Apple’s AirPower to launch late this month, supply chain sources say

“Lite-On Semiconductor, a maker of discrete and analog IC components, is expected to see its second-quarter revenues register a double-digit sequential growth as it will soon kick off volume shipments of GPP (glass passivated package) bridge rectifiers needed for Apple’s wireless charger AirPower, according to industry sources,” Julian Ho and Willis Ke report for DigiTimes.

“The sources said that Apple’s AirPower wireless charger for iPhones, Apple Watch and AirPods is set to be officially launched in late March, which will significantly drive up Lite-On’s revenues for the second quarter of 2019,” Ho and Ke report.

“Lite-On’s consolidated revenues for 2018 rose 5% on year to NT$12.1 billion (US$392.56 million), the second highest level ever recorded,” Ho and Ke report. “Its EPS for the year shot up 56% on year to NT$2.80.”

In 2017, the AirPower mat was billed by Apple as being able to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously
In 2017, the AirPower mat was billed by Apple as being able to charge iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s certainly been an embarassingly long time coming.

Here’s one Apple product we’d steer clear of pre-ordering as the inordinate amount of time between its announcement and launch — September 12, 2017 and, so far, The Twelfth of Never – creates more than a twinge of concern. We’ll wait for the hands-on reviews for this one, thanks.MacDailyNews, March 21, 2019

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  1. I’m thinking they switch the pad from three devices to two. That shouldn’t be too difficult to create. Especially if you make it small enough that two devices can only fit in one configuration.

  2. People are sure making a big deal out of a wireless charger. I mean, there are other multiple device wireless chargers out there, so what makes Apple’s charger so special, besides a likely outrageous price tag. It had been said Apple ran into problems with AirPower and that’s what took it so long to market. I suppose they never said what the actual problems were. Hard to get parts in quantity, maybe.

    1. Supposedly it is “smart” pad;

      items do not need to be placed in a specific location or orientation
      items “communicate” with each other – battery status shows on screen
      foreign object detection (keys, paperclip, etc. won’t short out the pad)

      1. nothing in your list makes it superior or compelling. it’s a dual charger that costs more than twice what individual Qi chargers cost, and five times what a conventional faster wired charger costs. And it’s a piece of ugly white plastic.

  3. Qi charging mat be the most overrated useless feature ever. I’d rather have a more efficient slim cable on my desk than this expensive slow charging POS.

    For a company that preaches about being such an environmental steward, it produces way too much badly designed white plastic junk. From China, soon to a landfill near you.

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