Analyst: MacBook Air 2017 could be the last in series as Apple plans to kill off ‘Air’ line

“The MacBook Air is unlikely to move up further at least for 2016, meaning that the meager updates that happened back in April is all there is for this line,” Brian Patrick reports for Morning News USA.

“To recall, the only significant change was the addition of 8 GB of RAM and the addition of a rose gold color option on the 13-inch variant last Apr. 19,” Patrick reports. “No changes were made to the 11-inch MacBook Air, meaning it was still the same old device that debuted in 2015.”

MacDailyNews Take: 11-inch MacBook Air. Still our favorite Mac!

“KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the 13-inch version will live on. It will be retained alongside a 12-inch MacBook which may take the place of the 11-inch variant. At the rate things are going, the MacBook Air is likely heading to an end,” Patrick reports. “The iPad Pro has been seen as a potential replacement though a better choice is a rumored Retina MacBook, which could come out in 2017. Macworld speculates that new MacBook models will eventually account for the eventual demise of the MacBook Air.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The 12-inch MacBook is basically the perfect Mac for what we do on the go and is the frontrunner for replacing our beloved 11-inch MBAs (depending on what happens with the MacBook Pro).


  1. If they make the MBA 11 go away in lieu of the 12 in one port no repairability model I will find other MBA 11s on the secondary market. I would rather have places for the lightning hdmi, the flash transfer drive, the 1 gigabit network USB when needed and so on. It isn’t progress when you need an army of dongles to use the computer. I continue to think one port is for the birds

    1. If you’re using Apple’s USB to ethernet adapter, it’s only 10/100, not gigabit. Either way, it’s still a dongle. And, you could just bu one dongle with those ports on it.

  2. The 11″Air has is a lot similar to unneutered netbooks. I am certain there are those who like them. However I also think that 12″-13″ is an ideal size for a ultra portable laptop. Anything lighter, might as well be an iPad. macOS for MacBooks, cut the frills and sell it for $999. iOS for iPads, with touch and a Smart Cover keyboard, for roughly the same price, $949.

    I do think the MacBook should have at least two USB-C ports, one on each side and can do the exact same thing, charge and data.

    We will all have to wait and see.

      1. I work hard and providing you content. I wasn’t being disrespectful to Apple, by mentioning netbook. The 11″ air was a market response to meet the demanding consumer. It’s been mildly popular in education, but not like the 13″ which is education standard after the 13″ MacBook Pro with SuperDrive. Apple has to look at the numbers and make choices. The 13″ Air is going to be around for a long time, unless Apple brings the MacBook price down.

  3. With the current offerings, there is still a place for the MBA. It has best in class battery life and a decent 64-bit geekbench score. Yes, my iMac’s retina is missed when using the MBA, but when going to the coffee shop or in the airport I don’t have to worry about where to sit (i.e., where the power outlets are and taking turns using them).

  4. What a total mess this is, the whole laptop range has become a mishmash of inconsistency that might be acceptable for 6 months, is increadingly embarrassing after a year but now well beyond that it is simply unacceptable. First thing Steve did was to bring focus to the range it hardly brings confidence that this first law of the rejuvenated Apple has been so contemptuously binned.

  5. I seriously have trouble selling the MacBook over the MacBook Air. The features of the MacBook just don’t appeal to people at its price, considering that the Air is cheaper.

    Both Macs’ performance is good for word processing, surfing the internet, and checking E-mail, and maybe Facebook and Twitter on the side, with a smudge of Netflix and Youtube. What’s beyond that? You can’t game with it. You can’t run Photoshop, Pro Tools, or Final Cut without the things overheating. The Retina MacBook Pro is better for those things.

    Micro Center is selling the 2015 MacBook Air for $799. When people want a basic, lightweight laptop, I sell the Air over the MacBook 5-to-1. $1299 for a Mac that is smaller than a 13″ in many customers’ eyes is ridiculous. They don’t care about a retina display or USB-C, and many complain that the single port for connecting stuff is insufficient: they don’t want to connect hubs and adapters. 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is nice, but those features should be on the Air at the $999 price tag, not the $1299 one. At $1299, we should have 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

    And where’s Thunderbolt 3? I see it on Dells, but not Macs? What’s up with Apple’s slow adoption rate of new technologies?

    And can we NOT use Intel integrated graphics on Pro-end computers, please? Ick.

    Apple’s been disappointing me lately, and the same goes for my customers I sell Apple products to. I’m not going to put the responsibility of running a company and making great products on Tim Cook alone, ALL OF APPLE is responsible. Every last employee.

    Want to see Apple’s shares go up? Let’s start by making things that people want. Cater to your customers, Apple, and I’ll take care of your customers. Give me something worth selling.

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