice people will make is whether to save $10 or give it to Timmy every month.

    Apple does such a poor job on specialized or local content, and multilingual media, that we have already made our choice.

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