These are the things Apple could (and should) fix immediately

“As one of the world’s richest and most admired companies, we expect a lot from Apple. We expect big-thinking innovation and cutting-edge design,” Jason Cross writes for Macworld. “Perhaps it is because the company does so many things very well that it stings even more when it drops the ball on something simple.”

“Here are a few things Apple could do with minimal effort,” Cross writes. “Some could happen immediately, others might start with the introduction of the next product in its line, but none would require serious engineering efforts or investment.”

“Provide more than 5GB of free iCloud storage,” Cross writes. “Apple would do well to raise the free limit to at least 10GB or 15GB, but there are other good options, too. Maybe you could get 5GB free for each Apple device you register (other than accessories).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

Apple is stingy and should at the very least give users 5GB of iCloud storage per device. — MacDailyNews, July 15, 2016

As far as Cross’ other ideas, the one we’d most like to see happen today is for Apple to stop shipping iPhones and iPad with cheap 5-watt power adapters.

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  1. the most important thing Apple could do is update ALL their products- Mac, iPad, and iPad EVERY 12 months with a speed/spec/price adjustment every 6 months.

    A commitment like would make corporate-huge, medium, and small*- purchasing decisions a lot easier. And think how positively long time and multiple Apple device owners would react to that. 🙂

    *just think how big of hit a “it just works” file, print, web, email, cloud, update, and configuration Mac Server designed for companies 1-100 people would be. Just imagine, you buy a new Mac, iPad or iPhone and then connect to a network with a Mac Server and all your files, software, email, licenses, and configurations are automatically installed in ten minutes. Wouldn’t that be awesome? A ten person company with the IT backbone of a 2000 person company. Awesome. Especially since Apple already has all the pieces and parts to do just that. 🙂

  2. I agree on every single suggestion!!!
    By the way, Apple promoted the touch bar with starting and stopping videos in iTunes. But before it was possible to do that with the space bar which was way easier. What a cheap trick!

  3. They could also do good on High Sierra users and get APFS support working on Fusion Drives as they promised at WWDC.

    They know how to do it in Mojave. I am sure the High Sierra kernel can be fixed too.

      1. Not everyone can run Mojave for multiple reasons ranging from hardware incompatibility via software incompatibility to corporate policy (that thing called IT).

        But being a smart mouth is more important than Apple keeping their word, right?

        1. I am glad you like, appreciate and honor smart mouths. I would like to introduce you to mine. It is the most humbly smart mouth here at MDN, I never say anything dumb because I am a brainiac level progressive with a huuuuuuuge pen. Is that impressive enough for you?

  4. Things they should fix immediately? Stop ignoring your Macs and get to goddamn work! It is what you lazy shiftless bastards are paid to do, and paid all too well. You have no exscuses for not yearly upgrading here on out as we are on to you and no more forgiveness will be granted in the future. Not to mention “immediately” showing us the new 2019 Mac Pro and then making them available posthaste and not piecemeal. We are tired of your lackadaisical attitude.

    Actions, not words, are what count.

  5. I wonder how much Apple actually looses in sales by not giving away more than 5Gb of iCloud space, because as I find now the ecosystem pretty much works at a level below its competitors when you can’t use it properly because there are fewer flexible alternatives that are designed in than most Android phones. I know people who have left because they feel restricted and can’t manually transfer easily. Just seems very short sighted now that services are becoming so much more important. Indeed I can only assume something must give with the new streaming service for it will only increase the burden with the potential to be something of a calamity for many users/potential usersI suspect.

  6. Here’s an idea Apple. Develop a “Private Cloud” application that runs on MacOS and let users register it through iCloud for remote access. And it performs automatic backup to a local or remote site (grandma’s house).

    This will allow users to store their data in a private secure location, with all the storage they can buy, and generate sales for Mac servers that provide these services.

  7. The #1 thing to fix is to replace the CEO and most of the dead wood executive team. They have shown neither vision nor execution commensurate to Apple’s resources. They need leaders who are in it to please customers rather than their own self interests (fashion, social justice, and executive stock awards appear to be more important than anything else).

  8. I really hope Tim Cook realizes that “emoji’s” and “colors” are NOT a TON of NEW things.
    THIS is what users are WAITING for:
    Mac Pro
    Mac Display
    4″ Phone
    MacBook Pro
    Updates on software that needs to be address – see iTunes..

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