Energizer’s new Android phone has an 18,000 mAh battery. Yes, it’s a wee bit thick

“Thanks to its 18,000 mAh battery, the Energizer Power Max P18K Pop promises up to fifty days of standby time between charges,” Edward Munn reports for ExpertReviews.

“Poor battery life is one of the most common complaints among smartphone users. Who doesn’t want their device to last longer between charges?” Munn reports. “Thanks to its frankly ludicrously sized 18,000 mAh battery, however, that’s not a complaint I can ever imagine anyone leveling at Energizer’s new Power Max P18K Pop, which I’ve been hands-on with at MWC in Barcelona.”

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop’s specs, release date, and price:
• 6.2in 18:9 display
• 12MP + 5MP + 2MP main camera
• 16MP + 2MP pop-up front camera
• Android 9.0 Pie
• Mediatek Helio P70 8-core 2.0GHz
• 128GB storage
• SD card up to 128GB
• Dual SIM
• Release date: June 2019
• Price: €600 [US$680]

“There’s no surprise that the Power Max P18K Pop is much thicker than any phone we’ve tested in recent memory, but nothing quite prepares you for just how bulky it is,” Munn reports. “Measuring 18mm deep, it’s more than twice as thick as the iPhone XS.”

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop
Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop
Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

Energizer Power Max P18K Pop
Energizer Power Max P18K Pop

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MacDailyNews Take: We actually did laugh out loud when we saw this one! Somehow, though, it’s strangely appealing. Too bad about the Android, though (not to mention the awful processor, poor display, etc.). Unlimited battery life wouldn’t be worth ceding the seamless continuity, security and privacy that our real iPhones offer. We’ll just stick with our Apple Smart Battery Cases, thanks!

Also, Energizer needs some more words and stuff in that phone’s name. It’s not nearly long enough. (Maybe Phil Schiller could help out by adding some “Quattros,” “e-trons,” or something equally inane in there, too!)

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. The must have phone for daredevil adverturists, spies, people living off the grid, anti-government wackjobs, traveling tech bloggers, cheating sex addicted spouses, and I would be remiss if I failed to mention it’s most important market: drug traffickers!

  1. This makes me laugh but admire the bunny rabbit with a teasing mind who came up with this weird thing. Hey, we are a battery company. You need more juice? You can have it. We even built a decent phone on it.
    Trekkers and forest rangers, for example, might be interested in it rather than carrying a multiple battery pack, haha
    We need more laugh like this these days.

  2. This is my kind of smartphone, I love it thick and hard like this with plenty of power. Well, battery power, the CPU is a bit limp and requires a bit of eViagrah-rah but it’s serviceable.

    Still, this Energizer is really energizing me, I can’t wait to feel this thick black beast between my fingers.

    Once you go black you don’t go back
    Once you go Mac you do go back to Windows and Android.

    1. I was going to say someone on here was bound to say this phone is a compelling package. Beat me to it there though I reckon by your words of blushing enthusiasm you would love a 1980s car phone brick even more. Most sane people however have moved on to something a little more compelling in the meantime. But hey always room for the eccentric ones, I salute your weirdness, I really do.

  3. I’m sold,,, but wish It was an iPhone, how about with HALF of that battery on a Iphone I’d by it tonight on the way home, we’ve all known for years that the phone dies way to fast, I don’t want the phone “Dimming” or going OFF, just to save energy, i hate it actually, and everyone knows that playing video on an Iphone you’re lucky to get an hour and a half out of the battery. Apple wants to sell phones better come up with some great options. NOBODY cares about thin.. most people put a case on it first thing, once again, The iPhone PRO.. shock corners, and THIS battery, and waterproof. BOOM

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