Download iOS 12.2 and try out these new features on your iPhone and iPad

“If you don’t already have it, or have yet to receive the notification that an iOS update is available, simply tap on your Settings app > General > Software Update to begin the download,” David Murphy writes for Lifehacker. “It’ll take a while; it took me about an hour or so to download and install the update on a reasonably fast internet connection.”

“While you wait, here are some of the big features you can look forward to with the update,” Murphy writes. “Apple News+: You can now pay Apple $10/mo to consolidate your many magazine subscriptions into a single digital package. If you’re on the fence about Apple’s offering, you do get a one-month trial to play around with the new service. Don’t forget to cancel it if you don’t want it, however, as you’ll automatically be billed for the next month’s subscription if you forget. And, you can share your subscription with up to six family members via Apple’s Family Sharing feature.”

“If you like turning your head into animals and sending quirky little virtual videos (or pictures, if you just tap your fake noggin) to your friends, you’re in luck,” Murphy writes. “You now get a giraffe, a shark, a warthog, and an owl.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Murphy has a great idea for Apple: “Open up an ‘App Store for Animoji’ and let other people create safe-for-work virtual creations.”

Apple’s Animoji are nice and all, but we’d love to see what Apple’s creative community would come up with if allowed to do so!


  1. I’m already cancelling Apple News+. I was enjoying it but just now I got an news alert to a Wired news article I wanted to read. When I clicked on the article it took me to pay wall asking me to pay $1.99 a month. Huge fail.

    When Time Cook said Apple always focuses on the details. Seems to me they are missing lots of details these days.

  2. I would love to create esoteric Animoji’s as it is what I do. I will call mine Artimojis because I am the consummate artist with a ginormous pen. is that good enough for you?

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