Apple to begin dismantling iTunes?

“If you use an iOS device, you have long had access to the TV app to view movies and TV shows,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Kirkville. “Yesterday, Apple announced that the TV app would be coming to the Mac later this year, suggesting that videos would be removed from iTunes.”

“While I can hear the joy of the many people who have been hoping that iTunes would be dismantled, it’s not clear exactly what this change would mean,” McElhearn writes. “While Apple certainly wants to have a separate video app for its own iTunes Store content, and its new Apple TV+ content, I can’t imagine that they will remove the ability to store home videos in iTunes, or to sync them to iOS devices.”

“It seems more likely that the TV app will be the catalog, not the library, for video content,” McElhearn writes. “I wouldn’t be surprised if iTunes still retained its movies and TV shows sections to store and manage a library of content you want to keep on a Mac and sync to iOS devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iTunes is like snowball rolling down Everest. It usually only gains, growing in size. Sometimes it seems to hit a rock, but instead of cleaving into smaller, separate parts, it seems to simply reorganize itself and continue rolling on.


  1. The mess that iTunes became is the result of Apple using their OS control to control the user. The purpose of the program became to maximize sales rather then to help users find what they want from their music collection.

    Unfortunately Apple does not seem to have learned that this is a bad thing. So I’m not hopeful that the new upgrades will be any easier for the user.

    1. Where is Winamp when you need them (utter crap), no other program after all these years does better? Vox music was very good but they like can’t get out of the way….

  2. Oh hell I already struggle with iTunes and Apple Music which seems a combination designed to annoy, frustrate and force you to open a subscription in the latter, especially as third party apps seem to always send you there rather than the iTunes Store now. Damn ironic considering Apple spent years trying to ignore streaming music as if it were some sort of infectious disease. Now they just want to infect you themselves.

  3. I seem to be the rare person that does okay with iTunes. It seems to work okay for me and I am generally happy with the way things in it work. I have been using it forever, or so it seems. I just hope that as the do this breakup, if that is what is going to happen, it goes better than things like the Podcasts App. I have my podcasts downloaded via iTunes and I would sync to a device to listen. But with the Podcast app, even if the episode should have been local, if I paused it and tried to restart where it did not have Internet, it would not let me restart. If I started it where I had Internet, it would let me continue playing once offline though. It forced me to break out the old iPod classic for doing that since it seemed to work more reliably. Hopefully they create a better and more consistent user experience with whatever they do, something they have definitely had issues doing of late.

    1. While it’s true I only have about 800 full albums and 300 movies managed by iTunes (both ripped from physical media and iTunes purchases), I’m with you in having no issues in dealing with iTunes.

  4. Tell Tim I am not renting my content.

    Tell him that I have been a customer of iTunes since launch and bought a crapload of Movies, TV, and music, but will get off the train when/if they stop supporting purchased content.

  5. Apple long ago began dismantling iTunes. You can no longer sync or replace Safari bookmarks on your IOS devices. And what ever happened to podcast or video playlists created on iTunes being available on IOS devices,

  6. I take it that since there was absolutely no mention of iPod touch, nor any mention of purchase of songs, that eventually, the only way you can get music from Apple is via a Apple Music subscription. No need to manage your own music via iTunes. iTunes is being phased out. Just like everything else Apple has phased out or will eventually phase out.

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