Apple’s streaming video plans put Disney CEO Bob Iger’s board seat at risk

“Apple Inc.’s foray into original TV shows and movies is increasing competition with Walt Disney Co., potentially putting Bob Iger’s board seat at the iPhone maker at risk,” Mark Gurman reports for Bloomberg. “Apple has been buying shows and movies at festivals and funding its own content that the company plans to package this year into a streaming video service. It’s set to preview the offering with Hollywood stars at an event March 25 in Cupertino, California.”

“Apple’s recent proxy statements said the company has ‘arms-length commercial dealings’ with Disney, including digital services content licensing agreements. But the filings added that Iger, chief executive officer of Disney, doesn’t have “a material direct or indirect interest” in those deals,” Gurman reports. “That could change as both companies launch streaming services that compete with each other.”

“‘They might have to recognize that they will become active competitors in the near future,’ said John Coffee, director of the Center on Corporate Governance at Columbia Law School,” Gurman reports. “He suspects both companies have legal advisers looking into whether Iger should remain on Apple’s board. The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 limits directors from serving on their own board and that of a competitor, Coffee noted.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, Iger will likely have to bid farewell to Apple’s BoD, unfortunately.

Hopefully, it doesn’t take nearly as long as the ridiculous Eric Schmidt situation where the mole sat of Apple’s BoD well into the iPhone era, not resigning until August 3, 2009, well after Apple’s iPhone innovations were being knocked off in Android.

Apple likely to unveil TV streaming service at star-studded event on March 25th – February 15, 2019
Apple is targeting April to launch its new video service – February 13, 2019
Apple to hold special media event on March 25th – February 12, 2019


  1. Apple’s car plans should put Al Gore’s board seat at risk since he is the political godfather of the “earth is doomed unless we convert to all electric vehicles” religion. Gore’s insanity in this area should get him removed from the board as it could and may already have caused Apple to waste billions on the electric vehicle and renewable energy fiasco/pipedream. Minnesota utilities just told their customers to set thermostats at 60 and use no hot water during the current subzero weather pattern. Why? Because the wind is not blowing (so no wind energy) and snow is covering all the solar panels (so no solar power) and Minnesota has built its system around renewable power, aka “occasional power”. Enjoy the frostbite.

        1. You obviously don’t understand the difference between fact (truth) and opinion, kent. By the way, during extreme cold snaps oil and gas customers are told to conserve too, since those energy distribution systems also have limitations.

          1. My natural gas is totally unimpeded. Our coal and nuclear plants in Ohio deliver 24/7/375. Totally reliable. And of course, every time a wind or solar source is put on the energy network, the utility must add coal, gas, hydro or nuclear as back for when the “renewable” energy is on siesta, which is very often. I understand facts. And it is a fact that there is no threat to the earth from manmade global warming. None. But there are climate extremist religion fundamentalists who preach this televangelism for money and power. And there are always lots of suckers. Of course, these suckers demand reliable electricity and jet planes and roads (asphalt) and all the goodies made from oil.

          2. I will agree with you as soon as you post a video proving that you have recently stood for ten minutes with your nostrils just above the 1919 sea level and didn’t drown.

            By the way, if we want roads paved with asphalt or plastics made with petrochemicals, perhaps

            1. Perhaps we should stop burning the feed stock.

              Every time I read one of your fantasies, it puts me in mind of Winston Smith toiling away at the Ministry of Truth to rewrite history so it doesn’t create any cognitive dissonance with orthodox ideology. The greenhouse effect caused by industrial emissions was established science before the discovery of radioactivity… or is that a myth, too?

            2. “The greenhouse effect caused by industrial emissions was established science before the discovery of radioactivity…”

              None of the 19th Century Scientists, Fourhier, Tyndall, and Arrhenius were all prior to the discovery of radioactivity but were NOT concerned at all with industrial emissions and “global warming” and considered volcanoes far more the cause of climate changes leading to the causes of ice ages. It wasn’t until after the 1896 work of Arrhenius (radioactivity was discovered February 26, 27, 1896, by Henri Becquerel). The actual father of Global Warming is attributed to Guy Stewart Callendar, who wasn’t even born until 1898. . . But the temperature data used to establish the warming increase from 1800 to 1940 claimed to correlate in the “Callendar Effect” with increase with a ten percent increase in CO2 due to anthropomorphic industrial development has been resoundingly debunked as being from only taken from temperature measurements in growing urban centers. Measurements taken in non-urban areas, away from urban build up and heat sources, for the same period, showed no such temperature increase, thus falsifying the hypothesis. Similarly, Callendar, a merely amateur meteorologist, had the severe problem that his his CO2 sampling suffered from regional and historical accuracy bias based on his assumptions that atmospheric CO2 measurements from 1800 through 1900 were as accurate as those from 1900 through 1940. Keep in mind that Amedeo Avogadro (Avogadro’s Law and Avogadro’s Number, even the word “molecule”) did not establish the fact of molecules as combinations of atoms until 1811 which allows the calculation of percentages of various gases in the atmosphere. . . So historical percentage measurement are at best guesses. . . Especially when guessing down to ~280 parts per million (ppm) which is frankly far less than most modern equipment’s degree of accuracy, much less antique gear’s ability.

            3. We could quibble over details, but it was the clear scientific consensus roughly 150 years ago that higher CO2 levels were correlated with higher average global temperatures. It was also well known exactly how many tonnes of CO2 were generated by burning a tonne of carbon. The amount of carbon burned since then is pretty easy to determine from industry records, as is the impact that has on atmospheric concentrations. Even if nobody had published the obvious conclusion before 1896, it was logically inescapable.

              Reconstructing atmospheric CO2 levels from contemporary observations, ice cores, and indirect evidence is not as difficult as you suggest; likewise for global average temperatures. It takes a major violation of Occam’s Law to come up with a more complex explanation for rising temperatures than the obvious one.

  2. So Apple is building an electric vehicle (or so we think) Al Gore thinks we should build electric vehicles (both Apple and generally). So are you saying that Apple, if it were not for Al Gore wouldn’t want to build electric vehicles? Or by connection self driving vehicles as you pretty much can’t have one without the other? Because otherwise there is no sense whatsoever in your comments, as there is absolutely no conflict in Gore being on the board…. unless he works for a competing electric car company too. So it looks like you are comparing Apple with Oranges here.

    Like it or not most of the West will be all electric vehicles in terms of new sales within 20 years or so and as the US is currently at the forefront of this and self driving tech I would suggest it would be madness to throw away that particular industrial Revolution though I am sure that Merc, BMW, Jaguar (who just won European car of the Year with an electric SUV), VW, Toyota, Nissan, Renault and all the rest especially the Chinese will be more than happy to take up the slack. Progress or wave goodbye to your wealth and the jobs of thousands of car workers.

    1. I am saying Apple, being liberal, listens to Al Gore and does not have a sane person on the board to counter Al Gore because Apple has no conservatives on the board to counter Al’s BS with the real facts.

  3. Don’t you EVER get tired of telling stories that are, to be charitable, simply untrue? Do you just assume that nobody will take the few minutes on the Internet needed to refute your porkie-pies?

    As far as I can tell, the only utility in Minnesota that told customers to turn down their thermostats was Exel Energy, which sells natural gas and not electricity. I seriously doubt that they use wind turbines or solar power to synthesize gas. If they did, it wouldn’t be natural gas, would it?

    The demand on gas supplies would have been even greater if not for whatever load renewable sources took off gas-fired power plants. This was a record-setting cold spell, so it was going to stretch heating resources to their limits in any case.

    Oh, and before you suggest that the cold snap itself refutes global warming science, consider that the most likely reason the polar vortex hit the USA was that it was displaced by unusually warm temperatures near the North Pole.

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