“In successive iterations — iTools, MobileMe, .Mac, and now iCloud — Apple has built its products around services hosted in the cloud,” Kirk McElhearn writes for Macworld. “Mac and iOS device owners depend on iCloud. We use it for our music, our photos, our contacts, calendars, and reminders. We store our email in the cloud, as well as our notes and many of our files. And, critically, we back up our iOS devices to iCloud (though you can and should also back them up to your Mac using iTunes).”

“These services, once dependent on an annual subscription ($99 a year for MobileMe in the US; $149 for a family plan), are now free. But as the price dropped, so did the amount of storage allocated to users,” McElhearn writes. “From 20GB with MobileMe, to 10GB with .Mac, iCloud only offers 5GB per user. You can pay to get more storage, of course, and that’s how Apple makes some spare change. But only 5GB per user? Seriously?”

“Why doesn’t Apple give us 5GB of iCloud storage for each device we own?” McElhearn writes. “Given the cost of iOS devices and Macs, Apple’s 5GB free iCloud storage just seems stingy. Give use a bit more, so we can safely back up our iOS devices, and give us a bonus when we own multiple devices.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s scary how many iPhone and iPad users we encounter who never back up their devices to their Macs or crappy Windows PCs via iTunes.

As for Apple being stingy with iCloud storage? Yes, Apple is stingy and should at the very least give users 5GB of iCloud storage per device.