Analyst: Apple is a year away from a 5G iPhone and could struggle to find components for it

“Apple Inc. is expected to wait until 2020 before it releases a 5G version of its iPhone, but even with a time frame that puts a potential launch after rivals such as Samsung, Apple may still struggle to get the necessary components to build the product,” Ryan Vlastelica reports for Bloomberg. “According to Cowen, Apple is ‘in a difficult position’ given its reliance on Intel’s modem products, and it has four options to deal with the situation, ‘none of which is ideal.'”

“Apple’s first option, Cowen wrote, is to ‘launch 18 months after 5G competition with an inferior modem from Intel likely without mmWave capabilities,’ referring to the band of spectrum that can be used for 5G’s high-speed wireless communications,” Vlastelica reports. “Another option would be to ‘source a 5G modem from chief competitor Samsung,’ Cowen wrote, though it added that would likely come only on ‘tough commercial terms.’ Using a 5G modem from Huawei is ‘off the table as an option,’ Cowen told clients, while ‘MediaTek’s stack is too far behind in terms of timeline.'”

“Apple could also settle its disputes with Qualcomm and revert back to its modems, but Cowen asked, ‘might it be too late already?'” Vlastelica reports. “The company’s fourth option would be to purchase Intel’s modem business and develop the necessary components internally.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple will have 5G modems when Apple needs 5G modems because, in the immortal words of Tom Gray: “Money changes everything.”

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  1. Apple struggle? When their money can push everyone else away out of their path? It’ll be the competition that’s struggling as Bloomberg struggles to report accurately.

  2. I’m quite satisfied with the current modem technology and I think most consumers feel the same way. There’s no real rush for 5G. It’s fine if it’s slowly rolled out over the next several years. I have no desire to see all the rooftops in my neighborhood bristling with 5G transmission antennae. They’re ugly and I’m quite concerned about being bombarded with radiation. This is just another case of letting tech-heads have their say to rush some new standards. Everyone seems to ignore the downside of 5G tech. It’s honestly not worth rushing into.

  3. Tower owners never ask for permission to transmit potentially damaging radiation into people. Technology companies and the tower subcontractors keep this hush hush. Legislators too since they get a cut of the profits donated into their reelection campaigns. Who is likely to suffer? People and wildlife.

    “This means that the wifi supported by 5G will be ever more valuable in allowing the US Military and isolated survival groups to communicate. This is the priority.

    Does 5G technology have a negative affect on human and animal health? Yes. 5G will be implemented, though only the poor may be afflicted by the towers, sparing wealthy neighborhoods.”

    1. “…only the poor may be afflicted by the towers…”

      That’s right. They’ll build these nasty towers – which, btw, are very SHORT RANGE, meaning you’ve got to BE in that neighborhood to use them – only in poor areas.

      Or perhaps they mean that millimeter waves are sensitive to money, and avoid people who have it.

      Frankly, when one starts bringing poor people into the discussion on things like this, and say that they will be disproportionately affected, one betrays one’s ignorance of the technology involved.

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