“AT&T’s controversial ‘5G E’ network — really rebranded 4G LTE — may actually be slower than Verizon and T-Mobile’s LTE networks, a newly-published study says,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“5G E-capable devices managed an average download speed of 28.8 megabits per second on AT&T between Jan. 28 and Feb. 26, according to Opensignal data,” Fingas reports. “That ranks against 29.4 megabits on T-Mobile LTE, and 29.9 megabits through Verizon LTE. Sprint speeds were a distant fourth at 20.4 megabits.”

Fingas reports, “The carrier’s ‘5G E’ labeling — present in the iOS 12.2 beta — has drawn widespread criticism, including even a Sprint lawsuit accusing it of false marketing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: AT&T obviously believes their current and potential customers are stupid which seems like stupid marketing to us.

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