President Trump says U.S.-China trade deal ‘very, very close,’ pushes U.S. stocks higher

“U.S. stocks rose on Monday after President Donald Trump said he would delay a planned hike in tariffs on Chinese imports and that the two countries were ‘very, very close’ to a trade deal,” Sinéad Carew reports for Reuters. “But Wall Street’s three major indexes pulled back from session highs as investors waited for new catalysts such as an actual deal with China. Before the market opened on Monday, Trump said he was optimistic a final trade deal could be reached with China but cautioned that an agreement may still not happen.”

“The U.S. president’s move to postpone the tariff deadline was seen as the clearest sign yet the two countries were closing in on an agreement to end their prolonged trade spat, which has slowed global growth and disrupted markets,” Carew reports. “‘The main driver for the market today is renewed optimism regarding a deal between the U.S. and China,’ said Adam Sarhan, chief executive officer of 50 Park Investments in New York.”

“At 2:04 p.m. EST (1904 GMT), the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 134.83 points, or 0.52 percent, to 26,166.64; the S&P 500 gained 10.41 points, or 0.37 percent, to 2,803.08; and the Nasdaq Composite added 42.48 points, or 0.56 percent, to 7,570.03,” Carew reports. “The S&P technology index was up 0.6 percent, with the biggest boost from Apple Inc, gaining 0.7 percent. The Philadelphia semiconductor index climbed 1.3 percent as chip companies have a big exposure to China.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, we’ll soon learn of a comprehensive U.S.-China trade deal that works for both countries.

I’m cognizant that in both the U.S. and China, there have been cases where everyone hasn’t benefited, where the benefit hasn’t been balanced. My belief is that one plus one equals three. The pie gets larger, working together. — Apple CEO Tim Cook, March 24, 2018

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    1. “The markets don’t like uncertainty.”

      Why then would they believe anything the Liar in Chief says? That is certainly one thing he stands alone on. No lying politician in the history of the US comes anywhere close.

        1. MAGA dipshit: your fsucking orange liar in chief claimed Mexico would pay for his petty project — a PARTIAL wall that would not come close to sealing the border.

          So why is he raiding other budgets of US taxpayer money to pay for it???

          Every day Drumph rips off another dozen bald faced lies, most of them fed to him by talking heads on TV that have no access to US intelligence and military services. Drumph wouldn’t have to lie if he was smart enough to read a security brief.

          If you cannot tell the entertainer is making it up as he goes along, you seriously need to seek more objective news sources. Nobody in the world trusts Drumph with good reasons.

        2. According to the US House Judiciary Committee, they have reason to suspect Trump had fraudulent deals possibly including collusion with foreign powers and almost certainly subsequent obstruction of justice with the following 81 individuals and entities:

          Alan Garten
          Alexander Nix
          Allen Weisselberg
          American Media Inc
          Anatoli Samochornov
          Andrew Intrater
          Annie Donaldson
          Brad Parscale
          Brittany Kaiser
          Cambridge Analytica
          Carter Page
          Columbus Nova
          Concord Management and Consulting
          Corey Lewandowski
          David Pecker
          Department of Justice
          Don McGahn
          Donald J Trump Revocable Trust
          Donald Trump Jr.
          Dylan Howard
          Eric Trump
          Erik Prince
          Federal Bureau of Investigation
          Felix Sater
          Flynn Intel Group
          General Services Administration
          George Nader
          George Papadopoulos
          Hope Hicks
          Irakly Kaveladze
          Jared Kushner
          Jason Maloni
          Jay Sekulow
          Jeff Sessions
          Jerome Corsi
          John Szobocsan
          Julian Assange
          Julian David Wheatland
          Keith Davidson
          KT McFarland
          Mark Corallo
          Matt Tait
          Matthew Calamari
          Michael Caputo
          Michael Cohen
          Michael Flynn
          Michael Flynn Jr
          Paul Erickson
          Paul Manafort
          Peter Smith (Estate)
          Randy Credico
          Reince Priebus
          Rhona Graff
          Rinat Akhmetshin
          Rob Goldstone
          Roger Stone
          Ronald Lieberman
          Sam Nunberg
          SCL Group Limited
          Sean Spicer
          Sheri Dillon
          Stefan Passantino
          Steve Bannon
          Ted Malloch
          The White House
          Trump Campaign
          Trump Foundation
          Trump Organization
          Trump Transition
          Viktor Vekselberg
          58th Presidential Inaugural Committee
          Christopher Bancroft Burnham
          Frontier Services Group
          J.D. Gordon
          Kushner Companies
          Rick Gates
          Tom Barrack
          Tom Bossert
          Tony Fabrizio

          It should be obvious that if you are a trumpanzee that constantly repeats “there was no collusion” and you haven’t heard of most of these people, then you are a willfully ignorant partisan pawn. American can never be great if the executive is a fraud and a felon. Do yourself a favor and look at what these people did for Trump, at the direction or with full knowledge of Trump, to undermine democracy.

      1. Biggest MF liers and control freaks are you Dems.
        So please take your cunning, bs Lib garbage and put it where the sun dont shine !

        Most of you libs are truly a disgusting bunch of cunning scums.
        Wolf in sheep’s skin.
        Deceiving Intolerant Hypocrites !

          1. “…Mueller will soon reveal to all…”

            (Deep breath)

  1. “President Trump says…”

    Yeah, the chief market insider is pushing the stock market around again so his family and cronies can take advantage. Crony capitalism at its worst. Corrupt and illegal.

  2. Well, just two examples are:
    – Pushing through a massive tax cut for the ultra-rich. Whoops, he just happens to be one. Well, well, fancy that!
    – Lying about the gigantic project being negotiated in Moscow.

    1. Jealous of the rich you are, arent you!
      No one handed it out to them you freeloaders, they earned it!
      Get it? you freeloading, handout loving , self entitled blood suckes!

      1. How old are you?

        It is easy to prove, with actual real facts, that the rabid right overwhelmingly are undereducated, low-wage people who are not prepared to compete in a global economy and are resentful to any people who are willing to be more productive, displaying various clear signs of prejudice and antisocial behavior. Read the results of the Hamilton Project and the insights are clear.

        The richest states of the USA, as the anti-elitists well know, are populated with higher educated people with moderate to progressive to liberal social beliefs and a full spectrum of fiscal tendencies. One cannot deny the facts: Califormia and New York each dwarf the economies of the reddest 15+ states combined. The economic power of all the “liberal” (all things are liberal to a Faux news devotee) coastal states proves that selling your soul to nouveau rethuglican dogma has no association whatsoever with affluence.

        There was a time when the republican party stood for timeless conservative principles that any successful educated person could support. But today the rabid right resorts to the most outrageous fact-free assertions to support Trump. The vast majority of the Trumpian base is selfish, xenophobic, and financially below average.

        No, this is not just my personal opinion. Numerous studies have investigated why a so-called republican could win the nomination and general election despite not honoring a single principle of any prior republican candiate or president. Here is the answer:

        Finally, if you look at Trump’s revolving-door cabinet picks, you will see that the president doesn’t give a shit about the working class, that’s just part of his stump speech charade. Cohen and others have shared what an elitist pig Trump is when not in public. He associates himself with people who can enrich him, which is why his cabinet is a list of self-serving corrupt millionaires and billionaires who are attempting to restructure taxes and foreign policy to benefit themselves, not the working class.

        So , Mr. “Life Owes me bla bla”, you can pretend all you want that socially open minded people who care for others around them are “freeloaders” but that basically just displays what a selfish prick you are, like the few remaining people who actually believe a word that comes out of Trump’s filthy mouth.

        1. Oh, one more thought: still no deal with China, North Korea, Mexico, Syria, …… or any other war/conflict/refugee/trade-challenged regions where Trump claimed his self-proclaimed magical dealmaking skills would fix disagreements and resolve issues.

          Imagine that. It turns out if Trump can’t build an overpriced condo tower there with foreign state funding and personal tax shelters just for him, he isn’t interested in negotiating any peace or trade agreements.

            1. I should go back and re-read the article to find the connection between Pell, China, Trump, international trade and stocks because I just ain’t seeing it right now. Maybe you should go back and re-read it too!

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