“My colleague Bradley Chambers recently wrote that his single biggest disappointment with WWDC was that Apple made no move to announce an upgrade to the 5GB free iCloud tier,” Ben Lovejoy writes for 9to5Mac. “The 5GB free tier is now nothing less than an embarrassment.”

“No increase in the free tier in seven years, while storage costs have plummeted, makes Apple look like it hasn’t noticed. An embarrassment because 5GB isn’t even enough to back up an iPhone once you start filling it with content like photos and videos,” Lovejoy writes. “An embarrassment because you get exactly one quota of 5GB even if you’ve bought dozens of Apple devices over the years. Even if you just spent thousands of dollars on a shiny new MacBook Pro. Immediately forcing people to spend more on upgrading their iCloud account feels like nickel-and-diming customers.”

“But the paucity of the free storage tier isn’t the only embarrassing thing about iCloud. The second is security. For a company which not only prides itself on privacy, but uses it as a key marketing issue, it’s ridiculous that iCloud still doesn’t employ end-to-end encryption,” Lovejoy writes. “The third improvement I’d like to see is absolute transparency and choice about what is and isn’t stored on iCloud – especially on the Mac.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, yes, and yes.

Apple is stingy and should at the very least give users 5GB of iCloud storage per device. — MacDailyNews, July 15, 2016

And here’s a fourth fix we’d love to see:

On iCloud.com, Apple should add a tool where people can enter multiple Apple IDs and passwords and combine them into one.

Biting the iCloud storage bullet – June 22, 2017